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I also use hot water mixed with salt it does sting for a few second, but it does relieve the tension and the pain, I break out bad like every 7 years, its weird, but when I do I can barley talk.


This is going to sound a bit weird but a few months ago i started getting canker sores, nasty. I could not figure out why. Then a light bulb went off. I usually drink at least one bottle of coke a day...I had stopped (can't remember why) As soon as i started drinking coke again the sores didn't go away, but there was no pain. It must have something to do with the acid in the coke killing the bacteria in the canker sore, it is the bacteria that cause the pain, not the sore. I know it sounds nuts but it works for me, let me know if it works for u.

Harry Dingey

Amalgam mercury fillings can be very dangerous.

My name is Harry Dingey, I am a retired Industrial Engineer from Rockwell International and I moved to the Philippines 5 years ago from the USA. About 20 months ago they did a root-canal, filled my teeth with Amalgam mercury fillings and crowned my two back teeth. Then few months later, I start to get a bald spot on the right side of my tongue.

I did some research on the internet and discovered I had what was called Geographic Tongue. Then about 18 months ago a started getting these recurring canker sores (also called aphthous ulcers), they would never completely heal up and was always located on the exact same location as the Geographic Tongue (bald spot).

I was very concerned to say the least because I never had anything like this in my complete life and I was afraid that if I could not get these canker sores to heal up soon, it could turn into cancer.

So, after consulting with many Medical Doctors and completed a lot of different tests (all tests turned out to be negative). All these Doctors told me they could not find anything medically wrong with me and my tongue would heal up eventually.

I went back to the internet and did some more research and I found that it seemed no one in the Medical Field knew exactly what caused these aphthous ulcers. I really could not believe what I was reading. All the Medical people in the whole world and no one knew exactly what the real cause of these silly little ulcers on the side of my tongue ?

Then after all these months later, I finally came to realized that all my trouble start about 20 months ago, when they did this root-canal, filled my teeth with Amalgam mercury fillings and crowned my two back teeth. These canker sores always appear in the exact same location every time and would never appear any other place in my mouth.

Then finally I realized the reason why no one in the medical field knew the exact cause of my problem. It was because the problem was so big that the American Government ( FDA ) could never order the removal of Amalgam mercury fillings from the market place because it’s been in use for 100 years and was a very cheap filling and almost every person would be suing every Dentist in America, because Amalgam mercury fillings causes many, many different types of health problems. It would cost BIG Business and Insurance companies millions of dollars.

I recently went back to another Dentist and told him that I wanted every tooth pulled that could possibly contain any Amalgam mercury fillings. MY-PROBLEM-IS-NOW-SOLVED.


I suffered from canker sores for years and then switched to a natural toothpaste-Tom's-and now is a canker sore develops it is gone within 24 hours.


hrrmm... i dont like to spend so much either... but i've always used

1. sugar --- just put some on and let it dissolve there... numbs it pretty well - and doesnt burn like salt... eek! but i guess it's similar to using honey?? but i dont have honey in my house.. hehe


2. crush aspirin - i use bayer because it's gives a grainy texture - and just use it like you would in number one


3. just place the soft aspirin on the sore until it dissolves


Put salt on it. It may burn a little, but that means its working. Do it right before you go to bed and it should be gone by morning.


I used to suffer from canker sores alot ever since i was a kid. But in the last year i have recently started to eat organic foods as much as i can and i believe that the toothpaste i switched too probably has something to do with it. I have been using an all natural toothpaste and i have been canker sore free in almost a year now. Unfortunately my daughter seems to still get them, but i think that has to do with all the sugar her dad feeds her. She seems to get them everytime she has a slurpee.


I had painful canker sores for about 10 years, usually occurring about once a month. Now I've only had one mild one in a year. I found out they can be caused by Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, the ingredient in toothpaste that makes it foam up. I found a toothpaste that doesn't have that and it's called Biotene and is made for dry mouth. I found it at K-Mart and CVS, but haven't seen it at Wal-Mart. The tube costs $7 - $8, but it's sooo worth it not to have canker sores! K-Mart (here) stocks theirs beside denture cream instead of toothpaste. I hope it works for you!


I always get Canker sores a few times a year. I have tried to limit it down to certain foods or times of the year but I just can't seem to pin point what is causing them. While I was at the natural food store I ran into a woman who directed me to use Melaleuaca's Mouth wash and tooth paste. I have been doing so since December of 2006 and I have been canker sore free. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is trying to prevent canker sores. Plus it is also risk free, if it doesn't work you can send it back. Please let me know if you have any other questions.



i've tried almost everything (except the honey one) and nothing helped at all. after the 5th day of agonizing pain, many dollars spent on worthless over the counter medicines and countless hours searching for a remedy on the internet i came upon this. equal parts milk of magnesia and childrens benedryl (sp?) about 1 tablespoon of each. swish around over the sore about 3 times a day. OMG! after the first application, the pain was reduced by 60%. by morning, my 3rd application, the swelling has significantly reduced and the pain is about 80% gone. i can actually run my tongue over the sore without my eyes watering. please be careful though, i made the mistake of swishing the mixture throughout my mouth about 60 seconds and my tongue and cheeks were swollen, numb and dry, i was actually gagging and a little scared thinking maybe this remedy was a bad joke. the second time, i tried to keep the mixture concentrated on the affected area making sure to keep it off my tongue and it worked 100% better. i bet by the end of today i'll be healed :)

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