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Nu Mouth

Bitter melon pills halt a current outbreak and prevent a future outbreak as long as its taken everyday, one to two pills. Its all natural and cheap.
Swanson vitamins sells 500 mg 60 cap for $2.99 a bottle. I have not had an outbreak in nearly a year. Just realised it I should share the info.


For what it's worth, I had CONTINUAL canker sores that were caused by a vitamin/iron deficiency caused in turn by calcium supplements. I had, on average, four to six at a time, for months straight, with no breaks between waves of sores. Eating without pain was a distant memory, and talking was frequently difficult. I tried many topical treatments and diet adjustments, and finally discovered that the calcium supplements I was taking could interfere with iron absorption. I stopped the calcium and started a daily multivitamin with iron, the current wave healed quickly, and I've been sore-free for a month now. Doubtless most people with chronic canker sores aren't taking calcium supplements, but I think the value of this example is to look into vitamin/iron deficiencies.


This might seem like a long shot.

I have been getting canker sores ever since i was a young boy. Now turned 30.

I have tried most of the remedies suggested here. But none of them got me rid of the sores/ mouth ulcers. Never have I been more than 2 weeks without one of them.

Except for 2 occasions; the 2 years of my life i spent abroad. I'm from Germany.
First time was after finishing high school when i went on a trip backpacking through Australia and south-east Asia for a whole year.
Despite unhealthy diet I didn't get a canker sore on the whole trip!

Same thing occurred when i spent 1 year of college in chile. Then, during the first month i had my regular canker sores but the rest of that year none!
Even when i bit myself i wouldn't get one.
Now being back in Germany I'm getting them.

I still haven't been able figure out exactly why i was sore-free those 2 year, but I'd say IN MY CASE it had to be either for dietary, climatic or psychological reasons.

The latter one might be a key factor in causing canker sores IN ME. I have noticed on several occasions that doing stuff and being at peace with myself and my environment leads to less canker sores while losing my temper as can happen when i get into a fight with my girlfriend e.g. oftentimes has me end up with a sore.

Just my personal experience. Feel free to comment.


BEST CANKER SORE CURE: Zicam spray (for colds). I spray it on the sore when it starts for about two days and it's GONE everytime. It's the ONLY remedy I have found (I've been getting these all my life).


I went 24 years without ever having a cold sore and felt privileged to never getting them then one stressful job later I kept getting them whenever I got my migraines. I was devastated! I'm a pharmacist and whenever anyone came into the pharmacy I would recommend aciclovir cream so I tried this. My first cold sore lasted weeks (I was in denial) and it kept stabbing and weeping and the cream did nothing. I started looking up natural remedies because I know aciclovir cream can only shorten the duration by few days and I wanted something to stop it in its tracks or prevent them. I have now perfected a routine to stop these bad boys and wanted to share it for everyone!

As soon as I feel the tingle and redness I start to take lysine 2000mg three times a day and grab an ice cube and hold it over the area until ice melts and then I make a cup of tea and use the hot tea bag and old that over the area for 15 mins. If I'm at home I do this 4 or 5 times a day. I still apply the aciclovir cream after. Within 48 hours it completely goes! Or if I haven't caught it at the tingle then the blister may come up but within 48 hrs ita reduced and gone straight to scab that falls off within a day without all the weeping and crusting. Most important thing it to AVOID picking!!

I try to take lysine daily to prevent it at 1000mg and I ran out and got migraine and then cold sore again so this time round I am never running of lysine again! If taking 1000mg lysine a day can prevent these from ever coming back I will do it!

I also try to avoid foods that have arginine in them (oats, nuts, beer, coke, peas) as this is the amino acid that the virus needs and the amino acid lysine helps to block action of arginine. I believe that the ice cube helps to freeze dry the virus as well though why it works exactly is a mystery. The ice also helps numb the area so it's not painful. I also apply lysine balm to my lips which helps a lot and keeps them soft!

I hope this works for everyone because it's saved me from getting horrendous sores which always come around when I've got a party to go to or going on holiday!


I have had one on the inside my bottom lip for over a week now and nothing has helped! After reading all the suggested remedies posted I decided to mix a couple things and try it out!

I made a paste out of Baking Soda, Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar, and witch hazel. I've saturated the sore twice with the paste using a q-tip, it burns, but I can noticeably see a difference And it feels like a barrier has been formed over the sore.

Good Luck!


My husband has suffered from canker sores his entire life (he is 49). Has tried multiple remedies with no relief. He also eats a lot of eggs. For some reason or another he hasn't eaten any eggs recently, and coincidentally noticed his mouth is canker sore free. Made himself an omelet the other night, and right away a little sore has started. Needless to say, he is going to avoid eggs and see how it goes.

Mike S.

Canker sores in my mouth started when I was a young adult (30 years ago). Finally heard about Rembrandt Gentle about 10 years ago and all sores stopped. Literally! Rembrandt stopped prioducing this version last year so I panicked and started searching the web for another solution. Found Squiggle and started using it early this year. Whew! Works like a charm. Highly recommended.


chew up some TUMS and let them sit in your mouth on the sores

Dr. Kennedy

after myself, 3 siblings & my 3 children ALL suffered from mouth ulcers I KNOW what works, it's fast and cheap...blackstrap molasses!!! It's magic, use it as often as you need to & your ulcer will be gone in as little as a day!

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