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I have been plagued with canker sores since I was a young child (I am now 59) and I have tried everything. Though higher-powered mouthwashes with alcohol content in the 26% range gave me some relief (I'd have to hold it in my mouth 10-15 minutes and repeat this throughout the day), I've found what appears to be an outright cure for my canker sores: lysine in 500 mg tablets. These are cheap - about $4.50 per 100 - and I've not had a single canker sore in six months. I take only one per day. Before I'd get canker sores every couple of weeks. Eating something sharp, like a potato chip, was out of the question. Now I have no fear. For me, at least, lysine has been a total cure. If you're suffering, at least give it a try.


I was plagued by canker sores since I was a kid, multiple at a time. I even missed work. Then, at the age of 38 I solved the problem. I haven't had one since. Here's how... (BTW: I'm not affiliated with any of the products below, just a guy trying help others)

1. Get the right toothpaste. Jason Seafresh gel (not paste) from Wholefoods. I'm convinced this stuff has the perfect combination of canker fighting ingredients, better than other non-SLS paste.
2. Get in the habit of eating yogurt every day (I hate yogurt and I do it religiously)
3. Eliminate nuts, chocolate, pineapple and coffee (or at least reduce)
4. If you bite your lip when you sleep like I used to, avoid sleeping on your back. I haven't bit my lip since.

if that doesn't dramatically reduce them, get a prescription of Aciphex. It reduces the acidity in your body and they prescribed it for ulcers in my stomach and I'm convince it cured me of stomach and mouth ulcers. I was on it for 3 months.

If you already have a canker sore...

Avoid the Oragel junk, it only dulls the pain and makes it feel like it's coming back worse. Avoid anything made by Colgate and guys that created this problem.

1. Get ORA5 (only avail via web)
a. This is absolutely the best stuff on the market. This stuff cures a sore, big or small.
b. Use twice a day. It will hurt like black death, but I will eliminate the sore in 48 hours. Soak a Q-tip with it, then depress onto the soar for 2 full minutes, no more, no less.
2. To relieve the pain, Canker Care+ is the best stuff I found. It dulls the pain longer and heals too. (I think Wholefoods)
3. Licorice tea is excellent for relieving the pain, especially if the sore is near the throat

Dip the end of your toothbrush in Alum (found in the spices and seasonings aisle at the grocery store) and dab it on the canker sore. It will sting for a few seconds but it kills the sore. It will be gone by morning.


Take an Omega 3 or Omega 3-6-9. Nordic Naturals brand is great.
You can get them at Whole Foods.

I have had canker sores for as long as I can remember (~25 years). I always seem to have one or more brewing.

After starting to take Omega 3 vitamins for general health, I noticed my canker sores cleared up. I've even experimeted. If I stop taking the vitamins for several days.... the canker sores come back.

It's been working for me for over a year now.


I've had an old family remedy of baking soda mixed with a little water to make a paste. Just dab a bit on and although it might sting for a minute, it shrinks and gets rid of the sore within 2 days.

Michael G

I agree with the peroxide treatment posting but use Colgate's Peroxydol, not only for rinsing but use the liquid as the toothpaste. I have suffered since I was 5 years old with large and frequent outbreaks, usually once a month and sometimes 2 and 3 at a time. It used to be, bite my lip get a sore. Now if I have a gum injury, I double up on the rinses and brushings...and no sores. I have actually kept track and have had 1-2 sores per year for the last 5, and tey are 50-75% less painful. I tried everything and this is the only remedy I would recommend for the serious sufferer.


A remedy that sometimes works for me when dealing with canker sores is to apply a vitamin C tablet and allow it to dissolve on the sore. It stings a little bit at first, but just keep applying it and after a few seconds the pain starts to go away. I think this helps with the quickness of healing.


This may sound odd but a good friend of mine suggested eating cabbage to help with the healing time of canker sores. IT WORKS!!! Over twenty years ago I had an acute case of canker sores, they were everywhere in my mouth; the roof of my mouth, on my tongue, on every part of the gum line, well you get the picture. After two weeks of being on a liquid and very soft food diet I was willing to try anything. At that time my friend gave me some capsules of concentrated cabbage. After 2-3 days almost every one of the sores were gone.
Now I just buy fresh cabbage and eat a leaf several times a day. You can also make the cabbage into a paste by grinding it up and applying directly to the sores for several minutes. Be sure to swollow it because this helps in the process of healing. It stings, but you'll notice them getting better within the first 24 hours. The best part is this isn't a chemical you are applying to the sores, it's a natural way to get better. I hope you try this, it really is a great way to get rid of canker sores.


allum powder: I spend at least half of my time with at least one horrible canker in my mouth. They get enormous and rarely heal in less than two weeks. I have tried medications and toothpastes even from other countries trying to get rid of these things. However, the thing that I have been trying lately is something that my grandmother told me when I was a kid. You put allum powder on the canker sore and it will really help it heal. If I use the allum powder when the canker is just starting it doesn't seem to help a whole lot, but if I wait until the 3rd or 4th day of the canker, then coat the canker in alum powder before I go to bed (mind you this burns like nothing I have ever felt before). In the morning if I have gotten it completely covered the night before then there is no indentation left and the white will have black spots. After about an hour or so I can just peel the white covering on the canker off and then there is nice pink flesh underneath. If I keep the canker clean after that, it is usually healed in another couple of days. For me this is at least 1 to 2 weeks quicker than normal stuff. If you try this please be careful because the alum powder is some powerful stuff. I hope that it won't give me cancer or something. The other night I got too much and I had some blisters on the area around my canker. If you prefer to use alum rocks then just break off a couple of chunks and tuck them next to the canker and the next day the miracle will be starting.




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