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I've suffered from canker sores my entire life and I've tried everything. So far, Aphtasol is working. You need a prescription though, but if you use it as soon as you feel the canker sore, it reduces the pain and it helps healing faster. If I have a breakout (several at the same time) I rinse with peroxide and then use Aphtasol.


this might sound weird but use alchaseltzer.It will burn at first but it makes the canker sore go away in minutes or even seconds.


I have gotten canker sores for years. Lysine works. BUT, it may take 1-2 days to kick in. SO, I had the worst one on the side of my tongue. Took Lysine. For quick relief put the salt/baking soda concoction. Went out to dinner and ordered a Sour Apple Martini. My canker sore is almost gone...weirdest stung really badly after the first sip, to the point where my eyes were watering. THEN I actually enjoyed my yummy meal...I am curious for someone else to try drinking an Apple Martini over your canker sore to see if it works for you. Maybe it was a freak thinG...maybe not!


I get canker sores from time to time, and my mom told me to try pineapple juice. I thought it was crazy, but I had nothing to lose so I tried it. It stung really badly, but it worked! The sore was gone the next morning.


Hi, I am 18 years old. ive been getting canker sores my entire life. Huge ones, sometimes they take weeks to heal. One of the best products i have found is a lozenger called BIONET. Although it says it is for throat pain, it orignially came out as an OTC drug for mouth sores. I suck on it and hold it against my sore for a while. It numbs it and also contains an antiseptic to fight against the bacteria and make it heal. BEST PRODUCT EVER!


This is an old house remedy that my mother would use on us whenever we had canker sores, which ran in my family: simply placing a pinto bean onto the sore itself. It didn't hurt too bad when you put it on and since beans absorb moisture it 'latches onto' the sore itself. Just leave the pinto bean on there for as long as it will hold naturally, usually several hours and the sore should go away relatively quickly.
I would usually put it on right before bed but I'm somewhat of a wild sleeper so the bean would come off due to my moving around. The only trick is to not speak or move your mouth in such a way that makes the bean fall off.
As far as the sleeping with it goes, I'd only recommend that for people who sleep on their side regularly, such as myself, as to prevent the bean from being inhaled during sleep.


Ok, I think I've got the perfect remedy. If I told you how many canker sores I'd get you'd probably think nothing of you pain. Think double digit everytime I broke out is how I'd put it.

The fix is simple. Listerine mouth wash. I brush twice a day so I don't have a dirty mouth and that didn't help at all. So I tried listerine for about 10 minutes in the morning, noon, and night. It works. It numbs the canker sores. And it makes the canker sores go away sooner and most of the time prevents them from getting huge and much more painful. And eating is a pain with cankers. Well, listerine for 10 minutes before you eat and you can now eat much easier. I hope this works for you.


Try The Canker Spanker. I have tried everything and this was the easiest thing. Just a couple of pills a day and my canker pain was gone in 24 hours and the canker is gone in less than a week. I have tried this product several times and works everytime! Highly recommended!!!


For years I suffered from horrible, very large and painful canker sores and used every OTC medication ever made - further compounding matters was that I was a brass player and playing tended to aggravate the sores.

At a doctor's visit about ten years ago, I mentioned my sores and the nurse told me that one thing that worked to get rid of her and her son's canker sores was simply taking a natural supplement - lysine- which seemed to do the trick.

I went to the pharmacy that day, got a bottle of lysine tablets, took one a day for about a month, and I haven't had a canker sore since (and I've never had to start taking the supplement again during the course of the past 10 yrs). I've posted this information on a similar comments forum and received a number of responses from people thanking me as it worked for them. Frankly, it's amazing that more folks don't know about this treatment - I suppose the OTC canker sore treatment industry doesn't want word to get out about it.


canker sore remedy : I suffer chronically from canker sores. After trying out a lot of OTC and home remedies I have discovered one remedy that really works and gives quick relief. As I get the feeling that I am getting sore, I have fresh lime juice with rock salt ( i do not add sugar/ sweetener or table salt). It not only gives me an immediate relief from stinging pain, but also with three to four times use in a day relieves me of the sore in a couple of days.

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