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I recently got a canker sore inside my mouth after biting twice. Then it got worse after drinking pineapple juice and eating one of those plastic-wrapped, ready-to-eat apples (gross!). So my sore got worse and it hurt so bad that I couldn't even eat, sleep, laugh, and kiss my husband. So I researched natural remedies and found that these, combined, helped in the healing process: eat banana and yogurt daily, eat anything with turmeric powder and honey, take a Vitamin B-Complex, brush with Rembrandt Canker Sore toothpaste, gargle with warm salty water, and gargle with plain warm water. Avoid acidic food! It sounds like a whole lot but it worked really well for me. My mouth began to heal as soon as I practiced these natural remedies.


i just tried orajel and it worked enough for me to be able to eat and i feel like i can sleep well now, in the monring im going to try the malox and benadryl
i just had dental work and canker on top of that sux

Tori Hughes

I've had canker sores for as long as I can remember. I get them from cheek bites, biting my tongue, and stress. Right now, I have them due to stress and I have done this for several years. My mom told me about it because she had them when she was younger. Try this for pain management:

Make a cup or pot of black tea. Take the used tea bag (it's better if it is freshly used) and lay it gently on the canker sore. It'll hurt for just a second because of the contact, but the pain starts to subside. This is because the tea leaves have tanin in them that helps with the pain relief. It doesn't really numb it, which makes it feel kinda funny. The sore just feels a nonexistent for a little bit. You can keep the tea bag on there for as long as you like, but it starts to dry and doesn't work as well as it does when it has been freshly used.

I hope this helps with the pain! I know it does for me.

Joe Cool

Hot Water and Alot of Salt. let it sit in your mouth on the sore for about 5 min.... do it 4 times a day


So I have had canker sores my entire life too and I remember growing up my dad used to wet a q-tip and stick it in the salt shaker and hold my lip out as I wailed b/c it hurt so bad, but made it better within a day. Now, however, I was referred to a liquid call Gly-Oxide. It's about $12 for a nasalspray bottle size, but works wonders. Ask your local pharmacy, seriously it works!!


OK I just did this and it works I had a canker sore on my bottom lip, and I have heard if you put an aspirin non jel pill on the sore for a few seconds it will take the pain away, I used a Hydrocodone 750 MG Tabs one that was broke in half, held it on the canker sore and after a few seconds the pain was gone. I get sores from orange juice and spicy food, hot sauces.


A really fast easy way that I use is take a q tip and dip the end of it in mouth wash. look in the mirror and hold it on there for about a minute. watch as the white turns into the normal color of your gum. it might hurt a little at first but you can't feel it at all after the bacteria is killed. keep the q tip on there until the pain goes away. if you do this 2-3 times a day, it'll go away in about a day.

just don't keep touching them like you always do!


We always use a slice of raw potato... just keep it on the sore for as long as you can at least an hour.and the salt and starch in it will help to heal it I suggest do it at least 3 times in a day with also salt water rinse in mouth too..and will be gone in a day or 2....old southern home remedy...


ok I have prom tonight and I have two sores along my bottom jaw line, makes it very hard to smile(like in the crevis where my jaw and gum meet) I normally get sores on my tongue and cheeks. This is a new one for me. Tt's been about a week since they showed up and they are only getting worse, but this morning I did a series of things. First I let peroxide sit in my mouth untill it foamed up on its own,(no swishing) then spit and repeat (after foam that is left over, which is the part that is healing it, is gone) then I rinsed with a little salt water, that hurts like CRAZY but afterwards NO PAIN then I did the whole baking soda paste thing let it DRY on there(yes I drooled a little trying to keep my cheek open)then rinsed it out again with warm salt water, I just rinsed again with peroxide and it's already feeling 100 times better.


Debactoral is like a miracle for most sores. I've had virulent sores for the last 3 years - this medicine actually sloughs off the outer layer of skin and takes away the pain completely. Prescription only. Also Aphthasol by script. Kanka, an over the counter medicine, is absolutely the best thing ever for the pain. Its 20% benzocaine and is amazing. For those sores that won't go away, I highly recommend you go to your doc and get pain pills, like Norco. I get these sores for weeks and weeks on end and I have yet to find anything that will completely cure them.

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