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well i grew up thinking canker sores came from upset stomaches but that doesnt always seem tp be the case thru time i have used salt water rince and peroxide rince it seems to give relief


First, I have noticed many people confuse canker sores with cold sores. They are not the same! A dermatologist prescribed prednisone for my canker sores. It works great!! The only problem is that prednisone has many side effects I'd like to avoid. I am looking for more natural remedies, so thank you all for what you've posted here. A major contributor to my canker sores has been an allergy or sensitivity to chlorine in the water supply. Our town only chlorinates periodically. This could be a factor for some of you, especially if your water is chrlorinated. Bottled or filtered water would probably help you. I have also found stress, hormones, and some foods, especially nuts and seeds, are culprits. I just wish someone would come up with a cure and I feel for all of you who have suffered with canker sores.


After reading a million different remedies and trying out many of them, here is the solution that has worked miracles for me and basically made me canker sore free after many years of suffering from them. And it was EASY!!

1) Switch to a Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)-free Toothpaste. SLS causes canker sores by irritating your mouth lining, and it's almost all brand name toothpaste. I use JASON Seafresh toothpaste and love it, but any that does not have SLS it should work too!

2) Take a good quality 1000mg Lysine supplement daily. This helps heal any sores you may have and also prevents them.

That's it! Those two steps will save you! I can't tell you how much better my life is now. Best of luck!


For canker sores in my mouth. I would dry the area, use my finger and apply some campho phenique to the sore. I hold my mouth open for at least five minutes so that the area could stay dry so that the product could get a chance to work prior to being washed down my throat with saliva. I do this at least twice a day for about two days.

Another way is to dry the area and then lay a piece of an Alka Seltzer tablet right on the sore and close your mouth while trying not to move the tablet. Do this a few times a day.


ok, well the best suppliment for canker sores and prefenting them, is
L-lisine. You take it, and in less than 2 days any canker sore will be gone. And if you keep taking it you wont get anymore. Also, dont eat sweets when you have a canker sore. You can put salt on it too. It stings, but it helps. If you have braces, use dental wax so that nothing scratches you cancer sour and makes it worse.


I have found great results using campho phenique, applied with a q-tip a few times during one day and usually by the next day it is well on it's way to healing.
I am checking the other remedies listed on this forum because I am out of town and don't want to have to go to the store. Today I tried salt applied directly to the sore and then let a chewable vitamin C disolve on the sore. The vitamin C seems to have helped a bit, guess I'll know better by tomorrow.


This one is not pleasant. I treat my canker sores by swishing apple vinegar around in my mouth. It burns but it kills off the canker sore. Worst part is enduring the taste!


Treatment for Canker Sores:

Poor man's Debacterol:
I've never had a canker sore, but my son and wife have suffered with them for years. A few years ago my son (now 20 years old) was treated by his Orthodontist with Debacterol (RX med), and it worked wonders! I'm told the pain is nearly 100% gone in just hours or sometimes minutes. Overnight it becomes obvious that the sore is on it's way to total recovery. Search Debacterol for an explanation for why it works. But apparently the acid sort of cauterizes the nerve endings and stops the inflamation which is why the pain goes away so fast.

So what it Debacterol? It's pretty much just sulfuric acid (battery acid) with a local anesthetic of some sort to numb the tissue as it's being treated.

So once my son was no longer seeing the Orthodontist, he began treating himself by literally dipping a cotton swab into the car battery (pop the cap off) and dabbing it on the sore for a minute or two. He says it hurts like crazy for a few, but then it's over and results for healing are the same as Debacterol.

Spot treat only the affected area being careful not to get acid on healty tissue or your teeth. Treat sores sooner rather than later. And you might even want to have some baking soda in water handy to rinse and neutralize the acid after treatment.

You might also considered using something like Anbesol to numb the area before treatment. But if you're tough, then man up and go for it. I'm told it's totally worth the few minutes of pain to have the sore over and done with. My wife now treats this way too.

The last time we had a car battery die, I siphoned off some of the acid and put it in a plastic bottle so they no longer have to dip in under the car hood. An ounce or two is probably a lifetime supply.


Hi I'm shayanne and my dad always tels me to put salt on my canker sores I never thought it would work but it actually numbs it and you don't feel any pain and the next day it was gone. So if you have tried it or have any questions about remedies I use email me at thank you


B12 deficiency was the problem for me. After visiting multiple doctors, all of which told me to take B12 supplements, one of them finally ran my labs and discovered that I have pernicious anemia and do not absorb B12 through ingestion-food or vitamins/supplements. Instead, I use a nasal spray, specifically Nascobal. I think there are 1 or 2 others on the market. Shots are also an option but since I'm young, my doctor opted for the spray. It's worked for about 1 1/2 years! Just worth mentioning to those of you who seek medical attention for this terrible pain we all have been dealing with. BTW-I have one now because I bit my lip. B12 doesn't make you superman but has gotten rid of the 15+ a month that I used to get.

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