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For quick pain relief and a fast way to get rid of canker sores, apply apple cider vinegar with a q-tip. I also use natural toothpaste and acidophilous to keep canker sores from coming back.


i complained about these little annoying things for so long. one of my docotrs suggested a teaspoon of liquid benadryl and a teaspoon of vinegar together and swish around...i wont lie, it burns for about 5-10 seconds but pain is non-existant afterwards and it heals within a day!!!

it works...hope this helps someone :)


I've been taking Lysine, Acidophilus, Goldenseal and Zinc tablets. These seem to cut recovery time down to about half the time. Eating raw onions seems to be helping too. Something needs to be done about these bastards!


Take a lot of vitamin C. If I get 4,000 mg a day (4 of the big tablets) my canker sores don't come as often, and when they do they are smaller and go away faster, and don't really even bother me. It won't make a difference immediately; it takes a couple weeks to build up in your system. But it's worth the investment, and vitamin C is something your body needs anyway.


My nana taught me when I was growing up that if you have a canker sore in your mouth swish a little peroxide around. (Do NOT swallow) Swish it around for anywhere from 30 seconds to a Minute & a Half, depending on how long you can tolerate it cause it is nasty tasting, But, believe me it helps tons, and is really worth it sometimes!!! Do it a few times a day maybe 2 or 3 and it will be gone in no time!! I've did it for years & now help my son do it when he needs!


i used to suffer from them too am my grandma used to use cream of tarter just wet a qtip dab it in and apply tastes bad but makes sores heal fast twice a day for 2 days poof gone i use it on my son now


I've tried most of the treatments and finally found that a 50mg zinc tablet on the sore really works. I had a sore 1/2 inch around for almost a month and nothing worked until the zinc tablet. My lip swelled up and felt like rubber. The next morning no more pain and it actually started to heal. Try it. It's a cheap solution.


this sounds crazy...but if you chew tobacco you know its not. a little pinch of chewing tobacco will heal just about any kind of mouth sore. if you dont chew...camel and marlboro make spitless chewing pouches called snus that dont make you sick. it works for me every time i get a canker sore, in less then 24 hours its completely gone. the tobacco kills the bacteria in the sore instantly.

Kelsie Myers

Okay so I'm 12 years old and I've always had these huge cold sores they would have a huge puffy pus filled sore with tiny sores around it that hurt to the touch... well my sores cover half my lip they spread to the inside of my mouth and too the outer most skin and swell up to the point where I look like a brats doll I found that icing it reduces the swelling getting a wet hot rag helps suck the pus out because it soaks it and then evaporates out then get lip gloss keep it covered air doesn't help when air reaches it the bactria can grow and spread so these things help me


Try it at least once ..i does seems alittle gross but id do anything when a canker causes me pain and hurts to eat...
put your finger in your ear and rub around ...drying your tongue were the canker is rub the waxy finger right on can leave your tongue out for a bit...its your own body fluid which helps make it easier to do...i bet you it will be gone by morning (do it before bed) something in your ear wax kills the canker

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