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I have had these things since I was a little kid and discovered a cure before they get started good. When you feel a canker sore starting, take a qtip and dip it in tea tree oil and hold on sore for a minute. Do not rinse out of your mouth. The taste is bad but don't rinse. This will stop the sore from forming and if you happen to already have one, it will help it heal and stop the pain quickly. You can find it at your local health food store. Good Luck!

Dream A Little Dram

I suffered from these torturous white ulcerations for years. I usually had anywhere from 4-6 in my mouth at any given time. It made eating anything with tomato, citrus, or vinegar unbearable. It was often painful just to speak or breath. A few things seemed to help a little (switching to a toothpaste without SLS, avoiding grapes etc.) But they always came back. Then, quite by accident I came across that (for me at least) completely eliminated them forever. For me it is the miracle cure. Don't laugh when I tell you what it is, I'm completely serious. Some friends of mine were into tasting Single Malt Scotch Whisky as a hobby. I joined their group and within a week, I was symptom free and have been ever since, with the exception of one time when because of travel, I could not enjoy a drink or two per evening. So, try it out and let me know if you have the same results. Get yourself a bottle of at least 12 year old single malt scotch and slowly sip at least one dram per evening and see if your sores don't completely disappear within a week, never to return (as long as you continue to regularly enjoy the beverage).


I get canker sores all the time... I mentioned it to my dentist and he prescribed me a paste that works wonders I've tried about every remedy and this is the only thing that seem to work faster it's called Triamcinolone Acetonide dental paste USP, 0,1% not do sure what the 1% means maybe a gentler doze because I was expecting at the time so this will work for children as well. Hope my info can be helpful cause those things hurts!


Baking soda. 2 minutes. Its legit.


My mom used to wet the tip of her finger with warm water, and dip her finger in Baking Soda, then applied it directly onto the canker sore. Leave the baking soda on the canker sore for about 1-2 minutes, then swish some warm water in your mouth. It stings a little at first, but once you rinse your mouth, the canker sore gets numb. Do this once or twice a day, and the canker sore will heal much faster.


I have had ulcers in my mouth for about 10 years, if not longer. I have been to specialists to try to find a cure......never found a solution to my problem. So I began experimenting with the foods I ate on a regular basis......I began to quit eating or drinking certain things and keeping a diary.....I found my problem....I think. I haven't had an ulcer in about 4 months because I quit drinking milk. I believe I'm allergic to something in milk.....might sound crazy...but I use to drink milk like everyday....and when I ulcers didn't come back! Sooooo much relief!


Ive gotten these damn things forever. When I'm stressed out, eat something, or specially when I bite my tounge. After all the years that I've had them, nothing works. They hurt and so I rub them against my teeth and irritate them.
After I had one for about 3 weeks, I wend to my dr. NOT the dentist. The doctor. He said there was nothing he could really do. Nothing really helps them, other than to just leave it alone. And that's impossible cuz they hurt like a mother fuc*er. He gave me a pain medicine. Lidocane. He said take 1 tablespoon, swish for 30 sec nd spit out. I couldn't feel my mouth for 5 hours. My canker sore was gone in 2 days. Two. I was so freaking happy.
So, go to your Doctor and tell them that you just need something for the pain. Or ask for lidocane.


I used to get canker sores all the time when I was a kid. Well I have the worst canker sore I have ever had, and it hurts like h#$#. My father used to wet the tip of his finger and put ALUM on it ( you can find in the spices), then he would apply it to my canker sore. It stings for a few seconds. I did it yesterday and my canker sore is almost gone. Try it, it really works.


i've read a ton of the remedies below&i just tried the salt one. it works in less then 5 minutes. have a teaspoon of salt and have a glass of warm water next to you. put the salt on the tip of your finger and put right on your canker sore. it will burn the first time but it gets better. then swish some warm water around your mouth and repeat. the sore will be gone in about a minute and feel was less painful


I've heard that wet teabags work really well. A friend of my mom's suffered with multiple cankers in his mouth. He would have to take off work and sit in a chair all day with teabags in his mouth. That is what his doctor told him to do.

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