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Sometimes I get canker sores from stress but I usually get them from a small cut from brushing. I have a bad one right where my gum line meets my lip and what's been working the best for pain and taking away the swelling is carefully avoiding it when I brush, rinsing with salt water as hot as I can stand, holding small amounts of peroxide on that spot in my mouth for about a minute and rinsing with Listerine mouthwash. I have the whitening one which has peroxide in it already but I still swish with plain of Brown bottle peroxide to help heal and kill bacteria. Hope this helps!

ryan r

well im just a young kid who gets canker sores ever scince i was about 4.well my mom told me to try water and really isnt all that great in taste but sure will help your canker sore in less than 11 days.i also have been using anbesol. it works only numbs your canker sore though.


OK. I read online that you should use MOUTH WASH... i think that unless you have VERY high pain tolerance you should not use this remedy. I used mouth wash and i started crying becuz of how much that thing hurt! i read that this girl said the pain went away instantly.. not really. dont try this, gargle and swish warm salt water. or put a small ice cube on the sore to numb it. thats all i can say.


I'm currently in pharmacy school and I took an elective on dental medicine and when we got to the canker sore section I was quite shocked. Our teacher who had been a dentist for over 50 years told us that whenever a patient comes in with canker sores he writes them a Rx for Kenalog oral cream which is triamcinolone. This stuff works, and it heals canker sores in 2-5 days as opposed to 10 days with nothing! Ive been using it for the longest time now.


I have this canker sore on the inside of my lip and it is huge and another one on the bottom of my tongue at the back its ridiculous! i can barely eat or drink without one of them hurting like crap. If ur into herbs and natural remedies my mom is into Nature Sunshine Herbs and there is this stuff called Coloidal Silver and it is Amazing! It completely numbs it and its like a miracle in a bottle. It comes in a liquid and a gel. The gel is the one that works, its quite incredible! Try it!


Quantum Research Canker Cover are absolutely the best method I've used. I get them on a periodic basis, but when I do, they're generally in multiples of 2-3, 6. And yes, they hurt like hell, make me cranky and I don't want to speak or eat. Most recently the little suckers are on both right and left sides of my tongue and I've only had it happen once before, put the Canker Cover on using a small set of tweezers due to the odd location and within 2 days, GONE! So, off to the store and Canker Cover to the rescue.


I'm 42 and have gotten canker sores for as long as I can remember. They range from single little ones to several big, everywhere from where the tongue joins my mouth, to my gum and back of my cheek. What's worse is now some of my kids have started to get them. My wife never got one until after we married, so I'm suspicious that there is some way they transmit, but the doctor's don't seem to have a clue.

I've tried lots of different things- once I got so mad i scraped one with my toothbrush, and another time i rubbed lemon juice on one- just hoping to KILL it!

In general these methods seem to work well, albeit temporarily:

Rinse with mouthwash- the stronger the better. It'll burn like crazy for 5-10 seconds, and then go numb for a while (enough to enjoy dinner). Listerine works best, better than the off-brands or the colored stuff.

Use the over-the-counter meds. There are a couple different ones, but most involve putting a gel or liquid over the sore. I use a paper towel or piece of fabric (not tissue) to dry the area well, apply and wait for it to dry. Hard to do well, and you end up drooling a bit, and it hurts like crazy for those first few seconds- but still enough to enjoy your meal and/or take away the misery.

Same goes for salt water rinse (or i expect, baking soda).

But here's the real kicker - and the hardest but best remedy EVER. I learned it only a few years ago, and it works like a CHAMP. You have to get a lot of sleep. If I have some nasty sores, and get two nights of 10-12 hours, they are GONE. I the past i'd go weeks and they'd go from bad to worse. But I was stressed and tired, both making it worse.

Problem is, it's hard to find time to get that much sleep- we all know that. But believe me, it works, it's natural, and it gives you an excuse to go to bed at 8pm and call it a day- I can feel the differences after one good, long sleep. You all know the feeling, when you've got the sore on the run and the edge is gone...


I'm 14 and I've dealed with these nasty sores a lot as a little kid. Well, in May of 2010, I got my first bad canker sore in a really long time. Ever since then, I've gotton a lot and they hurt! 2 days ago, I got about 4 canker sores on my tounge. It got to the point where I tould barely talk and eat, and I always had to stick my tounge out to avoid pain. I tried SO many remedies found on here. Salt (numbed it but it hurt a lot and made my stomach hurt), salt water (did nothing), baking soda (did nothing either), a lot of pain relievers and canker sore meds (did nothing again), ice (it's hard to keep it on the sore because it's so cold), and sugar (numbed it, but only for a minute). I finally tried the MOUTH WASH one, and it worked! My canker sore doesn't even hurt anymore! Just swish some in your mouth (especially on the sore) for about 30 seconds and repeat once or twice. Finally something is helping!


Growing up my dad always had canker sores. I too now get them from stress, sweets, a scratch that turns into one, or for no reason at all. I have LITERALLY tried EVERYTHING and have spent hundereds of dollars in the mean time. The ONE thing I have found that eases the pain and heals the canker sore is a product called Canker Cover by QUANTUM RESEARCH. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!! You get 6 small patches (that you can cut in half if need be) and they are a little pricey but WORTH IT!!! You dry the canker sore and place this patch on your canker sore for about 20-30 seconds till it sticks and it will feel weird in the begining until your silvia moistens it. Once it moistens it the patch will turn clear and gel like and it stays on for 8-10 hours!!!! It protects it from hurting when you eat or even talk and heals it within the intial days. I swear by this and would be miserable without it, its like a bandaid for your mouth for HOURS!!!!


I seen on here to take a q-tip and dip it in mouth wash n put it on the canker sore for like a minute. It will burn for a little but the pain goes away. i could hardly eat or drink from a cup and now i feel like i don't even have one anymore. I used the green listerine! I did it twice one right after the other and my mouth feels 100% better

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