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So, just a couple days ago I had a horrible sore. I couldn't eat, and it really hurt to talk. Eventually, I decided to get rid of this lil menace, and actually eat something without wanting to bite my tongue off. I got out my handy-dandy hydrogen peroxide and swished it around in my mouth for a little, then spat it out in the sink. I continued this until it stopped foaming, then washed my mouth out with water. It seriously doesn't hurt at all. I've done this a few times over the years, and it helps every time.

Another thing to note, is that some toothpastes have hydrogen peroxide in them. I think it's the whitening toothpastes.

Basically, all hydrogen peroxide does is get rid of bacteria on wounds. When it touches bacteria, it foams up. So, when it stops foaming, you've gotten rid of the bad stuff. Just do this until the canker goes away, and you should be fine! :) Hope it helps!


When I get canker sores I normally take a rolaid or a tums, crush it into a paste and apply thickly to the sore. It works for me very well.


I bit my mouth while eating over a week ago and developed a canker sore/ulcer that become more and more painful and swollen as the week went on. It got to the point where it was extremely difficult to talk and eat. After 7 days of trying OTC products and home remedies found online (CankerX, Kanka, baking soda powder, salt water rinses, black tea bags, etc.), I'd had enough and went to war on the thing. What I came up with worked FAST. I did this last night, and this morning the pain is nearly gone and it's finally starting to heal up. You can find these products in two stops - one at a herb shop/natural foods store and a drugstore. Here's what I uysed:

1. Echinacea tea (boosts immunity) - drank one cup

2. Gly-Oxide - an antiseptic oral cleaners found at drugstores (kills the bacteria in the sore) - dropped liquid directly on sore twice

3. Coilloidal Silver - you can find this at most herb shops/GNCs/natural foods grocery stores. It's a liquid that can be used to treat so many things (gum disease, colds, etc.) - sprayed several times directly on sore

4. Borax (found this at the natural foods store - says it's for canker sore/mouth ulcer treatment on the bottle). Dissolved 5 tablets in mouth twice

5. Placed a damp black tea bag on sore and held in mouth for almost an hour

6. Brushed teeth with non-SLS toothpaste (I used Burt's Bees brand)

Sounds like a lot, but trust me IT'S WORTH IT to wake up with much less pain and swelling and finally begin to heal. I'm not sure which of these things worked, but all that matters to me is that it did!

One more thing, AVOID COFFEE AND CITRUS. And DO NOT apply baking soda to the sore, that definitely irritated it even more!


I used to get 7-8 canker sores a year. used L-lysine was somewhat effective if caught early enough. Found a product called Essential Oxygen 'Brushing Rinse' with food grade hydrogen peroxide. Totally cured the problem. Use it to brush my teeth and then rinse with it. Haven't had a sore in 5! years. A miracle! Found it lately at Whole Foods and on line.

13 old kid

OK so im 13 and i get canker sores so bad. i have them bad but the best thing that has worked is alcetzer plus tablets...u let them sit on your sore its burns probably worse than the mouth wash but five minutes of letting sit there and its almost gone.....then after wards used green tea bags sooth it better than and store bought item


i had a really bad canker sore and it hurt like crazy like i wanted to pull my hair out!so my mom went to Publix and got baby Orajel nighttime formula pain Reliver for teething and put salt water on it and it not hurt at all.I went to bed and the next morning it felt better do that about 3-4 times a day and it works.


Per a research study from 2009, 74% percent of the participants had greatly reduced, or even -0- recurring canker sores after taking 1000 mcg of vitamin B-12 each night. I've had recurrent canker sores for years. Over time they increased in frequency and duration in all parts of my mouth. It was rare for me to have periods of time with no canker sores. I recently started taking B-12 and it seems to be very effective for me.


I have had ulcer/canker sores since i was young.I just suffered with them, until I kept getting them on the sides of my tongue,I was searching for some type of relief and found this site,after reading several comments,I decided to try melting an aspirin on the sore, I am pleased to say it worked, my sore didn't get past the beginning stage and after 3 or 4 treatments it is nearly gone, I hope this helps someone else


I have suffered from canker sores for as long as I can remember and I normally endured the pain for 2 weeks but recently tried a new experiment and has helped me ever since. The second I bite the inside of my cheek or tongue I will brush my teeth to prevent further germs from affecting the area and the following days I will place salt directly on the sore or red area if it swells twice a day for one to two minutes a day. It not only numbs the pain but reduces the canker sore itself. Also remember to brush your teeth at least twice a day and keep your mouth clean by using mouth wash to prevent germs further infecting the canker sore. Yes, it may sting at the time but it's better than not doing anything about it at all.


At the first sign of these little buggers I take 2 500 mg L-Lysine, (any drug store, Wal-Mart etc. I have done this for years. It really works and if you take it with the first signs, they will be gone by next day. Really, Don't believe me....Just try it, and best part there is NO PAIN..nothing to swish, rub, or touch. Just water and two pills. Try it what do you have to loose....Oh yeah, that pesty little pain in the mouth. LOL

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