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Tea tree oil...or tigers balm and L lysine pills...


Cordicets and Elderberry. Those helped my daughter like a miracle


Definitely SLS free toothpaste will help by not aggravating ulcers. And do not eat candy or chocolate. The high suger will mess up the lining in your mouth and cause ulcers to form.
For a few hours pain relief from nasty ones, I directly dissolve a disparin (aspirin) on the ulcer.

Capri Sun Super V Canker Causer??

Has anyone had a massive canker outbreak related to drinking the new 'Capri Sun Super V'?

Our son has had a huge issue for a few days and this is all we can link too.


I just suffered for 7 months and tried almost everything and what worked like an instant miracle was diluting 10.000 micrograms ( 10 mg) of vitamin B12 in half a cup of water and gargling for at least one minute and allowing it to reach all around the gums, tongue and where the sores may be and spitting it out. I hope it helps others


I have been plagued with canker sores my entire life and I am 59 years old. After trying every homemade remedy and prescription medication available I have found 1) a prevention and 2) a medication if I don't follow my own advice and take preventative measures. If you have canker sores then ask your physician or dentist to prescribe Debacterol. It tastes awful, burns like crazy, but it works! If you are in the beginning stages and feel a canker sore coming on... Immediately start rinsing your mouth with Listerine's Zero mouthwash. It has no alcohol in it so it won't burn. Usually the canker sores are either healed or gone completely by the next day. Of course, prevention is key so if you rinse with Listerine's Zero everyday... I promise you will not get a canker sore period.


Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with warm water and rinse your mouth several times a day. Or mix the baking soda with room temp. water to make a paste to put on the sore itself.Both should make the pain go away in around 24 hours and the canker sore will go away soon after!


D M S O has worked for me several times.Just use q tips apply to clean area 3 times a day for a few days. I prefer the full strength .you will feel heat to know that it is working.Check under health 411 canker sores,also recommended.
I also used it when one of my toothes was throbing.

Lynne Suzy

I suffered from canker sores for years. At one time, I carried a bottle of Chloraseptic spray with me everywhere I went just to numb them. Recently my dentist suggested I try using toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate as an ingredient, and since I made that change, I have only had ONE canker sore. I am so grateful for his advice! On the internet, you can find lists of these SLS free toothpastes.

Frankie baby

Hi I searched all over the web for a mouth canker remedy and did not find what eventually worked for me. Stop using tooth paste for a month. After the sores were healed I resumed using tooth paste but remembered what I was taught rinse rinse with water. For the month I used water,baking soda sparingly,or hydrogen peroxide-again rinse well.

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