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2 Home Remedies for Stress Hives


Aveeno oat oil moisturiser cream. In fact all aveeno products are superb at relieving the itch, dry skin. Also try adding oats to your bath water, let them soak in for a few minutes before you enter the bath. This also works. You can buy aveeno products in all good supermarkets, health shops.


Honey, honey and more honey.

I developed stress hives out of the blue and the first time it happened, one doctor gave me antibiotics. I got hives from head to toes and this incompetent doctor diagnosed me with shingles!!! Needless to say that he did not know what he was talking about and he did not help a bit, actually it made it worst because antibiotics are dangerous.

So I started an intensive research during the last 5 years and found out the reason for stress hives is actually very: when you stress your blood glucose drops and cortisol levels rise in order to raise your blood glucose. The sole role of cortisol in your body is to raise blood glucose. Cortisol, when reaching the mast cell of your skin, creates hives and cortisol can take several weeks to adjust the right level of glucose in your blood.

However, honey does raise blood glucose in just minutes and when it does, cortisol is not needed, remember this, cortisol will only rise when blood glucose is low. So how did I cure my hives and how am I preventing stress hives now? I take two tablespoons of honey each time I stress or cry and I don’t have to worry about stress hives anymore.

If you are experiencing stress hives right now, please take some honey and the hives will fade in a heartbeat. I have seen it, I am a living testimony and I hope this remedy will bless all people who are suffering with this painful condition.

I will end this post by giving glory to God because it’s after praying and asking God to show me the way to heal myself that I found the information. I received freely, therefore I give freely.

Be blessed.

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