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52 Home Remedies for Ingrown Toenail

clip it

been dealing with ingrowns on both big toes for years. i saw the doctor, he cut the toe nail about 2 maybe 3 mm from the red, inflamed part and he removed that section of nail. said it would never grow back. yeah right. now i do the same thing. just get some stout nail clippers, the ones that look like scissors. get under the nail as far as you can, if it hurts youre in the quick and the nailbed and pretty close to where you need to be. chomp down and then grab a hold of the nail piece you freed with some tweezers with a good grip. lift until you pull the offending nail from under the skin. if you do it right without breaking the nail off under there then youre gold for about 90 days. oh yeah you just earned a thousand tough man points too. takes some getting used to but it works for me. clean up with some alcohol for the toe and then for you.


With a large finger nail file, file down the top surface of the nail, from the tip, back to the cuticle, where it makes the sharp bend down into the flesh - the 'spine' I call it. File it down until the curvature of nail seems uniform from side to side. This takes a fair amount of time and elbow grease. This will make the nail much more flexible and not so prone to driven into the flesh by the pressure of standing, walking, etc.

I had ingrowns on both big toes for 18 months. 36 hours after doing this, all discomfort was gone, and six months later, there just fine and I've not had to file them down since.

lucas m

iv gotten plenty of ingrown tonails durring football season they are very painfull. i have found the best way to get rid INSTENTLY is to first put a antibiodic ointment ir soke it in water for about 15-30min losten the sides of the toe. Next take a pair of toenail trimmers and snip a small crack into the side of the toenail then using the clippers or a needle nose pliers or such to grab and pull out the ingrown toenail part( this can be painfull but its quck and effective so you can go about your life normally). after this put aintobiodic ointment on the edge and place a bandade on allowing it to heal.


Ingrown toe nails are caused by eating too much sugar. Usually it's young kids that get ingrown toenails. I've seen this many times. A young person is board, say on a summer vacation. They sit at home eating sweet stuff and stressed out. After some days of living this way the cuticle around the big toe becomes inflamed (soft and red). The cuticle should be a strong tuff skin that borders the toenail. Sugar makes cuticle weak and prone to become inflamed. Many people have had red swollen cuticles that return to normal in a few days when the owner of the toe stops eating so much sugar and finds something to do with their time to get out of the bad mood or stressful situations. If the toenail becomes ingrown because of clipping the nail down too short at the cuticle then let it grow out. While it's growing out keep it medicated with neosporin every night and put a good elastic material type band-aid on it to keep it clean from infection. Once it becomes ingrown it can take two or three months to grown out above the end of cuticle. Young people will servive this. Elderly should see a doctor for possible root removal.


About 6 months ago I bruised my big toe nail and had to wait for it to grow out which cause me to get a ingrown toenail. My toe became really swollen and red. So I started wearing sandals and cleaning my toenail 3 times a day by dipping a Qtip in hydrogen peroxide and cleaning the side of the nail that was swollen and as a result the peroxide would bubble up, then I would put iodine in the same area and after that dried I would put triple a antibiotics. I don't cut my nail only filed it. My toenail is cured


Let the nail grow out. If it has grown out and you have a 1/8th of an inch over hang then try this. In the center of the nail, (usually the toes) clip a v section as deep as you can reach in the center of the toenail. This allows the nail to grow inward at the V and pulling the sides upward instead of downward to the skin. Works for me...


My big toe has been geting really painful the past few months. (I was going on a sunny holiday in the summer and got a bit too zealous with the nail clippers and trimmer back too far - conscious of fact i was gonna be wearing sandals). Anyway, I had no problem until months later, when the nail started growing back. The skin at the top outer corner had been without nail pressure for so long it had thickened and grown in, so when the nail grew up towards it, it began being very uncomfortable. My nail is literally trying to push through the top corner of my toe.

As a cure, (after long suffering) I soaked my feet in warm salty water for 30 mins, then got some tweezers, and gently began prying the nail off the bed and working my way towards the inflammed area. Eventually, after having tried this a few times, I rolled a little tiny cigar shaped tube of cotton wool, and with my free hand and a little clean plastic toothpick, wedged the tube of cotton behind the nail at the outer corner so that 1/3 of it was showing on the outisde (for easy removal later). When I let go the relief was instant. The nail was no longer wedged against inflammed skin and it was actually free of the overlapping skin area. I repeated this process for several days, taking some painkillers and changing the dressing each time and daubing some tea tree oil before bed. The improvement is immense and I appear to be on the way to a recovery. The nail is getting room to grow past the new skin and i am getting much relief! Hope this helps someone with a similar problem.

Jacksonville Phil

Try cutting a slight 'V' knotch on the end and mid point of your toe nail. This causes the nail to grow towards the center away from the edges. This is not a quick fix, but over time, it works well.


Pick at it with a pair of tweezers until you cant stand it anymore. In a few days, just squeeze it and all the pressure will be relieved.


Take as much liquid out that you can (a little painful). Then gently lift toe nail and place cotton under ingrown nail. It will grow out.

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