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52 Home Remedies for Ingrown Toenail


Ingrown toenails make ya' wanna say every possible cuss word in the world. Believe me, I know. I'm a stay home mom of 2 toddlers & ingrown toenails over stand there welcome very fast.

The first time I had one, my dad took me to the doctor. He didn't waste NO time. The doctor said to soak it in warm salt water for about 15 to 30 minutes and dry it off with a clean towel.

Now, that I'm an adult. Who just turned 30. I've been cursed with the best luck of getting one return.

I've been putting band aids & nelesporin on. Cleaning with alcohol wipes. Separating the skin & nail with an alcohol wipe. Taking Ibprofen. I've tried the oragel to numb the pain. I've done the warm salt water soak for 15-30 minutes. I've cleaned with anti bacterial soap. I've made band aids out of paper towel & tape just to have something more breathable & been wearing socks. Anything to make it more comfortable to chase little ones around. I wanna try & cut into it but I haven't had the time.

I've read SO many helpful info on ingrown toenails. Here's to this one going away & to who ever is reading this to get there's healed & lets try not to go through this again.

The main thing is, to keep it clean & make the discomfort go away...where's that epidural when ya' need it!!

Barry Miller

Ingrown toenails? Had them for 35 years. Now I use a Dremel tool, with the smallest bur bit you can get, to gently cut a line down the side of the nail - going as low as comfortably possible. The cut doesn't have to go completely through the nail to the skin. The bur generates heat, so you will feel when you have cut deep enough. Once you have cut as low as you like, try to cut outward to separate the cut portion from the nail bed. Once this is done, use needle nose tweezers, pliers, or whatever you have, to pull the cut portion out. It might take some digging, and you need a strong grip. CAUTION: Use lots of alcohol, and make sure everything is CLEAN! Be very careful with the Dremel tool. If you slip, you could cut yourself. This procedure usually causes very little bleeding, pain, or swelling. If done right, which it isn't difficult, there is instant relief - and it lasts approximately 2 months before the nail grows to the point of needing it again.


I went to a regular doctor had them cut out after he numbed my toe with shots. Didn't work.. they came right back. After suffering for 2 yrs with the ingrown toenail. Finally went to an old school podiatrist. He was very inexpensive. He sprayed on a topical numbing solution.. it felt soo good. Then he cut it out very gently. After he got it out and all was better I thought oh heck it's going to come back again. But, he told me how to keep them from coming back and after 30 yrs it is the ONLY thing that works. He told me to take a small small piece of a cotton ball.. some iodine over the toe or Merthiolate Take the piece of cotton and poke it all down the side of the toe with a toothpick. Poke it in there as far as it can go. The cotton should be all down the side of the toe and pushed into the skin next to the toenail. After you get it in there good.. and it's padded nicely but comfortably, put more iodine or merthiolate over the cotton. Then take some clear nail polish and cover the entire nail and the cotton ect. This will keep it in place and also keep dirt ect out of the area, and keep it dry. I did this nearly every day until the toenail grew back normal and 'relearned' where it needed to grow. It took like 6-9 months but it cost me next to nothing to do.. took maybe 5 mins of my time. Some times I could leave the stuff in a few days if I took my time and did it right. Alot of times I would rush and it would come out like at the end of the day but still did it's job and it worked. I have never had any more problems with the ingrown toenail since doing that 30 years ago. BEST doctor I ever met.

Darrell Crouse

Put Vick's vapo rub on the ingrown toenail and wear a sock to bed for several nights. Worked for me.


You can typically perform ingrown toenail treatment yourself at home but if you are having pain that is getting worse and you notice more redness and pus, it’s time to go see your doctor. One thing you can do at home to treat your ingrown toenail if you notice it before it gets too far along is to put a piece of cotton under the nail in order to separate the nail from the overlaying skin. This may allow the nail to grow above the edge of the skin.
If this doesn’t work you will probably have to remove part of the nail and the skin that the nail was starting to grow into. It is best to try soaking in Epsom’s salt, maybe even three or four times a day for a few days to get the area clean and soft before clearing out the problem. There are a variety of tools to use for ingrown toenail treatment but a good ingrown toenail clippers and tweezers should work for everything you will need to do, just make sure the tools are all sterile before use and to wipe the toenail area down with an alcohol swab before and after your done.

It will hurt but the pain can be reduced by numbing creams and ice. It is best to take care of it as soon as you can as the problem and the pain will only get worse if not treated. Each toe is different but what you need to do is snip off the part of the nail that is growing against the skin, you may need to pull the piece or of nail and some dead skin out. Then wash the area thoroughly. Keep bandaged for a few days with triple antibiotic ointment. Change the bandage daily, more than just once if needed, to keep an eye on it and if it seems to be getting any worse you will need to see your doctor

Paul louis wanninger

You hear a lot of things ,this works.There is a new product Sally Hansen Ingrown be gone. Remove & smooth painful ingrown nails-stainless steel.Follow the directions on back of the special made cutter and your problems are gone!


I don't know if this will work or not.. but you know that annoying plastic that you get when you buy a certain product.. its almost impossible to get it off until you go home and cut it out. I wonder if you cut that plastic into strips it'll give you a similar effect as NailEase. Or if you go to Walmart and buy a clear spray bottle or any plastic bottle and cut strips vertically. They make such a variety with different thickness, I'm sure there is one out there that will work for less money than NailEase. Plus its clear so it won't be as noticeable. You can buy nail glue just about anywhere too. I would suggest sally beauty supply because its salon quality and are open to the public. They also have lite-less gel filler (for fake nails) that's easy to apply with a little brush. I hope this helps.


I've posted this before, but any topical tooth pain reliever will give you great relief and seems to help with the healing.


Get a regular sized band-aid and use it to stretch the skin on the side of your toenail back away from the ingrown nail. To do this, attach one end of the band-aid to the skin right next to where the ingrown toenail is and then pull the band-aid as tight as you can away from the nail. This will pull the skin back away from the area where the nail is growing in. Then wrap the other end of the band-aid around the back of your toe and attach it to the base of the front of your toe. When the band-aid gets loose, put on a fresh one. This will allow the nail to grow normally without digging into your skin.

Geri from Hong Kong

All the home remedies sound pretty tedious and painful for ingrown toenails. After two surgeries over 12 years ago, I was desperate for a solution that didn't involve poking around the sensitive area. I stumbled upon Nailease. Just google it. Basically it's a material used by NASA that has an inherent tendency to straighten itself. A thin, narrow strip glued across the toenail does exactly that -- it tries to straighten itself and in the process lifts your nail with it. The pain relieves in minutes. I remember when I used it last, it grew out with the nail and best part (ladies) you can still clip it with a nail clipper and paint over it to hide the strip. Believe it costs less than $20 incl shipping in the US I think although I'd pay a LOT more for this ingenious product -- I know this ain't strictly a home remedy but it might well be as it's an elegant and scientific solution without the need for antibiotics or surgery or pain or fiddling with the painful area. It worked for me, like a DREAM, 12 years ago and I've just placed another order for 2 kits. Money well spent.

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