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52 Home Remedies for Ingrown Toenail


I had infected, painful toenails (three), I couldn't even go for my walks any more. I let the nail grow to the top of the toe so it couldn't get ingrown (no more short nails). By accident I put a used teabag of dandelion (flower) on the toe and it cured within three days. I have to keep doing the tea bag as it still pains ever so slightly, but it is only three days!


Using a dissection kit works fine. It has many useful tools and sharp things, but you have to be careful if you choose to use the scalpel.


A Dremel Engraving tool with a 7134 Diamond Point is ideal for removing deep ingrown toenails. Don't use the rotary tool with this method. Use the Dremel Electric Engraver Tool or a similar engraving tool. The goal is to grind down the deep ingrown toenail with hardly any pain or blood. Maintain an angle of about 45 degrees as you work your way down from the tip of your toe back towards the root. The goal is to grind away the part of the nail that is deeply ingrown. Wear a dust mask. You may want ear plugs too. This is tedious. It will take more than one session. It may take hours just to do one deep ingrown toenail. Soak before using the Dremel tool. Do this over a period of days if the toenail is ingrown deeply. Get someone else to do this if possible because using a power tool on your own toenail is uncomfortable, tiring, and dangerous. Use other methods of sterilizing if necessary for fungal infection or other infection. Relief should start after you soak your feet once a section of the ingrown nail is removed. You may also use the side of the Dremel bit to shave down the nail if it is hard and uneven, but a buffing tool would be better for that. Do NOT poke into your skin or you may get a drop of blood. This is mostly painless, but it is a shock to have a lot of work done on your feet, so having someone else do it is better so you can just endure it. A week after removing the ingrown part of the nail you should see the deep gorge push up. Use the bit to shave back infected skin, but only the old, hard skin and nail fragments that may not have been removed earlier. A steady motion is safer than a fast motion. Try to be precise. Have good lighting and a fan to blow away the nail dust or wear a face mask. A podiatrist may suggest medications if you accidentally damage your nail or foot. Above all have extreme patience. Once you get the ingrown toenail out you will feel great relief. In most cases it is only the big toes that get severe ingrown conditions, but other toes may also become ingrown if they are infected or naturally tend to become ingrown. Use this method to grind out ingrown toenails and use other methods to keep this condition from returning.

Free and Painless!

I am speaking from experience. This worked great and didn't hurt! Take a lemon and place it onto your toenail for a good bit of time. The citrus in the lemon will turn your skin into a flexible piece of jelly. Move the skin away from where the nail grew in, and trim the nail vertically. (The nail never grew in again. It has been over ten years.)


Try Dr.Scholl's Ingrown toe nail treatment. Also I use a ingrown toenail lifter ( you can find it a beauty supply store). After 2 treatments ingrown nail was Easy lifted! Voila I promise it works!!


soak foot in very warm water with cream of tartar (potassium tartrate) for 10 minutes. then put on on irritated area for 30 minutes, then rinse. used by soldiers that had no antibiotics available.


I have an ingrown nail on my left middle toe right now and I just filed it down as much as I could, used my finger nails to try to lift up the nail a bit from the skin by digging under it a little, then put hydrogen peroxide on it. Did that about an hour ago and the pain is now almost completely gone. Hydrogen peroxide is key. Cleans out the infection and filing and gently digging under the nail will relieve some of the pressure from the nail growing pushing into the skin and will direct it to grow in a straighter direction.


Agreeing with a previous unnamed poster -

It dawned on me one day, that the old advice of cutting a notch in the end of the nail, made little sense - since the nail is an arch from start to end...the strategic way to weaken that arch, (and thereby relieve the pressure), is to thin about a 1/4 - 1/3 inch strip of the middle of the entire (hardened) nail, and this is most easily accomplished with a small file.

Taking care not to file all the way through...but rather about half way through the thickness of the nail.

This weakens the arch, and allows the edges of the nail to 'lift' (and relieve that downward pressure) much more easily, than trying to pry up the edges of a nail which is a stongly formed arch...usually after careful filing of the middle strip, no manual, mechanical lifting of the edges is even necessary - they are alleviated by the weakened arch of the nail itself.

File a narrow strip from just in front of where the nail begins - straight, all the way to the tip of the nail. Evenly removing approxiametely 1/2 the thickness of the nail.

If top of filed nail rubs inside footware, pad with small piece of gauze , etc.


To do this you have to have a high pain tolerance... and be over 21. I drink 5 shots of Whiskey, take 3 high strength OTC pain killers, then I dig it out with a razor blade. After that apply an antibiotic.


Soak it it hot water mixed with mustard.

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