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74 Home Remedies for Anal Abscess


It isn't exactly the best way but I had an abscess on my hip and at the time I did not know what it was. So thinking it was just a very large pimple I squeezed it and some puss came out but it was still very inflamed. I was desperate to make it go away so I used a very sharp knife and cut a small slit across it and drained all the puss out. The pain was still there but not as bad. I went to the doctor and he said it was an abscess but I had already drained it so he gave me an antibiotic to help it heal faster and gauze and packing to absorb and other drainage.


When I was 18 I got one on my right lip of my private area. went to doctors twice they cut it and packed it with gauge but it came back. I was six months pregnant with this boil between my legs an old lady told me to put fat back meat on it about one oclock in the morning it burned so bad for about 1 min then I felt so much relief. So try fat back meat.


I must admit I never believed in home remedies until now, even though I don't like doctors I still go when the pain becomes unbearable. I have been plagued with abscesses under my armpits for year, I had on so bad last year I had to have it lanced and packed for 2 weeks that packing thing was awful I cried every time, sooo this time I was determined to try a home remedy, and I read another person suggestion on the apple cider vinegar and baking soda method, I am submitting this response so someone else can become a believer, that stuff worked! I am almost pain free and the abscess has drained almost completely in 2 days of using that method I am grateful to have found this remedy, I will try to use some other advice to prevent the abscess from returning. Thanks! And try it!


I have to respond to the statement that ' If you leave them alone they will heal on their own. In some cases, that may be true. I Have left them alone Only to have them continue to get worse and worse. I am Not a drug user. I eat right, exercise, take vitamins and drink Plenty of water. Epsom salt on a large band aid works well. However, as stated above, the infections sometimes require an ER visit. The first well I it was on my inner thigh and then a week got so big that it has to be surgically taken care of and I spent seven days in the hospital never ignore it can spread rapidly and become very dangerous for someone's house ever had, I ignored and continue to wait tables

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