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I was at my wits end until I came across this thread! I spent so much $ on prep H and other crap when my savior was 2 ingredients that I had in my kitchen! I made a past of turmeric and tea tree oil and put it on. The relief was almost immediate. I kept it on for a few hours when it began to sting a little. I was wearing an overnight pad in a effort to avoid a mess. I noticed a few red spot but chalked it up to the turmeric. I got in an epson salt bath for less then 10 mins ( i have serious add when it comes to baths) While waiting for the water to drain i ran hot water down over the inflamed area. When i got our i slathered even more of the turmeric paste on ..... but this time IT BURNED!!! I toughed it out and the pain eventually subsided. A few hours later I felt very wet back there. Upon investigation I realized cyst was draining it self! It smells to the high heavens but the relief is intoxicating!!! Still not 100% yet but Im giddy with relief!!!


I don't know what I have. All I know is that last year I got what appeared to be a Bartholin cyst then after that my rectum started swelling over a period of months (thought it was hemi's).. anyway recently I decided to try some diaper rash cream that has 40% zinc oxide and low and behold, after a year with this it seems to be going down. I haven't gone to the Dr (no insurance and embarrassed anyway). I could be hemorrhoids or it could be an abcess. Either way the zinc oxide seems to be working. I'm going to add some hydrocortisone cream to the remedy as well.

Pain relief

I just tried this for the boil that I had near the anus I took 2 teaspoons of turmeric and 2 teaspoons of coconut oil then applied it directly on infected area after an hour rinsed with hot water as hot as possible. Then again applied same mixture of turmeric and coconut oil then immediately the boil drained out believe me it worked for me and what a relief...hope this helps ... Thanks


Mixed freeze dried turmeric from a bottle (from my local Down to Earth store) with a few drops of tea tree oil and a drop of nature's sunshine silver shield to a good consistency that would 'wet' all of the turmeric. Spread this on at night on my husband and made sure he wore a pad to catch what would drain. Would do twice a day.

Found the turmeric and tea tree oil remedy adter 4 months of going to doctors and being misdiagnosed in its 'early' stages as 'just hemorrhoids' and 'just a skin tag'. Got referred to a surgeon who prescribed nitroglycerin since he was unsure what the tender hard feeling to the side of his Anus was. He also had fissures and was using fissure control but there seemed to be a 'deeper pain' the surgeon didn't diagnose. I came here bc he was in so much pain and I couldn't get an appt with his doctor! the first night much of it drained onto a pad and he thought or was just the mixture but it was barely half a teaspoon of mixture I used but plenty of 'liquid' on the pad. The second day a second 'head' also emerged and drained. It is now day 5 and the area is soft again and he isn't in pain when he has a BM! Hoping that continuing on this path will lead to an all around healing.


I want to share my situation as well. I read the posts after finding a large 'lump' near the region and based on where it was and pictures online, assumed abscess. I still scheduled a colorectal visit with doctor, but figured it couldnt hurt to use the tea tree oil and tumeric home remedy, as cant do any harm, and seems universally to reduce swelling and make things go away

DUring the 4 days before my visit, the swelling did go down, though still there, and was excited like everyone else was. This thing was huge.

So I go to doctor, explain history, and my treatment, and he tells me it isnt an anal abscess. Rather, a thombrous hemorroid, or blod clot thing. He said, the reason it went down, was not because the tumeric tea tree oil, it was because it doesnt need surgery, etc.. it will just go away within a week or two.

I am not saying you shouldnt use the home remedy, but the doctor did say something to know.

If it doesnt hurt, it isnt an abscess, its something else. So if you use anything, like tea oil and tumeric, and it goes away, its not because of that. Its because the ailment wasnt serious.

If it does hurt really bad.. then it probably is an abcess, and you can still use the treatments, but see a doctor, as it could be more serious, including internal explosions, deep fistulas, etc..

I would just hate for people with a thombrous hemorroid, which goes away naturally, to think that this treatment works (which it may) and to not go see a doctor, when it could be something really serious.

Anal Abcesses are usually agonizing. I love Homeopathic home remedies, but I would use in congruous visit with a professional .


Hi there,

(apologies moderators for previous post, I was typing to see how this forum worked..)

I just wanted to say a big thankyou to everyone who has posted in this forum for helping me, for now, alleviate this awful thing. Am a 30yr old male who didn't expect it!

I read a lot on this forum about how tumeric, tea tree oil, epsom salts, baking soda and vinegar can help as anal abscess and I just wanted to share my experience with everyone else and encourage them to try these ideas before seeking surgery.

Need to say there's nothing conclusive here, just my experience:

About a week ago I felt something weird down near where my ass cheeks meet my thigh and thought nothing of it, the next day it was definitely something that was the size of maybe the end of my thumb.

I googled this and concluded (from what info was available) that I had a perennial abscess and read a lot of horror stories about (not so much) having it lanced but then having it packed etc and the pain involved. I thought of trying anyyythinggg else than that, and though have never tried 'natural' remedies came across this forum. Am an advocate for neither natural or 'modern' surgery - just wanted to avoid pain/suffering etc!!

So googled and came across this forum and found suggestions for remedies that essentially fell into two camps: a tumeric and tea tree oil (maybe with water) mixture and an apple cider vinegar and baking soda mixture. In addition to this epsom salt baths were recommended.

For the record at this point it was becoming painful - like from a 'fun' lump to something that was causing proper, not excruciating but potentially, pain. Like pulling a nose hair out!

First night after reading I tried mixing what I could find close by locally in my town - tea tree oil and baking soda (even though this specific combination was not recommended per se) and to be honest not sure it did much, or help swelling reside at all. To be honest also a problem is it didn't make a great 'paste' and felt more like trying to stick a grainy gel to my skin.

Next day I went out to find tumeric and mixed it with the tea tree oil. Not sure if 1:1 ratio or what, but kept adding either til it formed a smooth paste - smooth enough to apply to the area and have it stick like a regular cream. Anyway I put it on without a dressing (not to go into too much detail but taping a dressing to this area would have meant a lot of pubic hair pain when pulling it off) and followed what another posted had said of pulling on tight boxer briefs after. I was amazed how little of it went onto the boxer briefs, it stuck to the area great.

Anyway after about 8 hours I went to the bathroom and the abscess felt very 'tender' eg ready to burst, like a childhood pimple ready to pop.

I don't know why but I decided to apply some white wine vinegar I had bought (couldn't find the recommended apple cider) to the area and when I pulled the cotton wool ball I'd put the vinegar on off the was suddenly seeping puss. Yes disgusting, but such a relief. I have to say though, in the most minor of ways, like a tiny pinprick.

So because I didn't think some others went enough in depth: it absolutely seeped puss (like small-medium sized globules on paper towels) at a regular rate for about 20minutes then lessened. I then thought I'd listen to others on this forum and got straight into a hot bath where it appeared to drain more but at a lesser rate. At a point I decided that further squeezing etc could cause more harm than good.

Overnight some more drained but nothing to write home about.

I should also add in its most painful stage I took some nurofen painkillers and they probably helped me through the worst of it! Highly recommended.

Since then (48hrs ago) I've been going about my day to day and its getting better and better. Gone from what was at its peak golf ball sized to now like a grape. I expect this to continue.

What I don't know:

1. Is it entirely fixed? I don't know, all I can say is its gone from 100% red alert to feeling like a pimple on my ass! I'll keep updating if interested. I've read another great post about how they felt there was something deeper underneath, and I do to a degree feel that still - there is still a pocket there that is decreasing but still exists. So I can't at all say I'm out of the woods - but I'm feeling 10000% better.

2. What did the job - vinegar, tumeric, tea tree oil, epsom or what? My honest opinon is that it was the tea tree oil and tumeric mixture that did it for me - just my opinion but its what happened. I think a rub of vinegar afterwards helped bring it from 99.9% burst to 100% burst, but maybe a rub of water would have done the same. But definitely the tumeric and tea tree oil is my recommendation.

Should also add that after bursting I tried re-applying tumeric and tea tree oil mixture but because after bursting the 'hole' is very sensitive it stung really bad. So i've switched to a combination of this (can't post links, in UK if you google this..)

Boots Tea Tree Cream - 30ml £4.39

Tea tree oil cream, mixed on about 1:1 with tumeric (plus a bit of water to make up the difference, do it in half teaspoons) and have found over last 24 hours it is still helping to pro-actively reduce the swelling down to what is now pea sized. Also mixing tumeric with a cream makes it FAR easier to apply than other methods. This gets important when its poultice vs cream in a difficult area.

Sorry for that really lengthy post but the point is that a few days ago I was horrified of that thing on my butt, and from following directions on this page (no easy answers...) it has gone from 100% red alert to pretty much nothing and I hope it continues til its nothing.

If you're reading this page for the first time please please please consider giving these ideas a go before going for that painful surgery that I've (til this point, fingers crossed) only read about!

Happy to answer any queries...

Oh man wth

Ok so I have to share my experience because I hope ut helps someone else and just cause im so so happy and thankful others did. Alright so one week ago a ping pong sized ball of an abscess that appeared all of the sudden and basically overnight on my taint area( skin in between scrotum and anus). I could barely walk or sit normally and was in so much pain, I was scared and thought about going to the doctors but I was scared and gave myself one more day to see if it would start heeling. Needless to say it wasn't heeling. It was big, red and irritated and hard to the touch and I had to work that evening. Well, I went to work and suffered through it but when I got home 8 hours later it was bigger. I immediately filled a bathtub and got in and started researching. First I read about a lot of stuff that scared me and then I found a little info on oral and topical remedies and was immediately hopeful and inspired to let mother earth heal me. So the wife and I rushed to the store. so heres what I got and used. Tumeric capsules, baking soda, tea tree oil, epsom salt, hydrogen peroxide(altogether $19) and lots of water and definitely something for pain (I used advil). Take 2-3 warm-hot baths mixed with epsom salt and peroxide a day(30mins) and always after a bowel movement. Take one tumeric capsule(500mg) in the morning orally and one before bed at night. Also, before bed each night empty two capsules of tumeric powder, a quarter to a half of a teaspoon of baking soda and ten-fifteen drops of tea tree oil together, then add just enough water in a little dish then mix it to where it forms a paste. Spread it over the entire lump(if your able to, I read you should cover with a piece of gauze. That didnt work for me so I just used a pair of tighter boxer briefs to help hold it close) and go to bed. Make sure you sleep with some old sheets and towels under you cause you'll drain a bit and tumeric, pus and blood stain like a mf. Wake up and get into the tub it'll help more drain. Repeat daily and drink lots of water. Its been a week of this now and I can barely tell that it was there, but im still doing all the above just incase. I think taking the tumeric orally helped alot. I noticed after 36 hours of this that it was half the size and my pain level was down. Just Stay consistent and youll notice results in a day or two. Good luck and God Bless. I hope this helps someone else.


Im posting this at 3:45 AM because I woke up to my abcses draining itself after I had applied Epsom salt with some peroxide mixed together to make a paste and applied directly to abcses at night before bed which was at around 9 PM.I covered it with gauze went to sleep and woke up a few hours later to go use the bathroom. Well low and behold...I noticed it was draining and didn't have that much pain anymore! YAY!!! Seriously I was miserable and in sooo much pain before going to bed I considered going to hospital but decided to try a home remedy and voí'la it worked like a charm 😀 Im such a happy girl right now.

Ivan Fann

Dear All,

I would like to share my experience dealing with my anus abscess. 4 years ago I had an abscess near my anus and had surgery to had it drained. My recovery was painful and took 3 weeks to heal. But the cavity started to fill with pus again once the wound healed. Then I started to look for alternative healing since the obvious didn't work. I found some recommendation to use tea tree oil. I applied and the abscess started to drain the very next day from the opening which was healed earlier and was 'cured' within a week.

This problem was soon forgotten till about 1 week ago when it started to swelled up again!!! My first action was quickly buy another bottle of tea tree oil and applied on the abscess but it didn't help and it quickly grew to a size of a ping pong ball and the pain was un-bearable and went to see a doctor. The doctor said I needed surgery immediately and this time because it grew at the exact same spot, the abscess most likely would have grown bigger and deeper than the last time and he said that he will be cutting a bigger and deeper hole! I was very close to signing the consent form and get ready for surgery but something in me told me to look for alternative because the first surgery was painful and didn't work. I decided not to go for surgery immediately and to search more online for other healing suggestions. I mentally gave myself 2 days before deciding to go for surgery as a last resort.

By accident, I found someone recommend turmeric and his abscess was 'cured' within 1 week. I decided to try, so I mix turmeric and tea tree oil into a paste and applied onto the abscess and went to sleep. The very next morning when I woke up, I feel wetness within my thighs and could smell the unmistakable stench of pus!!! After cleaning up I rushed straight to a doctor and he cleaned up the open wound but told me that there was another abscess and it is not draining. It feels much deeper that the one which was draining. It was maybe a size of a fish ball. The doc told me if it doesn't drain, I might still have to go for surgery to get it removed. Unconvinced, I told him to give me a stronger pain killer and let me wait out for a couple of days more. I went home and continued to apply the turmeric paste and the next day the swelling subsided and when I went back to the doctor, he was surprised that the swelling subsided quite a bit and told me to continue doing what I was doing because it was working. I continued doing this for the next 3 days and by this time the swelling subsided from a ping pong ball to a size of a pea. By this time the doctor was baffled and asked me what I was doing and I told him that I applied a turmeric paste which I mixed myself. He smiled and told me in future he will recommend this method to other patients with similar problems before recommending surgery.

I hope if anyone out there is experiencing this painful problem, get some painkillers and try out this method for 2 days before opting for surgery. Less costly and much shorter recovery time.




I have sat here and read all of these home remedies. I have had an abcess that comes back in almost the same spot for half my life. I have had it lanced several times, have had surgery and basically just a nightmare. Very painful. I had one appear dam near over night, huge and golf ball sized. I was ready for a trip to the hospital. I have been laid up for 2 days, no sitting, walking is just stupid. I decided to try the epsom paste only an hour ago. This is in the bottom area, so I went to the rest room, not expecting anything since it had only been an hour. I came out of there one happy person. It had formed a head and when i pulled the gauze off, it basically drained its self. Still not gone all the way, I dont want to squeeze and make it hurt but it is a fourth of the size it was. I put a new gauze with more paste. I was extremely amazed!! Like a total loss for words!! This will be my go to paste every time!! So happy I want to cry, when you can walk and sit again you think of little things!!

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