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Awesome remedy .. I don't even have complete ingredients just mixed turmeric and coconut oil . Kept it around 10pm and woke at 2am to check how it is, the lump became soft but it's still paining then I had a shitz bath and kept the paste of turmeric and coconut oil again and slept. This morning as I woke up was stinking like hell, that's when I realized the big lump burst open and there was no pain at the moment. Thank you so much. God Bless you all.


This remedy works wonders! I had this painful lump close beside my ass for a week and it was getting worse by the day. At first when the swollen lump was not that obvious, the doctor and I suspected that it was hemarrhoids. I was spamming painkillers and gels but they were only effective for a few hours. I was even worried I'll get a drug overdose, until I came across this incredible site!

I followed the instructions based on previous reviews, except that I didn't have tea tree oil at home. My mum surprisingly had the turmeric powder, baking soda and coconut oil in her inventory, and I mixed an equivalent portion of each ingredient in a small container. The semi-thick paste will turn out to be a dark brown color. It looks like shit but it smells mecidinal and wasn't that bad. I then applied a few layers on the lump, before sleeping with my face down and ass up. When I woke up, I was disappointed that the lump did not burst. Instead, the pain got worse. I applied more of the poultice but it just didn't explode. 24 hours later, I felt the worst pain in my life ever. It was like childbirth and I was praying so hard for the pain to go away. It was so unbearable that I took a big dose of painkillers so that I could get some sleep.

The next morning, I felt a tinge of wetness in my undies. When I took my undies off and saw a big splat of yellowish pus on it, I was so excited that I didn't even realize the pain has significantly subsided. By the way, the pus had a really nasty smell and it was so much that it soiled my bedsheets. I then went to the bathroom and squeezed on the lump for residual pus to come out. When all was done, I felt like a new man. The pain was 95\\% gone, with slight pain coming from the aftermath wound of the explosion. The feeling was terrific because I didn't need to crunch when I walk or to hold my breath whenever my ass contracts from sneezing, peeing or shitting.

As you would observe, this remedy works on people with different durations. Be patient and don't despair. For me, it took some 30 hours before the lump got really swollen. It felt very scary when the lump started to harden, but in hindsight, it meant that the poultice is working and is actively aggravating the inflamed wound to force it to eventually burst like a balloon. The thought of not having to get a surgeon to cut me open for the pus to be discharged is a big relief. I hope this works for whoever is using this remedy too. Best of luck!


Hi everyone! I'm interested in the remedy but I would like to ask for some clarifications first. I had my first surgery in March of 2016 after probably a year of suffering with an abscess alone and scared until I went to the doctor and she referred me to a surgeon. I was trying to see if it would heal on its own and it kind of did on and off but it ALWAYS came back and was painful. Anyways, I had my surgery with a local anesthetic and it still hurt because it was deeper than expected. Months went by and it still didn't properly heal. Had surgery #2 in May but he put me under so he could get it all without worry of me feeling it and adding to my anxiety. I felt like a new women after that surgery and I couldn't believe the difference! IT WAS FINALLY GONE! I've been taking care of the area and making sure I had good bowel movements so I don't back up and cause an issue or potentially a fissure. Fast forward to today and I'm so nervous and scared that it might be back.

Stupid me didn't change my pad quick enough during my menstrual cycle that has just passed and now I have slight pain and the area is inflamed. I feel like I should also say that I use reusable cloth pads more often then disposable ones (they are called Luna pads if any lady is interested) and if you don't change them often, it can up the moisture levels so to speak. This has happened before during the summer (not just during my menstrual cycle but with sweat and the humidity). It would cause some discomfort but would soon go away after I cleaned the area and kept my eye on it. This time it's been longer. It came on quickly. I thought I just aggravated it because I've been sitting so much at work (I'm usually up and about more then sitting). Now I'm trying to decide what to do! I am going to start ingesting more turmeric but I'm unsure whether to try the poultice too? Could it just be scar pain? I'm so scared of it coming back!


The poultice works. Just mix in 2 table spoon turmeric power, 2 table spoon baking power, 2 table spoon coconut oil, and its optional but highly recommended 10-15 drops of tea tree oil.

Just mix the paste and get ready to take a hot sitz bath. After half an hour just tap dry the affected area and apply the paste.

Believe me it stings a lot. But bear the pain which lasts for 15-20 mins.

Post application just put some cotton gauze roll in place so that the poultice does the Magic.

In say 24 hours the abscess pops up and everything drains.

Wonderful home remedy.

Take care not to touch the poultice with hand otherwise you might just end up getting it infected.


Thanks guyz for this mixture, much appreciated. to the person who started this site.

started the procedure waiting for results will keep you posted. and thank u to everyone who took the time to share your stories with us to keep us motivated in taking the step.

just hope and pray that it all goes well


I'm currently in the middle of trying this turmeric paste + tea trea oil combo. When I first noticed the abscesses (I have 2) neither was too terribly sore. One of them was already draining, and I squeezed a ton of pus and blood from it. It's not really that painful now, but the other one that was literally painless yesterday is now in excrutiating pain. It hasn't gotten any bigger that I can tell but after doing 2 treatments of paste at night for 2 nights in a row and taking a turmeric supplement in the morning, it's now hurting like crazy. Does this mean it's come to a head and it's only a matter of time before it bursts or does it just mean that something has irritated it? I've also been doing sitz baths. I'm not getting the quick results you guys are... it's been 2 days so far and I feel like it's actually worse than it was when I started. Comments or suggestions welcome.


So happy I found this. 17 year Crohn's guy with multiple occurrences of these. 38 now, and just got my latest one. It being internal (no channel to skin) I didn't know if it would work but the Turmeric paste got it to pop within 48 hours. Very impressed


Does anyone have experience with recurrences? Mine pops alright with the turmeric paste, but its come back every damn time. Should i just keep putting it on every day or something?


About 2 weeks ago I thought I was having a flair up of my haemorroids so treated accordingly however it just kept getting more and more painful three days later i started to get very high fevers but still didnt associate the two, eventually on the sunday I was in agony and so so ill, I took a bath to try and relieve the pain and discovered a huge swelling to the right side of my anus and all along the inner butt cheek, I freaked out and went to the Emergency Dept where I was told I had an anal abcess (never had heard of it) and that it needed surgery, the surgeons came but when the team heard of my severe allergic reactions to anaestesia decided it was more life threathning to give me the surgery. 48 hours antibiotics were given to try and see if it would help if not then surgery was the only option. I was obviously terrified and in horrendous pain. I tend to be quite proactive so i began my research which led me here. I was skepical but anything is better than potentially dying so i gave it a go - after the first time it started to reduce, by 48 hours it was a lot better so they continued the antibiotics for another 3 days, by friday there was very little pus left so there was no need for surgery however i was put on another 7 days of antibiotics which im still on. Now 10 days in im still doing the epsom salt bath and the paste nightly and ive two questions for the veterans = now all i can feel is that a small area around where the main abcess area was is still harder to the touch than the other side - its not painful or no visible swelling - should i continue with the paste til it feels completely normal? and is the area still meant to feel a bit different til it heals completely? also are there any things i can do to try and prevent it from happening again? Also want to say a huge thank you for the rememedy - it may literally have saved my life :)

Wife of sufferer.

After 24 hours of the turmeric, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and baking soda it busted. This works! I can't believe how well.

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