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I'm 37 weeks pregnant into the third trimester and have dealt with 4 abscesses in the same spot for a month and a half!

They are going to be the death of me if it happens again!

1st time I went to the ER and got antibiotics and did sitsz bath. Upon reading this article about turmeric I tried the paste. Yes I thought it worked for it. I learned it did not and that's why it kept coming back because it wasn't properly healed.

Yesterday was my 4th boil and I was in excruciating pain. So much that my hubby had forced me to go to the ER and this time I knew I was going to get cut open which was my biggest fear because they can't do much for a pregnant lady and pain. At this time the boils head was greenish and had everyone scared for me and the baby.

Sure enough once I got there they had freezed me, opened me up, cleaned and sterilized, and froze a second time for the way home! It was just as much pain as the abscess itself or worse! But it was totally worth it. Instant relief after the procedure, when the freezing wore off I could feel it but I was no longer in pain. I can sit, stand and lay down like normal again! So for the amount of pain of getting it cut open was worth it.. I now feel bad for the DR and nurse because I was screaming so bad. The dr said because I had put this turmeric stuff on it plus tea tree oil, coconut oil and baking soda is the sole reason why it kept coming back and getting worse. It created a barrier so it would pop and just irritated the skin around it. She also told me to never let it get that bad but it was only over the course of 3 days? It looked like the size of a dime on the outside but apparently it was the size of a golf ball on the inside. She also pulled out a blood clot which would have not been good if I didn't get the procedure done. I highly suggest to go see a DR ASAP if you're reading this and are in so much pain you'll do anything to have it stop.

Furba Bomjan

I tried applying the paste of turmeric powder, baking soda and coconut oil on top of the abscess . But I don't know why it didn't work for me... anyone suggest me please


I had two issues. The first - hemorrhoids. The second was a fistula. I did some research after exhausting all over-the-counter drugs (preparation H, wipes, compresses, baths, you name it). The baths helped relieve the pain for only a short while. I deal a lot in essential oils and decided to turn to that. For the hemorrhoids i used Arnica Montana mixed with a touch of olive oil and applied it directly to the swollen areas. I had already suffered for three days and couldn't sit without being in in terrible pain. Within one hour of applying the Arnica Montana, I was able to have a bowel movement without feeling like I was giving birth. By the second evening they were completely shrunken and I was in no pain. The arnica did little for the fistula however. The cooling sensation gave a little relief but nothing to decrease the size or sensitivity.

I began a regiment of twice daily horse chestnut pills. At that point it was about the size of a golf ball and I could not sit properly. To touch it was excruciating; even the lightest touch sent shockwaves. I found that lavender, Tea tree, and black pepper essential oil's are widely used for abscesses. I decided to make a cream of Shea butter, coconut oil and the three oils. Unbelievably, within one day the abscess had shrunken to the size of a nicklel. By midday of the following day, it was pea-sized. Completely gone by the next day. I am continuing the ointment and the pills for another week to ensure all is cleared up and not returning. I cannot believe how well this worked and I'll never go back to prescriptions and antibiotics or over the counters again. At least not for this. I'm still in complete shock at how well this worked.


This remedy works!!!

After 7-8 days of pain and antibiotics the abccess was getting worse if anything, I would not usually follow a home remedy like this online but wanted help as the pain was unbearable.

So I tried the remedy and within 20 minutes of applying the abscess popped and pain reduced instantly

It took another 1-2 days to drain completely and now just about making a full recovery

Thanks for all advice on this page very helpful in a painful time


Great Guns!

The magic potion worked for me as well..7 days into the problem.. couldnt sit... Paining all over.. tried all medicines.. put this two spoons each of baking soda, coconut oil and turmeric powder and put this as a paste.. in 7 hours my abscess bursted and the blood was all in my undies... Got a relief and going to the homeopathy guy so that it doesn't turn into a fistula..God bless this site


First of all, I would like to thank the founder of this website and the contributors who have shared their experiences particularly here in this thread. I read each and every entry of this thread, and found this extremely powerful mixture (Turmeric Powder + Baking Powder + Coconut Oil) as the best home remedial alternative for me. May God bless all ! After a weeklong sickness, when I plan to resume my normal life and work, the first thing I have decided to do is to write out my terrible (inner) experience.

I have been attacked of piles for almost a decade now. I have maintained it by taking fiber-rich diet and doing Yoga. Even in one or two occasions a small lump came out and went away automatically in a couple of days without intervention of any sort of medication. I never visited a doctor for this until this time. I am 40 years old and unmarried (and still virgin!). The reason I reveal such status of mine is that married people are supposed to have stronger sphincter muscles.

It has been very chilly weather (3–7 degree centigrade) for the last two weeks. I am a very hard-working person and have my goals with strict deadlines. Due to unfavourable windy weather outside, I was working indoor sedentarily with my computer for about 11 hours every day. To strictly comply with my daily deadlines and to keep myself in best mood for the season I had skipped daily bath for many days in a row, from where I guess I got the infection. First, I saw a tiny lump came out. Like my earlier case, I did nothing predicting it would go away on its own. In the next two days the area grew like a blossoming three-petal flower. The pain turned out to be severe on the fifth day; I had never experienced such stage of inflammatory condition before. Very early in the morning, I searched my case on the web and luckily got here in this thread. The discovery of this miracle mixture was of course incidental. Then I visited a homeopathic doctor who prescribed antibiotic and laxative. No reaction occurred to my continuous and torturous pain. For the whole day, I could not sit, lie down, or walk for long in one place – but I did manage to procure turmeric powder, baking powder (cooking soda), and coconut oil by the evening on my own. I chose not to seek anybody’s help as my condition was extremely a private affair and too embarrassing to discuss. In the late evening after a light meal I tried to meditate and prayed to God while wobbling in my bed. During my intolerable pain and fever-like condition I said to myself, “This is my opportunity to realize and feel God closer”. I was at the same time kept the emergency things handy (such as credit/debit cards, insurance card, extra clothes, phone numbers for calling ambulance) just in case I have to rush to emergency room in the hospital. At twelve midnight I got out of bed and washed the area with a torn piece of cloth soaked-up in salty hot water before directing hot air blow from my room heater. The area dried and I went back to my bed following preparation of the mixture (immediately-manufactured home ointment). I lied on my back, legs up, knees bent and drawn closer to my face. In this position I applied the mixture (that felt like cold sensation) all the way around the three petals. At about 3 am the pain alleviated a little (30\\% less). I stood up and saw the area in the mirror. The left petal burst. I cleaned the area with cotton balls before applying second round of layer of that mixture specifically in the right and bottom petals. The continuous pain was still there, but less severe. I could not sleep at all. The day was as before hoping my endurance and patience would eventually pay off. The evening followed and about 18 hours later I applied third round of layer. After about two and a half hours later (around 11:45 pm) the right petal burst. The pain alleviated further and I observed very small amount of bloody substance combined with dried mixture residuals. Again I changed my underwear for the one stuffed with a female sanitary pad (yes, the thing they use during their periods). This time I was able to take a nap for around 3 hours after more than 48 restless hours of unremitting pain. The remaining part of the pain woke me up for which I had to apply a very small amount of mixture with a cotton ball in the gap near my bottom petal. After about two hours almost 95\\% of my pain passed away. I felt relieved, thanked God in silence, and then rested myself straightway without doing anything more but taking homeopathic doses time to time. I got up in the late afternoon and visited my doctor informing him that the area has 20\\% less swelling now. He gave me more doses of medication and told that 100\\% recovery I could expect in 7–10 days’ time. And today here I am recovering; as I write this I am feeling better and better by each passing moment. I walked for quite a while during the day on the roof in fresh air that provided indirect pressure to the abnormal area (I do not want to squeeze, but expect to heal naturally over sufficient amount of time as I can now resume my daily activities cautiously and comfortably). I am in no hurry. Healthy lifestyle is the timesaver and should come first at any level of cost. Note that I did not have any trouble with evacuating my bowel every day that I was concerned most about due to tremendous swelling and pain.

I am no doctor; but I do know what works and what does not work for me. Based on my unique experience I will keep the following points to my memory for the rest of my life:

1. “Prevention is better than cure.”

2. Knowledge and self-care go together with the attention of right medical practitioner before and after consultation. The ultimate doctor is the patient himself/herself.

3. Homeopathy is probably the best medical care for any type of skin disease in its early stage.

4. Not all doctors are equally qualified and fit for dealing with each type of disease irrespective of their impressive credentials. Although everyone’s problem varies on case-by-case basis, it is not uncommon to hear that unnecessary tests are notoriously performed at private clinics at the cost of a patient’s time, monetary loss, tension, and suffering. On going through this thread, it suggests that one-time surgical operation is not necessarily successful and does not always lead to a permanent solution to such a disorder like anal abscess.

5. I will do Kegel exercise (Ashwini Mudra) and Yoga six days a week.

6. While taking bath every day, I will do “Malshuddi” [inserting my (mustard oily) left index finger into the hole – twirling around clockwise and anti-clockwise – to release accumulated impure air of everyday] before washing the anal area with antibacterial soap.

7. I will include laxative-induced natural food (fruits, vegetables, milk, curd, and the like) in my daily food intake.

8. I will be taking light energetic foods more often avoiding heavy meals at a time.

9. I will be drinking about two litres of water every day.

10. I will never sit in squatting position at a stretch.

11. Next time, if I see any small lump popped out, I will immediately take natural care so that any possible infection of inner gland does not spread out and take me to that emergency-like condition again.

12. Even after taking all these above-mentioned precautions and care, if I find myself in the same reoccurring disorder ever again, I will still do the following first on my own:

(i) To guard myself internally, I will take mild antibiotic and laxative taking care of constipation-resistive diet.

(ii) I will take sitz/hip bath adding *Epsom Salt to hot water for 20–30 mins first.

(iii) I will dry the area tenderly before applying the miracle mixture. The composition of the mixture/ointment is as follows:

[Turmeric Powder + Baking Powder] (equal amount) + Coconut Oil (just enough to make a formation of paste) + *Tea Tree Oil (a few drops, as I guess it is optional here due to its burning sensational property that can expedite the bursting)

*In my current case, I cancelled the online order of Epsom Salt and Tea Tree Oil that were to deliver at a later time, as my pain had already gone by that time and I was recovering. In the absence of Epsom Salt, I would rather use traditional fomentation (a torn-piece of cloth soaked up in hot salty water); and in the absence of Tea Tree Oil, I would rather use Neem Oil.

(iv) I will keep cotton balls and ladies’ pads handy!

(v) Last but not the least, I will pray and meditate. I will beg God to flow warm tantric cosmic energies and will visualize the same through my body for healing.

Good luck with your own effort and patience! May God be with you in time of the need! I believe genuine prayers are always answered.


Awesome remedy .. I don't even have complete ingredients just mixed turmeric and coconut oil . Kept it around 10pm and woke at 2am to check how it is, the lump became soft but it's still paining then I had a shitz bath and kept the paste of turmeric and coconut oil again and slept. This morning as I woke up was stinking like hell, that's when I realized the big lump burst open and there was no pain at the moment. Thank you so much. God Bless you all.


This remedy works wonders! I had this painful lump close beside my ass for a week and it was getting worse by the day. At first when the swollen lump was not that obvious, the doctor and I suspected that it was hemarrhoids. I was spamming painkillers and gels but they were only effective for a few hours. I was even worried I'll get a drug overdose, until I came across this incredible site!

I followed the instructions based on previous reviews, except that I didn't have tea tree oil at home. My mum surprisingly had the turmeric powder, baking soda and coconut oil in her inventory, and I mixed an equivalent portion of each ingredient in a small container. The semi-thick paste will turn out to be a dark brown color. It looks like shit but it smells mecidinal and wasn't that bad. I then applied a few layers on the lump, before sleeping with my face down and ass up. When I woke up, I was disappointed that the lump did not burst. Instead, the pain got worse. I applied more of the poultice but it just didn't explode. 24 hours later, I felt the worst pain in my life ever. It was like childbirth and I was praying so hard for the pain to go away. It was so unbearable that I took a big dose of painkillers so that I could get some sleep.

The next morning, I felt a tinge of wetness in my undies. When I took my undies off and saw a big splat of yellowish pus on it, I was so excited that I didn't even realize the pain has significantly subsided. By the way, the pus had a really nasty smell and it was so much that it soiled my bedsheets. I then went to the bathroom and squeezed on the lump for residual pus to come out. When all was done, I felt like a new man. The pain was 95\\% gone, with slight pain coming from the aftermath wound of the explosion. The feeling was terrific because I didn't need to crunch when I walk or to hold my breath whenever my ass contracts from sneezing, peeing or shitting.

As you would observe, this remedy works on people with different durations. Be patient and don't despair. For me, it took some 30 hours before the lump got really swollen. It felt very scary when the lump started to harden, but in hindsight, it meant that the poultice is working and is actively aggravating the inflamed wound to force it to eventually burst like a balloon. The thought of not having to get a surgeon to cut me open for the pus to be discharged is a big relief. I hope this works for whoever is using this remedy too. Best of luck!


Hi everyone! I'm interested in the remedy but I would like to ask for some clarifications first. I had my first surgery in March of 2016 after probably a year of suffering with an abscess alone and scared until I went to the doctor and she referred me to a surgeon. I was trying to see if it would heal on its own and it kind of did on and off but it ALWAYS came back and was painful. Anyways, I had my surgery with a local anesthetic and it still hurt because it was deeper than expected. Months went by and it still didn't properly heal. Had surgery #2 in May but he put me under so he could get it all without worry of me feeling it and adding to my anxiety. I felt like a new women after that surgery and I couldn't believe the difference! IT WAS FINALLY GONE! I've been taking care of the area and making sure I had good bowel movements so I don't back up and cause an issue or potentially a fissure. Fast forward to today and I'm so nervous and scared that it might be back.

Stupid me didn't change my pad quick enough during my menstrual cycle that has just passed and now I have slight pain and the area is inflamed. I feel like I should also say that I use reusable cloth pads more often then disposable ones (they are called Luna pads if any lady is interested) and if you don't change them often, it can up the moisture levels so to speak. This has happened before during the summer (not just during my menstrual cycle but with sweat and the humidity). It would cause some discomfort but would soon go away after I cleaned the area and kept my eye on it. This time it's been longer. It came on quickly. I thought I just aggravated it because I've been sitting so much at work (I'm usually up and about more then sitting). Now I'm trying to decide what to do! I am going to start ingesting more turmeric but I'm unsure whether to try the poultice too? Could it just be scar pain? I'm so scared of it coming back!


The poultice works. Just mix in 2 table spoon turmeric power, 2 table spoon baking power, 2 table spoon coconut oil, and its optional but highly recommended 10-15 drops of tea tree oil.

Just mix the paste and get ready to take a hot sitz bath. After half an hour just tap dry the affected area and apply the paste.

Believe me it stings a lot. But bear the pain which lasts for 15-20 mins.

Post application just put some cotton gauze roll in place so that the poultice does the Magic.

In say 24 hours the abscess pops up and everything drains.

Wonderful home remedy.

Take care not to touch the poultice with hand otherwise you might just end up getting it infected.

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