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Here is my two cents since I promised myself to write a post if I got better. Over night developed golf sized abcess just next to anus on the right side but elongated so it mortified penis musceles too. Swelling got bigger and there was some bleeding. I had a case of hemmorhoides couple of months ago.

I stated googleing and got relly worried about surgery and long recovery. Then I found this site and first tried garlic+onio+apple cider vinegar applied with gause that burned for one hour. Next I would take a warm bath and try turmeric+tea tree oil applied overnight and sure enough: instant relief, swelling decreased overnight and became softer. It is still big, bu I can at least endure weekend and continue with the process since many of you say that surgery didn't help. Please share this, If you had this pain you know you owe it to sameone else who told you. And live more healthy in the future!


I can highly recommend using Magnesium Sulphate paste - available in your local pharmacy - and then after applying it liberally to the abscess, covering it with a plaster. I endured tremendous pain for a few days until it became too painful to sit down for any length of time, and even finding a comfortable sleeping position was close to agony. I read some advice on this website from other users who had used Magnesium Sulphate with success, and I decided to follow their advice (having tried many other remedies, tooth-paste etc... with no success). Applying the paste worked for me, so I can definitely vouch for it. It took about a day to for it to work properly, and at night the abscess eventually began to drain, followed by immediate relief. In any case, it worked for me, and I sincerely hope it works for anyone with the same pain!


For anyone reading this, I hope this helps.

I've struggled with diverticulitis and a reoccurring anal abscess that has nearly immobilized me at times. more than anything else, i have used PURE GRAPE JUICE with the best results. i use RW Knudsen, and i suggest you avoid anything with added sugar.... i use 'Just Concord' and for the second time, I have seen DRASTIC changes within 12 hours of drinking 16-24 oz of pure grape juice before bed. last night I was in searing pain, and I drank about three medium-sized glasses over an hour time before bed. i woke up with what felt like a LOT more pain and activity, but then in 'broke' this morning.

like everything, look into it yourself.. but there seems to be a huge amount of study on how grape juice cleanses/purifies the soft membrane walls of our body. nature is so cool.

i can't tell you enough how amazing this stuff is. i highly suggest CONCORD juice, and in it's purest form.

i've been a professional cook most of my life-- so i've been burned/cut a lot... i would never wish this kind of pain on my worst enemy. to anyone reading this, i sincerely wish you relief.

Anonymous Cali Kid

Hello everybody! I have some really exciting news that I have been waiting to share with you all. So if you follow this thread a couple weeks back you will find my previous posts on this matter. I too am battling a painful anal abscess; I know wholeheartedly what you are going through and it is terrible. On the last post that I did, which was in early May, I referenced some cell salts that I was going to try out. I wanted to give the tablets at least a month before documenting any success with them and so I did. I began taking the cell salts on May 6th--It is now July 3rd and I am doing soooo much better! I can't stress enough how terrible I was feeling just a few weeks ago, I stopped working and had to withdraw from the college semester.

Please, to anybody reading this: go on Amazon and search up "Silicea cell salts", they are sold by Hyland and are a homeopathic type of medicine. Don't just take my word for it, look through the customer reviews and read some of the testimonies. I was blown away when I read some of the stories on there and I was willing to try anything. After all, the antibiotics prescribed by my doctor had terrible side effects! Idk why pharmacies continue to give us these deadly medicines. The silicea cell salts are said to clear up boils and abscesses by pushing out all the infection and keeping it deflated. Now all I see down there is a pea sized cut where the abscess use to be.

Don't get me wrong, I still feel something down there that shouldn't be there but I am doing so much better. For all I know, the infection is still there internally--but I am just glad I can resume my normal life again without the unbearable pain I was under. I was so close to getting surgery but a surgeon that I saw told me about the risks and chance of recurrence and it made me really skeptical about getting the surgery. I'm glad I came across these, I am going to keep taking the cell salts and I'll keep documenting any changes I see.

Cant Believe This Works!

Ok... This SO WORKS and worked within 5 hours of me applying the solution. I have had these twice before and been in the ER to get it cut open, drained and packed. I'm currently far, far away from a doctor so I went into the house we were staying at and made this without the tea leaves. No kidding in 5 hours (twice applied) it opened and drained. After a shower and clean, I feel like a million bucks. I was tentative to try this, but it really does work and fast. Give a try, if this happens again this will be my go to solution!


I am late 20's female and I had a perenial abcess about 6 months ago for the first time I thought it was a pimple to start with but within a couple of days it had gotten so sore and painful I went to the doc which I never do as I have this crazy fear/phobia of doctors and hospitals and the doc sent me straight to the er after waiting in er for almost 24 hrs I had freaked myself out so much that I checked myself out before the surgery and went home with this horrible abcess and started googling homemade remedies and came across the tumeric/tea tree oil method so I made the paste up and put it on and went to bed woke in the morning and it was popped and totally no pain (I thought thank god I didn't get unnecessary surgery) it took about a week to finish draining and start healing... 2 months later I felt it come up again in the same spot very small but it went away by itself after a couple of days... 3rd one started on Sunday was quite sore but bearable I went to work like usual and again on Monday went to work all day with some painkillers I got through at this stage was very small maybe pea size I hadn't put anything on it at this stage as I thought/hoped that it would just go away by itself (I should know better by now). Tuesday was in a lot of pain so tues night I applied my trusty mix of tumeric tea tree oil and some baking soda but when I woke still there just as sore and the mix had made some raw patches on my skin but hadn't made it pop,by this stage size of a ping pong ball..devastated I went on googling as I refused to go to the er and came across the onion method, I sliced an onion and taped it onto the abcess (yes It stung but only for a minute and then it actually felt good) left it on for 3 hrs and then repeated with a fresh slice and it got the abcess down to half the size so I thought I would try the turmeric paste again and see if that would pop it overnight...far out no luck again...(Thursday now)feeling helpless and seriously in so much pain I could not move from bed I had raw patches from the turmeric paste so I tried the potato method and put a slice of potato on there and taped it down it immediately felt relief but no stinging sensation like the onion but too scared to put onion back on it as the skin was raw so left potato on for 3 hrs then repeated with a fresh slice thinking I was going to have to resort to the er I thought I would give the onion one more go as it seemed to have made a difference the previous day so got my poor husband to tape some red onion to my poor bum once again and slept for 5 hrs woke up got him to change it again and then about 4- 5 hrs later I woke up and felt some wetness got up and went to the toilet and yesssssss it had popped!!smelly brown stuff and bloody stuff in my undies...instant relief and felt so much better straight away...that was about 5 hrs ago it is weeping a little and I can still feel a tiny lump so will keep checking and keeping clean and dry but the relief from the pain is so amazing my abcess is just at the top of my bum crack its such an awkward spot and my bum is black and blue from the pressure of the abcess I think but am feeling 100\\% better then I did and I wanted to share my story as I tried a bit of something from all of your stories and seemed to not have instant results like some of you but patience and perseverance got me there eventually


Hi everyone... I'm really worrying about my poor bum. Years ago I had an abcess drained. The doctor warned me it would be my Achilles heal. Last year, shortly after delivering my son, I developed another. Luckily I found this site and discovered the magic coconut turmeric baking soda tea tree mixture. It drained and healed before it got out of hand. Now 10months later it came back. Only this time I didn't treat it in time and I went to a doctor to get it lanced. His care instructions were not very good first doctor had instructed me to do daily sitz bath...this guy told me to do nothing. Not to clean wash soak...nothing. Why did I listen to him? I have never ever trusted doctors. Why did I follow his terrible advice... It's been about 2months since getting it lanced and the problem is persisting... I was treating it for a while with the mix...then a homeopath suggested I just use breast milk and turmeric.. Now I've been doing the paste again for a couple days and today the wound opened. There are two small holes. I did 2back to back sits bath with so much salt and it's draining. After soaking I applied tea tree to a gauze and covered it... But now what? I'm going to soak it again and this time maybe put oregano oil as suggested... I'm afraid to continue with the cream because I don't want it to get inside the holes and cause more infection. I'm so afraid I will get a fistula...which I'm still not exactly sure what that is... But the wound is not on my anus, it's on the cheek itself. Are fistula only on the anus? Anyone have advice or updates on their cases?


Toothpaste! (Skip to bottom for application) I woke 3-4 days ago with an abscess. I did not panic as I had one two years ago. That one was painful, but went away after a couple of days on its own. I never seeked help or did anything whatsoever (lucky).

This one was different... the first day I foolishly applied Purel... lol. It made it worse if anything as day two the abscess was massive, nothing like the previous one I'd had. I searched and searched for a cure but they all involved exotic oils and were too complicated for this 23 year old male. I came across the toothpaste method and my life was changed for the better.

I would usually apply hot water via a cloth and clean the area. Dry it, and then apply the toothpaste. The burn is nothing but soothing in comparison to the pain of the abscess. After one full day of applying it 3-4 times I awoke to a much smaller abscess, maybe two thirds of what it was. By the end if the day it was about a third of what it was. The following day it was quite small. Today, three days after application of toothpaste, my pain is gone and the abscess is miniscule. Should be gone in a day :)

So, do not panic. Apply toothpaste. Keep the area clean. Make sure area is dry (what I've read). What I didn't do but should have is applied baby powder as I irritated the surrounding skin with constant application.

Thank you!!!

Anonymous Cali kid

Hey everyone, posting to give an update on my situation. So after several weeks of waiting around to be seen by a specialist, I finally got called in on April 28th. The specialist took a look at the swelling around my anus and felt around inside using a glove and some gel. Afterwards he informed me that my particular swelling wasn't that big; he told me that I should not consider surgery because the risk of incontinence, infection, and recurrence outweighs my current state. I was taken by surprise because I was sure I was going to need surgery--the first doctor that I went to had told me it was a matter of surgery. This new doctor told me that fistulas heal on their own in about 30\\% of patients within 6 months. Therefore, he told me that I should give my body the benefit of the doubt in healing itself before I decide to go for surgery. So now I am very confused, and worried, because I have read that you should not leave fistulas untreated for risk of complications. I am waiting to be referred to another specialist so that I can get a second opinion. I wish I could put this behind me already, my heart goes out to anyone battling this infection.

I should note that I am still using Oregano Oil and that has helped with the swelling and pain. I just ordered some silicea cell salts because I have heard great testimonies on their impact against boils, pimples, and abscesses. The pills should get here on May 5th; I will document my success with the pills.


I had a small abscess for a week or so and I used the turmeric powder/coconut oil/tea tree oil/baking powder remedy and it worked. It took about a week. I used small gauze and placed it over the abscess with a bit of toilet paper for added protection.

I did this every morning, and every evening when I went to bed. I didn't notice any change for a couple of days then I noticed it getting a bit smaller. I stopped using the remedy for a day and I noticed it getting bigger again so I continued for about three more days until it was about 1/2 the original size. I stopped using the home remedy at that point and it's continued to get smaller.

Be forwarned! This remedy is very messy and can permanently discolor your sheets, underware and wash cloths. It gets all over your fingers and stains them to the point where you have to wash your hands very thoroughly for about 2 minutes to get the yellow stain off your fingers. It also smells horrible. I've hated tee tree oil smell for years when I my dad used it on his head. YUCK!

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