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Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac Home Remedies

29 Home Remedies for Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac

dave johnson

Equal parts vicks vapo steam (6% camphor) & maximum adult strength anbesol (20% benzocaine). Shake well. Apply w/ cotton ball/swab.

The application totally satisfies the urge to itch w/o getting it on your hand & spreading it to other people, your face...your john thomas.

Then it goes numb for 3-4 hrs (really will depend on your level of mental strength). Reapply when you start to feel the itch again.

All but the big patch was dried up & gone in 1 day.
This was no ordinary bout w/ the oak. Im a timberfaller, they pay us to go out there & roll in it.


Icy Hot works wonders .... any cream with a 'tingle'(BenGay, Blistex, etc.) confuses the itchy nerve endings after a few minutes and you will get relief. (For future reference, these products also help with itchy bug bites!)


This sounds crazy grandmother had Sumac and figured this one out on her own.She went to the store and bought a can of original Right Gaurd Deodorant. For some reason it has to be the brown can only.The drying agent in the formula stopped the Sumac dead in its tracks and dried it up in 3 days.She thought to herself,if it dries up drippy wet armpits,it cant hurt to try. It didnt burn either.I tried it on my hands,which were covered with Sumac going up my wrists, and dried it up in 2 days.I applied it 3 times a day.For poison on your neck or face,I would use caladryl,I dont spray anything near my face.Im not saying it works for everyone and if your alergic to some deodorants,then dont try this.And dont scratch obviously or touch your eyes.


I have tried everything under the sun.Only Clorox bleach worked .It took the itching away fast . Then the stinging.
i tried 80.00 worth of over the counter
stuff nothing worked but Clorox !!!


I tried the Noxema with Eucalyptus oil remedy listed here. I literally just did minutes ago and for the first time in days ... Relief!! Not sure yet if its going to dry it up faster but gave me relief!


i was looking around for a cure of poison ivy and found that if u salt on it it stops the itch.
1)moisten the areas that have not broke at the skin.
2)apply the salt by rubbing it on the affected area.
3)rinse off with cool water
4) dry with towel

greg weir

For poison ivy or poison oak wipe with acetone or alcohol then apply a thin layer of 'sasquatch itch cream' with a cold compress. It has menthol in it that will feel really good. it burns a little without the compress but is tolerable. You'll get about 8 hours of relief with little application.


I tried several submitted 'remedies' such as Oatmeal and baking soda, apple cider vinegar and baking soda, baking soda and water, aloe vera lotion etc. and although each was somewhat effective at itch relief and dryig of the infected areas, I didn't find real healing until I applied an over-the-counter product called 'tecnu Extreme, Medicated Poison Ive scrub'. A 15-second application of this product brought immediate itch control, drying and degree of healing -- this, followed by aloe vera lotion really made a difference!!


I found using toothpaste worked very well. I would apply a liberal coating of toothpaste to the rash let it dry then cover it up. Although it does not do a whole lot for the itch it did dry it out very quickly. For me it took 2 days. I tried baking soda, alcohol, bleach, all sorts of things, but toothpaste worked the best for me. I did my treatment at night, leaving the toothpaste on the rash overnight then showering off in the morning.

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