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29 Home Remedies for Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac

jeff west virginia

I usually get poison every year. a couple of old farmers said to take a few leaves on the poison ,chew them up swallow the juice,and spit the leave out. im afraid to do this but am very tempted,it makes sence as the above formentioned goats milk.

Tattum Olson

I would just like to let every one know there is no quick cure. you will suffer 5-30 days depending on how serious of a case you have. However i would like to offer you some comfort advice.baking soda and vinger past stops the oozing.I am a long time sufferer poison oak,infact its the only thing i am dreadful of. here is my method;

1. Use Dawn original soap cleanse clothes,blankets, and any thing you may have come in contact with the day you presume you where exposed.

2.use cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol to first dissolve the contaminates on you skin.

3.take a hot shower or bath.

4. air dry or use a hair dryer to get dried off.

5. make thick paste from baking soda and vineger. (let it bubble down then stir in to paste)

6.using a soft brissled paint brush paint the paste over infected areas.NOTE(put it on the areas that you assume may be irritated as well. not wash the paste off let it harden and dry .

8.if oozing does continue just paint layers until oozing stops.

your welcome,
T8m olson

P.S.i am not bullshitting you. this has spared so much suffering when i have been exposed to poison oak ,ivy, its all the same chemical that causes the skin to over react.
Happy trails


Developed serious case of poison ivy. I tried all of the home remedies suggested here including coffee, tea, banana peels,Domeboro, baking soda and on and on without success. The rash was initially on the insides of both my lower legs but quickly started to spread. Bottom line: if you have access to medical support/clinic/doctor etc., as soon as rash starts up and begins to spread get thee to the medical team. Request prednisone dose pack and start in immediately. I am on 10 mg pills and the cycle is 6 pills each first 3 days, 5 pills next 3 days etc. until supply is used up. I noticed immediate shrinkage of the sores, cessation of both weeping pus and itching. I am not suggesting that these home remedies are not helpful; however, in my case they did not stop the spread of the rash and that was the key to life. For what it is worth.




I work for the forest preserve and was hauling brush with a ton of poison ivy in it. I was wearing short sleeves and knew I would get some sort of rash, but always thought that it didn't affect me much.

Well it got me real good on my forearms and mid section. It does take 2 full days to kick in, and then once it does my arms blistered and pussed so bad I was really grossed out and did not feel right. I tried cures like rubbing limes and then using alcohol. All that did was burn, but I can vouch for actually curing it is...
baking soda paste. It gets inside the reaction and dries it up. Calamine kind of dries but doesn't cure it.

So make a baking soda paste and work it in, and I'm not going to lie it does burn and will burn for a long time. (make sure to keep it on for at least a couple hours wrapped up or in long sleeves.

Also wherever you do have poison Ivy remember to not expose the skin to things like your couch or animals because it is very easy to get infected


ivy dry works the best as an over the counter along with benadryl. but if you can get to the ocean and take a dip! or the pool. stay away from any hot baths as this just moves the oil from one place to another. buy an aloe plant and break off and apply the gel. wash clothes towels sheets often and get the steriods from the doctors


Like others said, Bleach .
How ever using pure Clorox should be discouraged . That is very caustic and unnecessary . Use it diluted to about 1/4 cup to 2 cups water ( read the label for concentration to sterilize ) or just do as I did and buy some cheap off brand crap from the dollar store . It is already diluted for you . Works great and without the damage done to your skin and the pain . Itching stops almost immediately .
If you have blisters then rip them open and pour on and leave till dry . If just the bumps then use a piece of scotch brite and some dish soap and scrub then open first.


the remedy that worked for me is gasoline it dry it out fast.apply it 2 or 3 times to the areas and it dry it out. i use it on poison ivy, oak ect.....


Do not pop the blisters, this will only make it hurt worse.

I am severely allergic to poison ivy. I have always sprayed spray deodorant on the affected spots, then applied clear nail polish. The deodorant relives the itching and the clear polish suffocates the spots.


Okay somebody said on here to use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball and scrub hard. I did it (not because the post on here, i was just trying random stuff) it stopped the itching and it did burn. The day after i did that my skin turned blackish purpleish and it stayed that way for almost a week. Im not positive thats why but im pretty sure. If you have really sensitive skin i wouldent use the rubbing alcohol and scrub hard.

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