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29 Home Remedies for Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac


Ok tried a few things and worked well rub some Colgate cavity potechion then let it set for 30 minutes rinse with hot water then soak in pickle juice that should do the trick and not to itch at all or you will be repeating it again


Poison ivy,oak ,sumac.ASimple dose of strawberreys (up to 2pints) works for me every time

Will Harris

I was skeptical but at the end of my rope. I'd tried all the lotions, etc that my Dr prescribed, then sprayed on OceanPure, basically North Atlantic Sea Water, and the itch stopped, within a few days the rash was basically gone!

Cathleen Warren

Tecnu Extreme has worked incredibly well for me. I forget the name of the natural herb in it but it is a natural antidote. And the Tecnu Extreme product has some sort of coarse ingredient that helps to work it deep into the skin. I take it into the shower with a cloth, apply Tecnu and scrub REALLY hard. Scrub as though you worry you may take off your skin. The idea is to work it deep enough into the skin to remove the poisonous oils. If you do it properly the relief is immediate. I don't know that it helps but I always do it with very warm water. It also seems best to do this as early as possible. Once I waited a day or two because I couldn't find my Tecnu and it seemed to take more applications to get relief.


When taking your shower, scrub area with a mineral sea salt scrub (it will open up the blisters). This will burn a little but is meant to dry affected area. Then wash with Tecnu or Zanfel
(follow directions on bottle). You may have to repeat a couple of times but, it WILL stop the itch and help dry it up. You can also put Caladryl lotion on the affected area after washing. This will help dry faster. Should be good to go in a few days. Blessings!


I've had poison ivy/oak many times and I have it right now so sitting here with backing soda/vinegar on my arm and deodorant on my abdomen. Definitely feeling itch relief all around. My main concern is the non-stop oozing of puss for a few days now. I'm really allergic so I've just about tried everything (that is natural, non-toxic) just not consistently because I keep experimenting.

I've recently discovered the magic of activated charcoal. It literally acts as a magnet to absorb and pull poison/toxins from the body. It's messy but it helps relieve both symptoms... You make a paste with water and apply, then wrap it with plastic wrap.

I can't believe all the people who reported putting bleach and gasoline on their blistering skin!!! Are you crazy? Who feeds poison with more poisonous chemicals? Is that a joke?! There are a million safer remedies to relieve itch and dry the blisters. Get with it people. It's not 1956!




I had and still have patches on different areas. The worse, was below my eye, which caused my eye to swell up and almost shut. I used Zanfel on my cheek area which also was inflamed and it seemed to dry it up. For my eye, I purchased hemorrhoid pads and put them on my eye for about 10 min at a time (be careful not to let the solution get into your eye). I also put it in the frig to use like a cold pack...seemed to work. I'm still working on getting rid of it in different areas good luck!

tammy s.

This is the first time I've ever had poison oak and I've tried alot of these remedies that help. But Chloraseptic sore throat spray stops the itch faster than anything I've tried! As far as healing it does nothing. But it stops the itch fast and you'll have a few hours of relief!!


ok so ive had poison ivy 2 times and poison oak 2 times in the past 2 years alone and it always lasts for weeks. So out of curiosity i tried spraying my old spice deodorant onto the affected areas to see what would happen, and almost immediately stopped the itch. cant recal how long it didnt itch for, nor did i care at the time, so if any of you are willing to try this please do it really helps!!

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