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11 Home Remedies for Cuts and Scratches


For relatively small, normal cuts, thoroughly clean the area with anti-bacterial soap like Safeguard or Dial. After a good soaping, rinse (I know, this part is a bit painful), then pour a bit of hydrogen peroxide (should be in everyone's medicine cabinet) over the cut and let the solution bubble then carefully dry with a cotton swab and place a small amount of household glue (think Elmer's school glue) directly to the site with a clean swab and GENTLY push the split skin together until the glue has successfully dried (may use a hairdryer on a low setting)and then place a clean band-aid over the wound. Change the dressing as needed. Ironically, this method is used in medical clinics, however, with a different type of glue but I promise this works.

P.S. - also use this remedy for painful, deep skin cracks!

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