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4 Home Remedies for Vaginal Genital Warts


I had vaginal gernital warts and I come to this website for a home remedy and I used ACV I started using it yesterday 14/02/15 before I took the bath in the morning I put damp cottonwool for 2hrs and at night today 15/2/15 I am seeing a huge different I am still in progress of healing


I was diagnosed with hpv four days ago, as you can imagine bi was completely devastated. After crying for hours and not being able to get another appointment for 5 days, I decided to try to rid myself of them. I did alto of research and started immediately. This worked for me, in four days. I used 100% tea tree oil, soaked a cottonball and used medical tape to tape it in place over the warts, this stings a little, but the results are worth it, I did this twice a day for two hours at a time, for four days. Also at night when I took off the cotton I held a cotton ball with ACV on it for about 15 mins every night, this really burnt me so I tried to limit my use of it. To sooth I use calendula crème, it is made in California of all natural ingredients and works wonders while you sleep, you can buy it online, I'm sure gasoline would work too, I already had this product. Well four days later I have no warts, I just hope this lasts for a while so I can get back to a normal relationship with my boyfriend. I have been with him over a year and had no idea I had hpv at all, I guess you never know what lurks in your body from past bad decisions. I just glad he understands.
Much love, and good luck


I had genital warts for 6 months . After using apple cider vinegar for a few times all of my GW fell off . If you have GW don't be shy with ACV, give it a try because ACV really works .


There are many common Rx. treatments for Genital Warts. I have found, however, that upon a first outbreak, or when you first notice the small, white pin-like bumps on the inner or outer labia of the vagina, taking a bath with at least 3-4 cups of Hydrogen Peroxide added, will reduce the Genital Warts considerably within 1 day. If using this method, it is recommended to take a warm bath, once a day, add 3-4 cups of Hydrogen Peroxide and soak yourself for at least 30 minutes.

If your Genital Warts are larger in appearance and still white, or grey, this method will still work, and I have found it produces significant results within 1 day. My outbreak occured right after a Vaginal Herpes lesion healed. My outbreak was on the inner labia and covered the entire area. I was greatly concerned as it spread so fast.

My experience with this 'home-remedy' as some may call it, was that the outbreak diminished by half after the first bath, then by half again, after the second bath. I continued the baths until my skin was completely clear. Aside: Vagisil cream works excellently, during the day, for the itching, and you can carry it with you in your purse with some panti-liners.

WASH your hands frequently, too!


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