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1 Home Remedy for Pressure Ulcers


I had a very painful pressure ulcer for about 3 1/2 years . Dr.s tried antibiotics , silver ointment , creams , and debrying (cutting away the skin so it will bleed) regularly . No Help ! Prayer guided me to Ayurvedic medicine and I read . Found two items Ayurveda suggests for closing a wound . Things that are astringent , and/or pungent (spelling) . I drank 3 glasses (milk glasses) of strong red wine each evening , and ate 1-2 tsp. of curry powder each day in either eggs or my favorite potatoes . In about six weeks my pressure ulcer was healed . I recommend you see an Ayurdevic Dr. and use the proper system w/ an acredited Dr. . I recommend Healing Buddha Center in Berkley , Ca. ; Ayurvedic college in Grass Valley , Ca. ; Ayurvedic Inst. in New Mexico and L.A. of Vasant Lad . Do your research . :-)

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