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3 Home Remedies for Cat Urine


Put pepper down near your door when your queen is in season stops Tom cats spraying


My one cat likes to territorially pee on clothes of my husbands.

I just stick them seperatly from the the other non-cat pee clothes straight in the washer. If it is fresh and still wet I just run the load with 3 guzzles of vinagar and my purex detergent. I usually use cold water for this.

Now with the heavier stuck on crystaled clothes and towels I let it wash this way twice on the longest setting with warm or hot water (depending it you don't care if it shrinks with hot water wash).

Smell it before you put it in the drier. If it still smells wash again. After dry... Smell again! And good!!! They won't even have a lingering smell of vinager and you can use it for colored and whites.

Then I have to scrub the hard floor with my 409 . Let it dry and then soak&scrub with vinegar. Presto... A little stinky but seriously works! Takes the urge out of the cat revisit the spot again. I usually soak up the rest with paper towels to get the smell out of the house a little faster.

For carpets I use a method of spot shot pet stain remover.... Followed by the vinager treatment. This method is made more for thinner carpets. Soak up the excess stepping on a bad towel and Dry with fans or a carpet cleaner machine if you have it. The more time it's wet the potential of bacteria/mold growth will increase. So you want to try to get it dry as fast as you can. Once it is completely dry I sprinkled baking soda on a it and vacuumed it up.

Seriously works for my household!!!


The best way to rid CAT URINE specifically on clothing is to wash the item 'alone' in warm water (material permitting)in a washing machine (regular wash, medium water level) with a cup of name brand white vinegar, with a half cap of liquid soap. I used 'Hines' if I spelled it properly. I also add a cup of vinegar to my soapy mop water for large floor areas and also to spray on small areas, like walls etc,(hopefully you will not experience too much of this) GOOD LUCK!

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