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6 Home Remedies for Teeth Infection


I've tried everything , Vaniella extract , garlic , warm salt water , Vic's on the outside and on the tooth in the inside , aspirin , oxycodone strong prescription pain reliever , lemon juice .'warm bath , ice pack on the outside of my face , mouthwash , proxicide , bath soda and salt , some work for only 10-20 minutes , t

Then finally after all day of trying new thing throbbing in pain ,

Found out that crushed Benadryl put on the effective area and it help it numbed my entire tooth and I feel the throbbing pain of the Benadryl working...... Then I did some other things to help like put cotton balls in my ears silly I know but anything that would help I'll do it and rubbed Vic's on the outside of my face laid down took my kind off the took and it worked ...

Hope this helps you


Most amazing remedy.
Crush 3 tabs combination R Schuessler Tissue Salt Remedy, moisten with water or (colloidal silver)can place in fine gauze or just pack into tooth area, pack offending tooth relief within minutes.

I would never be without this Tissue Salt, in the home.


I have a very bad tooth on the top in back that has rotted and became abscessed. This was a dream to me.

Painful at first. If its pussy you HAVE to open it and squeeze out as much as you can. Rinse your mouth with thick salt water, and yes you will want to gag. After a few rinsings, take a piece of a cotton ball just big enough to fit inside and wet it, now roll it in pure salt and shove it in your tooth. Im leaving mine in overnight but about 15 min should do it.


Ive had a infected tooth for 2 years sounds crazy but true the pain just kicked in over the last couple of days ive tried everything no luck. i have a filling that has a decent size hole in it i was going through the cabinets and came across my sons natural teething tablets i put four under mine tounge INSTANT RELIEF !! TRY IT AND LET ME KNOW IF IT WORKS FOR YOU


Non abscessed tooth infection.

1500mg Garlic pill form with
high allicin release
Take 4 to 5 times a day

360mg Wild Mediterranean Oregano
Oil either drops or pills.
Take 4 to 5 times a day

450mg Echinacea/goldenseal in pill
form. Take 4 to 5 times a day

950mg Gotu Kola in pill form. Take
4 to 5 times a day.


Oregano oil drops directly on the tooth

Crushed garlic directly on the tooth

External treatment is not always
necessary but in cases of extreme pain
I find that garlic and oregano oil work
very well.

This combination is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, cleansing, anti-
septic, and immune stimulating. It also has a high antioxidant value. After 10
days quit taking the goldenseal, and
reduce the other herbs by 1/2. Your
pain should be reduced significantly
in 24 hours, but continue the treatment for at least 14 days.
Do not take goldenseal in high doses
for more than two weeks.
There are many different natural
remedies for an infection. One great thing about natural treatments is that
there are so many. This is just one way to cure an infection if you don't
want to use antibiotics.

An infection is a sign of a deeper problem. See a dentist right away or it may return.


I'm only 12 but yeah. I've had tooth pain for the last week. t first i thought i was going to die! Its my left bck second molr. I've tried EVERYTHING. Clpol, penicillin, ect! This is NOT what works:
1)Brushing teeth, hot or cold it doesn't work.2)Rinsing water in your mouth, this makes it 10x worse, believe me! 3)Painkillers, calpol all tht doesn't work!:'( Tody i had dentist appointment got told i'd have to have root canal, and another filling, it's going to bloody cain. But i'm telling them i want it removed and a denture replcing it. My sister hd one done, it ruined her mouth s 65% of rout canlas dont work. This is wht DOES work;
1)Sucking on bred (Only for few minutes though. 2)Sleeping. s you wken, it will hve stopped for 4 or 5 hours. Hope this helps, :)

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