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15 Home Remedies for Hemorroid

johny cash,, burning ring of fire

Thanks to all
Just tried arnica and crushed garlic, for internal roids, fingers crossed,


I had my piles years ago but it was not painful as compared today. Last week I got a bad feeling with this “H” in my behind but I took it for granted. And now that the pain is very much horrible, I can’t do simple things properly like, sitting, walking and even when I’m lying down. This morning I went to the drugstore to buy an over the counter cream which is called “Rowatanal” Anti – haemorrhoidal cream and I applied it, it has a cooling sensation. But the pain was still there.
Now that I went to this site I have seen a lot of people used the garlic remedy, maybe I will try this at home. I’ll keep you posted in regards with my condition tomorrow.
By the way I am 35 weeks pregnant.


I dealing with Hemorrhid for years since I was in my teens .I'm now 33 and I was trying anything just to stop the pain , from icing it , garlic , doc proscriptions and so on . For the last 2 days I was once again in pain . So I went to walgreens and ask a pharmasist . She wa so nice , she said I know the feeling , instead of trying all the home remedys try this cream. Is cheap and it helpt me .so I bought the cream, honestly with not much hope , since I was trying in the past so many diffrent creams oitments . Came home , more in pain then ever . Used the cream.yes the pin got better but wa still there . After 30 min , I used it again . It has been 1.5 hour since I used it first time .and my lil friend called hemorrhoid is gone . Pain free . Amazing .it calls Hemorrhoidal cooling gel , walgreens brand , under $3 and it actually workt .


I had a hemorrhoid suddenly appear after I stopped using a natural detox/cleanser called Nuez de la India. Coming from Biology background I should have known to ween myself off but when I stopped taking it I became constipated. This lead to a rude awakening after two days off the Nuez. This was my first time ever.Found out it was an external. After reading through some remedies on this site I created my own remedy.

Cut 1/2'x1/4'x1/8' strips of Sabila plant leaves (succulous plant with anti-inflammatory properties)
Diced Garlic in water (doesn't have to be fresh, can be store bought)
And Olive Oil (not virgin nor extra-virgin)

Freeze the sabila wrapped in foil and insert as suppositories. Apply olive oil and garlic on cotton swab, apply to the area and leave in place for 2-6 hours. Will burn for the first 15 minutes but after 3 days applying twice a day, swelling is gone and discomfort is usually gone after first application. This works awesome. For internal you might want to roll sabila over diced garlic and freeze, then insert.


ALOE HEAT LOTION a product of forever living worked perfectly you can call 5714905162.I will comfirm to you.
I had hemorroid but not like the one i had recently.This is really painful that I started checking on line for natural remedy and I ready about someone using vicks rob which I tried.This is after using preparation H.It worked a little.I got back to see what else worked and I found someone else used Aloevera.

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