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25 Home Remedies for Tick Removal


Using figure nail polish on a tick, will help get it out and off of you.


What I was told to do is use a credit card of some sort and place it above the head of the tick that is burrowed, push down on the card and slide it down. Or another thing I was told is nail polish remover, then save the tick and take it in to get checked to make sure it is not caring lyme disease or any other nasty thing (highly recomended)


When ticks bite, they bury their head in your skin so in order to breath, they actually breath through their back, the best thing to do is to apply enough Vaseline to cover the whole tick, he will immediatley die and let go. If he is well attached, try pulling gently with tweezers, if you still have a problem, you should go to the ER, some ticks carry Lyme Disease, and if the tiniest piece of them is left inbedded in your skin you can contract the disease.

Take a needle and get it good and hot,then touch the tick (behind the neck)with the needle, and it will back its head out on its own.


A good sized dab of slightly stronger (maybe wood glue, or, if very careful, a dab of Super Glue). It smothers the tick and should pull it out of the skin if it is not too embedded.

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