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25 Home Remedies for Tick Removal


Get tweezers as close to scalp as possibly around ticks head, try not to squeeze body, and pull off in one fluid motion. DO NOT USE DISH SOAP, HEATED MATCH OR OTHER REMEDIES LIKE PETROLEUM JELLY AS THESE MAY CAUSE TICK TO RELEASE SALIVA/BACTERIA INTO HOSTS BLOOD STREAM. If you notice a red ring around bite mark (may show up in a few days, keep checking), nausea, back ache, head ache, vomiting, fever, joint pain, neck stiffness, itching, go to doctor and get on antibiotics immediately to catch Lyme Disease in its early stage. Lyme disease can turn into chronic disease if not treated early. You may experience if not treated; Decreased concentration, Memory disorders, Nerve damage, Numbness, Pain, Paralysis of the face muscles, Sleep disorders, Vision problems, or more.


put disherwashing soap (we used Dawn)on a cottonball & place over tick. he will start backing out on his own, then get him with tweezer. it took about a minute.


This worked faster than I could believe. Put some insect spray on a q-tip, apply it to the tick, (that was imbedded) I couldn't believe it, but the tick backed out.

I'm still amazed!!!


i found a new product to use for the safe removal of a tick from humans, pets, and livestock. and it is truly amazing. when all else fails and you have a tick on you. use tic-off, spray it once or twice on the tick. the tick is completely paralyzed, and is unable to regurgitate its infectious disease back into its hosts, and the tick fell off.
medical experts warn about using home remedies, disturbing or exciting the tick will induce the tick to regurgitate, or vomit the disease back into its hosts.


Please keep in mind any remedies such as vaseline, hot matches, nail polish remover, etc- could actually make things worse. Anything that might cause 'shock' to the tick could result in the tick purging (that's the same as vomiting) the contents of its body into your bloodstream, infecting you with any number of diseases. Please just safely and quickly remove the tick with tweezers, cleanse the bite and watch for the symptoms of tick related sickness.

pert-plus...THIS STUFF OWNS!

listen up guys i just tryed this and i got grate results ...pert plus!! .
yes pert plus for dandruff...i just used it on my maltesse and all those bugs ran all the way to the back of her legs have to wash your pet real fast though and start from the neck down ..because if you start from the back up the bugs will go right up to ur pets head and probably crawl up into thier ears and trust me it really works and be careful not to start around thir back!!(use the 2 in 1 ..shampoo and conditioner..


The part of the tick that carries disease is the body of the tick. When removing a tick the best thing to do is to take a pair of tweezers and carefully grab the tick with the tweezers. Afterwards you have to using an upwards motion pull until the tick lets go of the skin or the body of the tick has been removed from the rest of the tick. Don’t worry if the head is still inserted in the skin that part doesn’t carry disease and your body will eventually push the jaw out of your skin. Do not, however, try to burn the tick off or put anything hot near the animal. This could cause the tick to go into shock and cause it to regurgitate the contents of its body such as disease and other things the animal has pick up.

Old Beachcomber

Use a lit cigarette and hold the hot end close to the tick, just enough to make it uncomfortable for him but not close enough to burn yourself. They will release you and back out on their own, which you MUST do with ticks.
Do not as one person here said and try to get them off with a credit card, or any other method of forcing the tick out phicicaly. They attach themselves by their mouth parts and if they get broken off in the removal process it will most times cause an infection.
This also works good for blood suckers, leeches, etc.


For a tick that is attached just put a glob of butter all over the tick and let it sit for a few moments. The butter suffocated them and they just fall off.


What my family has done for years is get a match, light it, and blow it out. And as soon as it go's out put it on the skin right beside the tick. And it will come out on it's own. Either that or get hot candle wax. But it on the tick. Let it set for a couple of mintuts them remove the wax. The tick should come right of with the wax.

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