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I was so happy when my skin tag fell off this morning.
A little background as to why my skin tag took so long to fall off was probably because the doctor that I went to see first thought it was piles (hemorrhoids),and yes they did examine me. I put the prescribed medication on it but it wouldn't decrease in size. So I went to another doctor who finally told me that it was the skin tag that made my bum hole so inflamed. She suggested that the hospital could snip it off, but I knew that mill was going to be miles down the road. So I found this remedy site.

I was so skeptical about the floss remedy because of the pain everyone talked about and the embarrassing trip to the hospital, but that wasn't the case. It did hurt like crazy during the first two weeks that the floss was tied up back there,But later I would forget it was tied up until I use the restroom. It did swell up to the size of a dime, then sitting became horribly hard to do. Then again, I did have some moments where the floss got accidentally tugged while washing up in that area(I cut the floss as best to my ability /w full length mirror). In addition to washing up with soap and water, I used 70% ethanol alcohol in the shower(Beware of cuts when using floss). After, I would clean the area with Hydrogen Peroxide, because of the cuts from tugging. I was going to try the hairband method this morning, I was stretching my legs in the air then felt a tiny snip. Didn't hurt though. It just fell off but it didn't become this tiny little black thing like most people said on here. It was about 2mm smaller that the dime size it was before but it did turn dark. It was excruciating these last couple of weeks but it's done now. It comes cheaper with a lot of pain. Take care of it and make sure to use antiseptic HP and cotton balls to clean the area.


what a journey...had an appointment to go and have skin tag removed from my fudge tunnel, from passed bad experience with hemorrhoids operation (6 month recovery and working)so i didn't wanna go through the same episode, so on the 6th of march i decided to try the tying game with dental floss. 1st day not bad 2nd day OMG regrets regrets it ballooned to 5 times the size, keep in mind i'm in facilities management loads of walking bending and to had the cherry on top i cycle to work and back...i cried with pain on my way to work,on two occasions i had to call a taxi...and got my wife to pick me up...on the 4th day i tied it again but with a rubber on top of the floss(PAIN WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD) ,next day it turned darker but as i walk alot the bubble burst lucky i used the wife's pads everyday, also every morning i would wrap the bubble with cotton wool with peroxide then i would tape it somehow...keep in mind ibuprofen 400gx2 (double dose) also tried mercury chrome it helps dry the area...also used hair dryer at times...then it started smelling as decomposing dead body then i got really worried i would wash it up to 5 x a day with peroxide at work.. then i would wrap it up allover again...fudging is another issue very painful to wipe, then you got to wash AGAIN...HYGIENE IS IMPERATIVE AT ALL TIMES...then i started using a cream called sudocrem normally used for babies bums..then results. today morning busy with my daily fudge tunnel routine i noticed there was only a little thin skin holding all the strings, i twisted it and VOILA!!!! IT CAME OFF. i'm so happy it's over i got another one but does't really get on my way, maybe will do it when this experience is wiped off my memory.
advise, take a week off stay home,get all the medicine you think you might need...keep in mind you need BALLS OF STEEL..but then again i'm very active hence the painful experience. i have read that some people were ok with it. also i think it depends on the size of the skin tag...anyway good luck and after you've done it and you feel it's not really going well and you're worried go to the emergencies don't be embarrassed they get people like us all the time...YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

In Pain and just want it gone

Ladies and Gentlemen, this isn't really a remedy, so much as a warning.

You ever had piles before? Haemorrhoids? Anal fissure? Did they/it hurt like hell?

Well if your anal tag, like mine, was caused by them, know that the tying off method will hurt tenfold.

I think perhaps it was because I had put alcohol onto the wound the string had initially made, but know that I am literally sat on the balls of my feet whilst typing this, having taken the string off after 5 excruciating days of pain. After having put on anaesthetic cream and everything.

I will try the rubberband/hairband method in my stubborness now, but know that I am unhappy with the fact that none of you accentuated JUST HOW BAD THIS FELT. I THOUGHT I COULD HANDLE PAIN OK?! I GET KICKED IN MY FIGURATIVE BALLS EVERY MONTH (I'm a woman by the way, in case that was unclear), BUT THIS IS NOT PAIN, THIS IS TORTURE. TORTURE.

But I'm having another go, because it is foolish of me to expect that something I've had for longer than I can remember (YEARS) will go in a matter of DAYS.

So if you are a masochist, I strongly recommend this method. Else, like me, if you are not, I recommend just to man up and go to the doctor. Yes, I'm being hypocritical here, because I sure as hell ain't going in the near future, but if you're ballsier, richer and have more time than me, just go. For your arse's sake. Please. Just go.

But hey, if this works, I'll retract that statement.


After reading these home remedies, I decided to try the tying off method. I used sterile dental floss & tied it around the base of my horrible anal tag. It's about the size of a pea or a little bigger. I repeated this method using another sterile piece of floss making sure it was as tight as I could stand it. The pain was horrible & it still is when I tighten the strings. 4 days have passed & I see little to no change in the color of the tag except for a blood red color around the edges where the string is tied, other than that it has turned white & is fairly hard. It's very sore to touch. Some people are posting theirs turned black & fell off within a week. Mine is fairly large so maybe it'll take a little longer. So I'm wondering if the whiteness is a sign that it is being oxygen deprived or not, am I making progress or am I just putting myself through unnecessary pain? Please someone help!


Large anal skin tag caused by childbirth, causing problems in relationship as I was do paranoid about it plus was a problem to keep clean. Visited doctors many time due to inflammation/bleeding, was refused treatment as seen as cosmetic??? Was so upset by it that I tied dental floss around it, used surgical spirit & 4 days on, kept it clean but got all inflamed and very sore! Embarrassing trip to doctors today, he had to literally dig the floss out and cut as very inflamed!! Risk of infection!! Didn't get base of tag and caused myself a whole lot of pain/sleepless nights & embarrasment!! Do not attempt to do this!!!! Bad bad bad!!!!


Thanks for all of the ideas everyone. Sounds like everyone's experience is a bit different? But here's mine:

1)I had 1 skin tag, about the size of a blueberry. My doctor said it had a tiny haemarroid in it. She wouldn't remove it - said she'd have to refer me to a surgeon ($$$)
2) tried tying it off. Got infected. Embarassing trip to the ER for antibiotics. Once it recovered was smaller, and haemarroid gone for some reason (?!!)
3) tried tying it off a couple more times. Either fell off, or got really painful and swollen (despite obsessive cleaning with antibacterial spray, keeping dry etc)
4) Finlly decided screw it, cut the bastard off. Took about 1.5 hours - could only cut a bit at a time because it was so painful and bled a lot (like a LOT). But finally, made the last snip and it was gone. I used really sharp and strong sewing scissors, and iced the area in between each cut to reduce bleeding. Also made sure I had some chocolate handy in case I got woozy! (didn't thankfully).
5) kept it clean, and it healed really quickly - no bleading after the first day, all good within a week.
6) still have a tiny stump, but other than that, totally smooth.

So, in conclusion: get it done at the doctors if you can afford it - it's embarrasing, but faster, easier and safer (given the infection risk of doing it yourself there's a reasonable chance you'll end up showing your butt to a stranger anyway, and at least if you just ask for it to be removed you won't have to give a sheepish 'so, I thought I'd try remove it myself' story). Otherwise, if you can handle it (ok with blood etc), honestly, cutting it off was less of an ordeal than tying it off for me.

Hope this helps someone, all the best!


I've been reading this forum for quite a long time, I got a hemorroid about 5 years ago and since then had three more. Each one has left a very noticeable skin tag, which is very embarrassing, I've very conscious of them and it was and still is very awkward during sex with my partner. He continues tell me they do not phase him and he does not care, but yet I feel they do! I've been to the doctors and have been supplied very various steroid creams and all sorts but yet nothing has happened so today I have decides to go with the tying off method. I have only tied one just to see if it works it's slighty uncomfortable but it's a pain I can deal with, it's an aching pain more than anything it's already swelled to a point where it's about 3 times the size, if the pain gets any worse I will take some ibrofuren or something but for now it later ok. I tied it as tight as I could and its home hard as well, hopefully this will work as its been a problem I've been so conscious about! So I will update in a few days to let everyone know the progress!!


I am soooo thankful for finding this page!!!
My story is just like many on here, so I won't repeat what's already been said about tying off anal skin tags.... But I wanted to add a note.
I used Dermoplast spray for the pain and it really helped. It was given to me in the hospital when I had my second child. (6 months ago) The nurses told me to use it freely in the area of my episiotomy. It's a pain relieving spray found at drugstores, about $8. Seriously worth it to have on hand when you start this process. And I used embroidery floss. (Only 3 strands out of the 6 in each thread). I wouldn't recommend dental floss bc it cuts into your skin too bad.
It's been 7 days for me and its dangling by a tiny piece... Should fall off tomorrow!

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