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Someone please help me. I have 2 skin tags right at the hole of my anus. One is about the size of a pea and the other half that. they are tender and painful when i poo or touch them too much. I have tried everything to get rid of them. went to the doctor, she said they were too small to do anything and no doctor would touch them. I tried freezing them with a at home wart freezer, i tried ACV, it just burnt, i cant tie them with floss because the base of them is too large and i cant wrap it around. i looked at professional removal but it costs way more than i could afford. i would just cut them off but i am afraid of too much bleeding?
the doctor said they are a result of hemorrhoids and i have none now but just skin tags. my poo is kinda hard but its small, if that makes sense. i have also tried everything to make it soft, magnesium helps a bit but i never have very soft poo.

Smooth butt

I did this a few years ago....I tied off the hemmhroid/anal tag with dental floss, threat and tiny rubber bands and it was a disaster....I couldn't sit because the tag would became SO SWOLLEN, HUGE, super painful, and bloody that I just had to untie was the worst pain I've ever felt...a few years later I couldn't take the tag anymore because it was soooooo embarrassing and I found a colorectal doctor. I told him how it itched and would swell and was a problem in regards to hygiene set up an appointment and got the thing removed a few days ago! I'm 3 days post op and let me tell you that surgery was nothing compared to tying it off. the surgery was 80% pain free and I would do it again in a heart beat.....if anyone wants to know anything about the surgery just ask! the most painful part was the numbing shot and that wasn't so bad because I took Tylenol about 45 minutes to an hour before the surgery. He cauterize do it off....If going to the doctor is what's embarrassing to you just remember he looks at at least 20-30 different buttholes a day lol


I have a large skin tag around my anus the size of a large jelly bean. After reading all comments on this site 12 hours ago i decided to have a go at getting rid of it. I have it about 15 years and is really embarassing. Okay i got dental floss and with great difaculty i got it tied up. Didn't feel much so a few hours later i got 2 small bands for doing braids in hair and got them around it. Now i could feel a good tightness but nothing painfull but i knew it was working. Just had a quick look and already it has started to go black. Will keep you all posted as to how long it will take to fully go.


I have 2 anul skin tags as a result of collapsed hemorrhoids. One is about the size of peanut (fairly large) and the other is tiny and they are both pink. I've been using Provent Skin Tag Remover religiously for 10 days now, I know these things take time, but it says it should eventually start flaking and then dry up and fall off. There has been absolutely no indication of anything, both of the tags looks exactly as they did before I started. So, I saw the post about using fingernail polish like the way you use it to suffocate a tick. There were many follow up questions, but I haven't seen anyone else respond to if they've tried it or not, so I just put my first application on today and I will update in 2 weeks or if there are any results sooner. I am using Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure Ultra-Wear clear coat that can be found at any drug store, but basically, all clear top-coats are composed of the same ingredients. I will apply twice daily. Wish me luck :)


I've had an anal tag for several years and finally found a way to get rid of it without dealing with doctors. I bought an electronic cauterzing tool on Amazon along with some numbing cream. It was awkward and took some time but it is gone and no bad pain, just a bit of discomfort.


It's foolish to do anything in the rump area at home other than irrigate it frequently. Sure, it itches and oozes like a SOB, but the complications likely to follow an amateur attempt at removal will be a lot worse, and a lot more expensive.


Hello. Had this for years and find it so embarrising! been to doctors had it checked and got the common response of its not harming you so just leave it basically! so tried different methods of getting rid i found the oils a waste of money! so diving in and doing the tied of method! ! Found it difficult with floss as hard to tie so im now using those tiny hair bands! So much easier to apply will update with progress?! Wish me luck!


I've had an anal skin tag the size of a bean for a few years that has caused me much embarrassment and discomfort. I tried using the dental floss method but after experiencing the pain for one night I want to opt out and just wait for a surgeon. However, because the tag swelled overnight, I can't get to the floss to remove it!! I am numbing it with ice, and trying to cut the floss off with a knife/scissors but it's bloody difficult! Does anybody have suggestions??


I have been trying the tie off method with my skin tag that is located near my anal and vaginal area. I used dental floss and it has cut into the skin because I can see blood near where I tied the floss at the base. The skin tag was originally flatter and smaller than the size of a pea. After trying liquid bandage and failing since the liquid bandage wouldn't stay on since there is a lot of friction in the area, I tried the tie off method.

The skin tag is now very swollen and round instead of flat like before, almost the size of a pea, feels inflamed. The tag was leaking fluid and is still bleeding little by little. I continue to clean it and keep the string on but I'm not sure if I should just try to cut off the string.

The skin tag is slightly darker purple and feels a little cold... does that mean that the string is successfully cutting off blood circulation?
I'm wondering if I should give up since I am experiencing pain, can't really move around, and the area is bleeding slightly. I am unsure of how this skin tag will die and fall off since the 'stalk' or the base of the skin tag is pretty wide. I tied as tight as I could but the base of the tag has so much skin that the diameter seems bigger than normal skin tags. Does anybody have any suggestions?
Remove the string to reduce swelling and risk infection? Keep going because it is working?


I have found the most painless and simple solution! Had a skin tag for years and tried multiple times to tie it off however it either became too painful or the string came off in the night. Recently I had enough of it and thought I would tie it off once and for all however after 3 days the pain was unbearable and I was unable to sleep, I then tried freezing it off, this did nothing but cause infection, after a nightmare 2 weeks I decided to just cut it however this is more painful than many of the stories I have read make out so after many failed attempts I bought a cream called EMLA which completely numbs the area and is designed for this particular use, left the area smothered for 10 minutes and cut with sharp scissors, I felt a slight pinch but basically nothing and I'm so relieved to have it finally gone! It bled a fair bit so I smothered the area with antiseptic and applied cotton padding. This is honestly the best, quickest and most painless solution! I also had painkillers on hand for after when the cream wore off. Trust me, don't go through all the hassle, buy the cream and cut it!

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