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I did it! :D

This was probably one of the bravest things I have done in my life, but I am so glad I did it. I am 25 years old, and I have had two anal skin tags since I was like 15, it's so hard to clean, and it makes me so self conscious I hate it. I have asked severl doctors to remove it for me and they wouldn't, so I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. I tried the tying it method, it didn't work. I tied it on the 22nd and left it for about 9 days, nothing was happening. The first 3 days it went a bit yellowish, but then the 4th day it went back to its normal pink colour, and it was just hanging there... And now with this annoying knot around it. (I used tea tree oil every day on the tag though, and I think that made the tag easier to cut). On the 10th day I decided I would just cut it. I purchased some Emla cream(this stuff is amazing!) you can purchase them at any pharmacy store. I used the cream and left it on for a good 45min. I had also asked the doctor to write me a prescription for Amoxicillin for a gum infection, and what I did was I opened up the capsules and poured the powder into a bottle. I couldn't cut the tag myself because it was too close to the anus, and I was afraid of cutting it too deep, or not deep enough, so I asked my mom to help me cut it. I started by cleaning the Emal cream from around the area with an alcohol swab, then I cleaned my scissor with an alcohol swab and gave it to my mom. When She cut the tag it bled a little, but the pain was bearable, thanks to the Emal cream I honestly didn't feel much. Once she cut it, she cleaned around the areas with an alcohol swab and poured my amoxicillin powder on a gauze pad, placed it on the area and used bandage tape to secure it. I took some naproxen after, slept for a couple hours and when I woke up, there really wasn't much pain. Today is the 2nd day, and my wound has already healed, the amoxicillin I used really helped with healing the wound fast :) Tomorrow I will be cutting the 2nd tag, since the first one has already healed so well I just want to get the 2nd one done and over with too. If you do decided to go ahead with cutting it, you will need a pair of sharp scissor, Emla cream, Alcohol swabs, gauze pads, bandage tape and Amoxicillin capsules which you can open up and use the power on the wound after you cut it. If you can't get a prescription for amoxicillin, you should get some Betadine instead, that will be helpful for cleaning the wound and preventing it from getting infected as well. I promised myself that if I did this and it was a success, I would share my story so that I can be of help to anyone else who has these horrible skin tags. To be truthful I was scared, and it took me several tries to finally cut it, every time I would prep everything and when it came time to cutting it, I would chicken out and sometimes drop a few tears lol. But honestly just do it, if you are thinking about it, it will be worth it. A little bit of pain, and you will be free from the tag forever. If you can get someone to help you, it will make it much easier and safer. I hope this was helpful to you you guys, and I wish you all the best! You

Skin Tags Suck

I have had an anal skin tag for years after a hemorrhoid healed incorrectly. I am a huge wuss about pain and would never do the dental floss method, plus I don't believe in having surgery unless it's really warranted, so I just take some extra fiber with my tea and eat lots of vegetables to keep my stool from getting too hard. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.


After reading this topic I wanted to report that I tried the tie off method on a skin tag and can report success. I used clean sewing cotton and some antiseptic cream - only pulled the thread tight enough that it couldnt slip off. I'm not sure exactly when it fell off but today, after 36 hours, it was gone.


Hey..I got skint tag after giving birth. Had it like 5 years by now. Its really uncomfortable and ugly for me and i have planned to get rid of it for a long time but i was not sure because of the pain and complications. Also its wierd to talk about it to my boyfriend. he probably would not allow me to do such sick thing :D .. Anyway.. he went away for a week and i decided to do it - to try dental floss variant. I tied the floss yesterday evening and yes its uncomfortable but nothing unbearable. Same on the second day. If i feel less uncomfortable i retie it. Since its not possible to remove old floss i just leave it there and add new and thight one. About the shape - at first it was normal. In the morning it was a bit darker but not swollen. During the day it turned out to size of a pea and by the end of the day it went back to normal size. I tied it 2 times on second day. Now lets see what tomorrow brings :) Really hope it works and fall of before my BF will arrive :D


hey guys! i've been reading everyone's posts on here for a while, trying to gather up the courage to band off a tag i've had since i was about 14 or 15. i'm 23 now, and i couldn't take it anymore - removing it is very overdue!

after doing some research, i purchased the tagband removal kit from amazon. i would definitely recommend it to anyone considering the banding off method, because they give you a bunch of extra bands, a really easy and effective tool to put them on, and the bands are designed for skin tags so they won't cut you like dental floss.

i started the process last night. i put on a band but didn't do it correctly (it's really quite difficult to maneuver down there at first) and the band got placed about midway (or even higher) on the tag. i tried to take it off, but i couldn't, so i just decided to put another tag on. that one got closer to the base, but not quite there. from reading these, i've gathered that the #1 most important thing to success is getting a tight band on the base. i couldn't get the second one off either, so i just decided to aim for the base with a third.

i got it on that time, much to my relief! i figured it would only help me to have extra bands on to really cut off any blood supply, so i left the other two alone and just triple checked that the third one was as far down and level with my normal skin as possible.

i'm going to be posting updates from now on, but here's how it's going so far:

day 1, 9:30pm : i applied the tags. i am not going to lie, the first 3 hours were pretty tough. the pain increased gradually to a very uncomfortable level. i felt myself starting to sweat, and i knew there was no way i was going to be able to sleep feeling like that! after about 3-4 hours, the pain level gradually went down to something annoying but totally manageable. i fell asleep and did not wake up at all during the night.

day 2. 10:30am: the next morning i woke up and it's at the same pain level - a little annoying, but completely bearable. i checked the tag and it looks like it has faded in color and shrunk in size a little bit, which means the cutoff is working! from what i can tell, the pain is mostly at the base.

i'll be posting updates in the comments. i read one other post here by someone who used this kit and it only took them 3 days, so i'm hoping for the same. it's tuesday, and i've got to return to work on thursday..


So I have been on here many many of times! I have been attempting to remove my anal skin tag for over a year. After a failed attempt of the floss method which ended with an embarassing trip to the ER just to have the string cut off, not the actual tag (they wouldn't do it), I gave up for a few months... Accepting my fate that I would be stuck with a weird flap around my butt forever. It is about the size of a bean. That is until I did further research. I found a product called NEVI SKIN.

it said it could remove skin tags of any size off of any place on the body. Even sensitive places like the anus. It costs 40 dollars. I thought, why not. The reviews are good, it claims to use all natural ingredients. So I bought it. I used it today. Followed all the instructions to a T. it burnt like HELL. But only for a few moments. I left it on for 30 minutes, and then washed it off. My tag swelled 3 times the original size but swelling is said to be normal. It is also mostly black, there is some areas that didn't turn black on it so I will probably have to use the stuff again. It is starting to scan where it is black. I will update on what happens in the next few days or weeks when I see some results.


I want to share my success story because I understand the desperation of wanting to get rid of anal skin tags! A couple of years ago I had quite a few surgically removed, by laser. The result was awesome. But OMFG the pain. At least six months of agony. To be fair, I think one of my stitches trapped a nerve, but the pain was dreadful for months. A few weeks ago I had a slight reoccurrence of the problem, just one small tag. No way was I going back to my surgeon!! Here is what I did:

Purchased one pair of tissue scissors and a tube of tattoo anaesthetic gel from eBay. Assembled supplies: above plus a packet of gauze and a bottle of iodine. Washed the area. Applied the gel and left it for about 45 minutes. Wiped off gel and swabbed with iodine. Steeped scissors in boiling water. Then scissors in hand I positioned myself, awkwardly, above a red towel (????????), grabbed the offensive beast with fingers on my left hand and aimed the scissors about where I thought they should be. Tried employing a mirror but gave up. Began to close scissor blades. No pain at all until about half way through the cut. Then a bearable amount of pain set in. I just said to myself: just keep going keep going. You've started so you will finish. Kept up the pressure on the scissors and then suddenly it was all over. The piece of flesh had separated from me. A little bit of blood which I staunched with iodine soaked swabs. Pain about 3/10.

Bled slightly for an hour or so then I didn't need gauze any more. Slight oozing for maybe 6 hours. Pain only on squeezing pelvic floor.

That was 36 hours ago. I am now blood free, pain free and tag free (I did an awesome job if I say so myself!). Still keeping the area clean and applying a bit of antiseptic cream but there is no sign of injury (I just had my husband check!).

Yes it took courage but I've experienced the pain of a professional job and I'll never do that again. Be brave, get the right tools and keep it clean. I'm so glad I did it

Worst pain score: 3/10 for about 12 seconds

Overall pain score: 1/10

Satisfaction with the job: 10/10


I have been reading all your comments on here before I decided to try the floss method, mainly on impulse. It was a really painful experience for prolly a good 3-4 days BUT it was worth it in the end cause i managed to get rid of it!! I had a pretty big anal skin tag which covered my butthole and I've had it for like 4 years already but decided it has to go!! So one day, I decided to buy dental floss, an antiseptic cream (germolene) and tea tree oil to try and get rid of the tag myself. It's defo the craziest thing I have done in my life but I was willing to give it a shot. and like some of you, I didnt want to undergo surgery, have some doctors look up my ass and I think its too expensive a procedure for me, with no guarantee it wont hurt. Well, this experiment did hurt too, it was painful but i thought the pain was mainly cause my skin tag was right at the opening of my butthole and there are a lot of nerves there apparently so it was really sensitive. DAY 1: I tied a double knot with the floss as close to the base as possible. I did this twice (i.e. tied two strings of floss on). the first night it didnt really hurt, i could feel it was tight, there was a little discomfort but not really painful. DAY 2: it started to swell but still not as painful. the tag was sensitive to touch. and i had to be careful as to how i sat because my tag was big and sitting on it is really painful. DAY 3: I tied another round of floss around it as tight as i could. This time i could feel a sting. however, the pain was still bearable. DAY 4: pain was really excruciating. i couldnt sleep well maybe a few hours of sleep and I will wake up feeling the pain and soreness of my butthole but washing by butt often helped. using the antiseptic cream and tea tree oil also helped. but the pain was bad in that i have to be really careful as to how i sit and lie down cause its painful. walking was also painful. i could feel it starting to weep pus and blood and i had to regularly clean the area with the cream and tea tree oil. DAY 5 and 6 was the same. The pain was terrible but i think bearable, mainly i was determined to get rid of it and i couldnt afford the time or money to go see a doctor. I told myself, this will work out. Day 7. half the tag was whitish/grayish and dry. i think the tea tree oil applied everyday helped in the drying process. the pain has started to subside also. my butthole didnt feel as sore. Day 8-12. there wasnt really any pain anymore. the sore was almost entirely gone and i could feel the base where the floss is was a bit 'loose" but the tag is still hanging. by this time, about half the tag was black while the rest was grey/white. i couldnt feel the tag when i touched it, best way to know is to pinch the tag but be careful, the black part is like rotting skin/flesh so it does bleed but painless bleeding. tugging it lightly, i could feel a slight sensation at the base. However, it was obvious that this skin tag isnt about to drop out by itself although it was already rotting and I was getting a bit impatient and disguested by the fact that i have this period-smelling rotting tag on me. The next craziest thing i did was to purchase a very sharp cuticle scissors and on the 12th day, decided to snip it off. the first time i cut a really tiny part i could feel sth but it wasnt really painful at all i just could feel that i cut it and i was scared to be honest so i took some time before i decided to make it a fast one. when i finally got to quickly snipping the base off, to my surprise, i couldnt even feel anything. there was a bit of bleeding but the bleeding stopped like within a minute or less. there wasnt an open wound exactly because when i washed the wound, i didnt feel any stinging pain or any pain at all. i cant believe i actually did all of this but it was worth it. I almost chickened out and was planning to see a doctor already but thankfully i was busy with school and i decided to just wait it out a few more days.


You're all crazy my remedy is get insurance and go to the damn doctor. It's professionally done and you're not risking dying from lost of blood. There's no pain.


The nail clippers method is not exactly a walk in the park as suggested before.

1st try - EPIC FAIL

It took a good 30min to get a half decent grip, and I had a digital camera connected to the TV. I don't understand how some did it in the bathroom/shower. You don't have a lot of maneuvering room down there and you're milimiters away from cutting the wrong skin and potentially causing incontinence.

I tried the squeeze and hold method, but the pain for me was NOT discomfort. I felt it through the spine. I assume the previous poster didn't feel it so bad because she had most of it excised by a dr. previously and prob the nerve was cut/damaged already. So I just held my breath, squeezed as hard as I could, it hurt like hell for a sec, and... nothing. Someone posted before about cutting rubber-like. Maybe males have thicker skin, dunno (clippers was brand new).

So now the skin tag is 3 times in size, all red and irritated, and some minor bleeding (2 gauze pads) from the base where the clipper crushed the tissue.

2nd try

Waited 10 days for the skin to heal and yesterday tried again.

This time around it took 1 HOUR to get a grip, since the tag was 3 times bigger and couldn't fit it in the clipper (through the side even). Tip: put some spit on it to slide easier as iodine (betadine) makes it dry.

By now I'm tired, having cramps in my muscles (the position) and ready to call it off and try the string method, when somehow I managed to slide it in. I squeezed a bit and waited. It felt like a strong, long pinch, but not excruciating like before.

After about 3-5 minutes (NOT 30 sec) of holding still, it started to get white/bluish (assumed blood flow was cut) and didnt't feel a thing anymore, so I just pressed harder and harder, until I heard the clipper click, and it was gone.

Bleeding stopped after about 20 minutes. Used about 8 gauze pads (4× 2 times), kept pressure on and it was fine.

If you find a good colorectal surgeon you trust, I would pay the $250 or whatever and have it done properly. Mine was a shyster, so had to do it this way.

Disclaimer: Dont trust someone on the internet. This is not advise of any kind, I'm not a medical professional and dont know what I'm talking about.

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