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Drink one glass of wine, take 1/2 norco, then use a cotton ball with clove oil. Finally take a deep breath and thank God the pain is gone.

Thalia Williams

I have been having tooth pain of a while. The other day I cracked my tooth, the pain felt like it was actually beating, but my dentist appointment was for next Thursday, the pain was too much to wait that long. I tried oragel, and that DIDN'T work. I got home from school and told my mom. She told me to put oragel on it, I told her it didn't work. So she gave me an Advil and I took an Aleve and the she put some unstrong oragel on it, my gums and a bit on my exposed nerves. The pain was gone almost instantly; and my mom told me I put the oragel on wrong. This helped me. The pain has been nonexistant for almost 22 hours, only a bit of pain when I eat.


ibuprofen is your best bet until you can get to a dentist for antibiotics. sensodyne also works miracles!

Whiskey rinse, Listerine rinse, and Dentemp!!! Does Wonders!!!

One of my molar teeth chipped this past Saturday evening (today is Thursday). I have been in agonizing pain the last 4-5 days. I mean Ive had tooth aches before, but this tooth ache was unlike any pain Ive ever experienced in my life. I mean excruciating pain. On Monday, when I was finally able to get in contact with my dentist, he prescribed me some antibiotics for a possible infection and ibuprofen 600 mg for the pain (as if ibuprofen would really help with the pain I was experiencing especially being at the point of just starting antibiotics). It did not help. So I was actually in pain from Saturday night up until Wednesday evening because the ibuprophen did nothing for my pain and the antibiotic had barely begun to clear the infection. I tried everything from rinsing with listerine (which helped a bit and for about 20-40 minutes), chewing bread (did nothing for me), using a heating pad/blow dryer (this usually helps quite a bit when trying to get some rest), taking ibuprofen, taking one vicodin pill that my relative gave me (that allowed me SOME relief, enough to get 5 straight hrs of sleep one night). I had tried about 10 different tips I read online and got from friends or family but nothing was long lasting UNTIL yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) I saw a recommendation that a dental assistant made on a forum. She recommended that people use a product called Dentemp. (Side Note: I also read quite a few comments about many people getting favorable results after rinsing with drinking alcohol, whisky and I read somewhere that a lot of the times what manay people think is a tooth ache is actually bad sinuses). So I went home after work and purchased, not jack daniels, but a 101% whiskey (Wild Turkey) and the Dentemp. By the time that I got home at 7pm my tooth was killing me so I did a few things. 1st I took a Zyrtec that I had left over from the summer before, then I rinses with the whiskey, then following rinsing with the whiskey I rinsed with Listerine (because I do not drink and I hate the taste of alcohol so I had to get thet whickey taste out of my mouth), finally I put the Dentemp on the part of my tooth that had chipped and was leaving a nerve uncovered. The Dentemp was a bit messy at first and it took about 2 hrs to settle and to become hard but after applying it my pain was gone within 10 minutes. I tell yall from Saturday night until Wednesday evening the pain that I was experiencing was a 100 on a scale of 1-10, but after I took that Zyrtec, rinsed with the whiskey and Listerine and applied the Dentemp my pain has been at most a 2 on the pain scale, really only a one. I am not sure if the Zyrtex did much, if anything, because I truly believe my pain was not because of sinus but because of that one tooth. I do know that the combination of those things did wonders for me, especially the rinsing with the whiskey, rinsing with the Listerine, then the application of the Dentemp. I would recommend those steps to anyone experiencing a severe tooth ache.


If you have a toothache, brush your teeth (mainly where it hurts), rinse with warm salt water (I did it about 5 times) and rinse again with warm water (optional). This cured my toothache (cause by a cavity) INSTANTLY!


Okay im 14 and my tooth is hurting extremely bad like a 10 well it 2 in the morning so everyone is asleep I look on this site and found nothing in my house besides salt orjel and ice everything made it wores so I tries something I found a heater vent in the floor turned on the heat sky high and laid my cheek there and went straight to sleep yes the next day family was mad cause the heat lol but it works or q heat pad


DO NOT PUT SALT DIRECTLY ON ROOT!!!!!!!!!! My filling fell out two days ago and I have been in constant pain since. Who ever decided that salt directly on the area was a good idea needs to stop with that lie. After trying almost anything I put pure vodka directly on it and voila, it worked. It lasts for about 2hrs. Just repeat whenever needed.

Hailey M

For 3 days I've been suffering from the WORST toothache. Now, for a while some ibuprofen and oragel was doing the trick, but it just got insanely worse. So I was searching all over and tried everything I could find. Vapor rub on the jaw helped for a little while, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide helped the small pains, but what REALLY did took care of it and let me get some rest was crushing up an excedrin pill and mixing it with oragel, then putting it on the area in pain. AMAZING!!! (Keep in mind, this is LAST RESORT. It tastes HORRIBLE! And I don't recommend it unless absolutely necessary.) hope you all get to feeling well!!!


Yesterday I was reading about home remedies on tooth pain and I was amazed at the response that I read. I want to say thank you. Anyway, here is a remedy that worked for me in a matter of seconds. My wife picked me up a box of Orajel Severe with 3x more active ingredients vs. store brand. This stuff is triple medicated. Its a fast acting blue gel. As I was using it sparely on the tooth hole, the pain literally was gone!Unbelievable


My husband told me to rub cayenne pepper like a paste on tooth.After putting everything I had on it with no relief I gave it a shot.OMG it really worked.I recommend it to everyone. Suffering with a toothache.

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