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I had severe, sharp pain in my tooth after my wisdom tooth on the top left side of my mouth. Right now, I am taking ibuprofen and a prescribed medicine. they help but don't get rid of the pain. Tomatoes have helped A LOT! Just cut them into slices and put them around the painful area. It's better if the tomato is cool. It have relieved me from pain.

Bonny F

Apply Oregano Oil, it will decrease the pain and also decrease swelling. It will make an abscess go down. Total relief, you will smell like a pizza for a while but it is worth it :) good luck!


I have tried everything in the books and the only thing that seems to work is taking 800 mg of ibprophan and ice chips and using a heating pad works wonders I have 4 root canals and all 4 wisdom teeth which are impacted if anyone has any other remedies that may work please let me know thx !!!


This is what I tried, which has worked for me. I hope that it may work for you.
Firstly, I took two Tramadol. This didn't work.
So I Googled home remedies, and this page came up. I tried a few different things, and the 3 combined seemed to have dulled the pain.

The first remedy I tried - a teaspoon of garlic, about a teaspoon of salt, and maybe 1/4 cup of water - microwaved in a mug for 45 secs. Swished around until all gone, but no luck. (Thankfully I like garlic!)

Second remedy: the vanilla, Listerine and water rinse. About 1tspn of water and Listerine, and about 1 1/2tspn of vanilla essence. Tasted gross. Helped 50%

Third remedy: this one I am still doing. I got a bit of a make up remover pad, but you can use a cotton ball or some gauze. I stuck it in some (clear) rum, and put it on the sore area. I also swigged a bit of the rum, kinda swished it on the sore side, and then spat.
Still got the cotton in my teeth, and have been swigging like 1/2tspn of rum and spitting for probably 20 minutes.

After all 3 (I suppose if you count the Tramadol it's 4) of these, my pain has gone from 8/10 to 1.5/10!
If you don't have any strong pain killers, try ibuprofen and paracetamol. You can take the ibuprofen every 6 hours, and the paracetamol every 4 hours.

Good luck!!


My problem: Cavity fillings had fallen out and and I could not chew or drink without feeling intense pain.

My solution: Doing a rinse every night before bed with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in warm water (maybe about 4-5 drops in a shot glass full of warm water)). At first I did it daily but after about a month I felt no pain at all where the cavity filling fell.


Place a drop of Clove Oil on your little finger and rub it into the tooth that's causing the ach and the gum below. It creates a numbing sensation that relieves pain, repeat 2/3 times a day until pain goes away. Works like a charm.


Toothache ?
Try fresh pineapple juice.
Almost instant relief but dosent last forever


I've always used a simple whole clove and held it between my teeth in the affected area. tastes like Christmas ham and numbs it at the same time.


Just drink a beer no weak beer it numbed my pain.


Hi my name is I had the worst toothache of my life! (first time) it felt like mouth lab or I'm not anyways I read this site and I tried a lot of things dat only worked a I went to walgreens and I picked up some stuff called kranka its like oragel on steroids the minute I applied it the pain stopped instantly has like a coat to it and it protects anything from cause pain...try that and I promise you'll thank me later

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