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I've been up for the past 2 nights with excruciating pain from a very exposed nerve on a lower molar, which caused the worst radiating pain I've ever felt.. I sort of wanted to die. I live in the boondocks, the local dentist is not answering the phone and the closest appointment I could get elsewhere is still 2 weeks away. In our house we use only herbals.. but I went through half an ounce of clove oil in 2 hours :( The pain would go away long enough for me to *almost* fall asleep - then it would come right back. I think I went into shock for a while last night from it, and finally passed out on the floor. I have a high pain tolerance, and this was the absolute worst, ever.

Today, I remembered I had some 'temp tooth' (it's just thermal beads, you can find them on amazon). I heated up the beads, covered all over the exposed root, tooth, parts of the teeth on either side - basically covered anywhere air could flow, let the stuff dry into basically a huge uni-cap and finally I can breathe without the shredding pain of an exposed nerve.

Going to get some Dentemp and try that, as it makes a lot of sense, plus it's cheaper (the thermal beads are about $10).

HOLY BASIL OIL - If you have this on hand, it is a nerve relaxer. Go ahead and take 50 dropper drops in a shot of lukewarm water, then drop Near the exposed root.. count to 20.. drop a drop a little closer.. repeat. Finally go ahead and drop a drop right on the exposed nerve, count to 20. This works so well, I almost didn't make the 'uni-crown' thing.

CLOVE OIL - Is phenomenal, but it wore off so fast for me. Still, it's amazing for mild to semi-severe in my experience.

All the ideas for covering the exposed area make sense. This is a good site, and I'm glad I found it.. I had no idea Dentemp was even a thing. Thanks to all, best wishes, God bless.


so my number 1 favourite is chewing on garlic, it burns but it kills the pain for a while. I advise to make a mouth wash with salt and warm water daily, even when you have no pain.

Also, i noticed that massaging your shoulder and neck applying a little bit of pressure on the nerve) helps a lot. it eases the pain on the tooth. I use Metho Jelly to massage as its more effective. If the pain is on the right side of the mouth, massage your right shoulder.


Take a cup of water add 3 to 4 table spoons of isopropyl alcohol mix well. take a mouth full hold for about 30 seconds d not this a couple of times if this will not take the pain away not put one more tablespoon in water this will work.


Let me pre-phrase this be saying I've had major dental work done, to the point where only 3 of my teeth don't have a filling or something.

A few days ago my lower left premolar filling cracked and put me in extreme pain, this started on tuesday night and I cant go to a dentist untill monday. Heres everything I've tried

Brushing/flossing hurt tooth: Made it worse

Ambesol: nothing, waste of money.

Liquid orajel: Another Waste of money

Liquid gels: Didnt help

Cut open liquid gel, dap qtip in the liquid and apply to tooth/gums: Didnt help

Tylenol: Didnt help

Midol: Nothing

Prescription ibprofen: helps a little

Rinse cocktail with saltwater, oregano, and garlic power: Helped a little bit

Cold water shock: Works for about a minute

Massaging the webbed part between thumb and index: helps for about 5 minutes

Mary Jane: Helps me take my mind off it but does nothing for the actual pain, Helped me fall asleep

Liquor: Ding Ding, We have a winner. I've been using 70 proof Southern Comfort, and either letting it sit on the tooth or swishing it around the tooth, do this for aslong as you can stand it, then spit it out(dont drink it,might be a infected tooth) and let the drool fall out of your mouth. Dont drink anything afterwards, When you come to your senses do it again. Repeat untill pain is bearable. about 5 minutes after all of this you can gently swish with saltwater or a saltwater cocktail to get the taste out of your mouth. The higher the proof the better just make sure youre able to stand the taste of it in your mouth for like 3 minutes.

3 cheers for beer!


I have been having tooth pain for weeks now. I've tried everything except oil pulling. I was so nervous to try oil pulling because I have heard from dentists that it could make an infection worse or a tooth infected. I am starting to believe they say that so they don't loose money and want you to come in. I started oil pulling and about 12 hours later the pain went from a 12 to about a 5 I continued to do that for several days until hardly any pain exsisted. What I did was simply take oil (extra virgin olive oil, or coconut-preferred) and swish it around the sore side of the tooth, repeating a few times for several minutes. Then I finished with cool water with a little salt in it. GONE! My tooth pain came back a little bit so I got out the oil and it's gone again. Just don't SWALLOW!!

El jefe

I was awoken the other night with the worst tooth ache I have ever had. Orajel and Advil helped temporarily. I went to work the next morning and ended up leaving after a couple of hours because the pain was so bad I couldn't see straight. When I got home I was in search of anything to relive the pain. I rationalized pulling it myself with pliers. Lol I rinsed the area with peroxide and held it there for a couple of minutes and spit it out. Then I was looking at the bubble that had formed beside the tooth in the mirror with a dental mirror I had bought at the store. When I went to remove the dental mirror I accidentally hit the bubble and it immediately started bleeding and puss shot out. I began sucking the area and spitting and rinsing with water and kept on until it pretty much stopped. Then I held some more peroxide there for a couple of minutes. And no more pain. The bubble is still there and it is tender. I have a dentist appointment in the morning so hopefully it will get resolved there. (My dentist is kind of a flake, but he's cheap) but for now the pain is gone thanks to Advil and peroxide.


I spent the last two nights in agonizing pain. I tried every home remedy on this site. Garlic, left a bad taste in my mouth (literally), salt water helped while the water was in my mouth, but it's hard to sleep with water in my mouth. Too much Motrin and Tylenol hurts my stomach.

Eventually I came across a 'Red Cross toothache' remedy. I went to Walgreens this morning and found it. I put the little cotton ball on my tooth and in 30 seconds I felt relief. The ingredient is eugenol. Amazing. Only $5. Cheaper than orajel and no orajel taste. If you can, give this a try. It worked for me and for that I am forever grateful to the person who recommended it.


This acts as if it's a miracle cure for tooth aches caused by infection.
I have bad teeth. Really bad. I can't afford a dentist so I know how bad tooth aches can be. Since finding this remedy I haven't suffered a tooth ache for more than an hour(usually less). The remedy is FRESH clove of garlic.
Slice it into thin layers and place the slices throughout the entire side of your mouth that the tooth ache is on.
2-3 slices usually does it.
The reason I suggest you place slices throughout the entire side of mouth that hurts is because I've discovered through experience that the tooth that hurts isn't necessarily the location of the cause of the pain.
Garlic powder doesn't work it must be a clove and the fresher the better. An old clove isn't near as effective as a fresh one. Warning, it's gonna sting and burn something fierce, but totally worth it. It'll kill the infection thereby reducing swelling and stopping the pain and it'll do it pretty fast too.
It's amazingly effective.


Dab your toothbrush with warm water and apply baking soda. brush the area around the tooth. repeat 2-3 times as needed.


I have used this site twice, once for a lost filling, and another time for a cracked tooth. Both times I have had incredible amount of pain so some of the things that i have tried and worked for me are: The swishing around of whiskey/vodka will give temporary relief only like 20 to 30 min though, gargling with salt water may or may not help, any extract swished/ applied to sore tooth directly will give about 15 min of relief until it wears off, chewing garlic/ raw onion for 5 min both work incredibly well for me i got long lasting relief from both and i mean like 12 plus hours but the problem is i got like a chemical burn in my mouth from them that kinda sucked, the last thing i have tried and it works really well is packing the tooth that hurts with garlic powder it burns and hurts for a little while then the pain went away and have had about 3 hours relief.

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