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Just purchased for my son a product sold at CVS Red Cross it 's main ingredient was eugonal (not sure if that is correct spelling as I left product with him)...immediate relief. They give you tweezers and little cottons balls but they were hard to work with we used a q-tip. He has been fighting pain for a few weeks tried many other things this appears to have been best result.

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I have a hole in my top tooth and it hurts really bad I haven't had time to get to a dentist but what really works for my mouth is a product called Dentek it works fine and have been working for about 2 months now


mixed equal amounts onion powder, black pepper, salt, and a few drops of water to make a paste. then i scooped some on a cotton ball and held it on the tooth, the pain has mostly subsided for now.


Zabila-CHIRUKATTALI. Two yrs ago I developed a toothache so bad I drove past 4 towns at 2am to get some Oragel. I packed it on the tooth with q-tips, and all around the gum area. Pain went from a 9.5 to an 8. Not nearly good enough. My dentist had just gone on vacation. There is always a 4-5 hr wait in our local hospital ER dept. I had a bottle containing Zabila-CHIRUKATTALI (not the English name), that I used for other ailments that always worked 90% of the time for me, family, and friends.

I poured the tasteless clear ointment my tootbrush, and applied it on and around my tooth as deep in the gums as possible. After 45 mins the pain level was a 7; after and hr pain was a 6, enough for me to goto bed. By morning pain was at a 4. I put on more of this stuff. Pain reduced at about 0.5 pts/hr. I didn't need anymore Oragel. Pain level stayed at a 1.5 for 2 dys; then went down to 0. I treated the tooth area 2x/dy for 2 days even though pain was gone. I never went to the dentist and only apply the stuff every 2-3 months, just one 20sec treatment with the tooth brush. It's been 2 yrs and no issue. When my 30yr old daughter had a problem with her tooth, I had her use the ointment from my bottle (which I've had 5yrs now, it lasts a loooong time.) She had the same experience, gradual pain reduction from 7 to a 0, and no pain after the treatment stopped for 10 mos now. I'm surprised dentists don't recommend it. NO BAD TASTE (tasteless); NO SIDE FX; EASY AS TOOTHPASTE TO APPLY; CUT PAIN IN HALF IN 6 HRS.


Hot cinnamon tea is cheap and will do wonders! I rinsed with sensitive mouth wash. I flossed with mint and cinnamon floss. I used two different kinds of sensitive tooth paste and rinsed with warm salt water.I took a pain killer 500mg and the only thing that worked for longer then an hour was Hot cinnamon tea. Its between 2 and 5 dollars.

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I couldn't sleep due to a mass toothache first i tried mouth wash that didn't help any then i took some IBuprofen 50mg helped a tiny bit so i decided to get some rubbing alcohol and rub it on my gums and the pian stop a few minutes after but temporary the big pain reliever is BC POWDER PACKS its a ASPRIN in a powdery susptence take one as a regular dose then run another one over your gums it will be a guaranteed relief i promise




I tried the minced garlic from a jar and it made me nauseous. So I crushed a clove of garlic with the side of my knife, minced it myself and sprinkled garlic salt on it. Then I rolled it in gauze and dipped it in a little vineagar. I mean I barely touched the vinegar for a second. Then I placed it between my cheek and the teeth that hurt. I have no clue which tooth the pain was coming from. Now I feel wonderful


Friends. Been dying for da past weeks of pain. Where I live the doctors wanna charge an arm an a leg. I tried all I knew would help. Saw dis page well looking for something my wife gave me some chloraseptic. I kno sounds wack but sprayed da s**t out of my teeth. THANK GOD cant feel anything at all. GOD willing it helps Ya'll. GOD bless an kepp trying.


Works very fast and gets rid of the infection.

1.) Mix 1 cup of warm water with 4 spoonfulls of salt. Get Amoxicillin or Clindamycin and open the pill up and sprinkle the powder into the water.Make sure water is very warm.

2.) Roll up 1 square of toilet paper into the length of your pinkie and place into the solution.

3.) Put the toilet paper filled with solution on the side and area of mouth where pain is. Make sure it's on the gumline and bad tooth.

4.) Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, repeat daily, you can keep using the same solution you made. Make more if necessary.

The antibiotics and salt draw out the infection causing short and long term benefits meaning relief that minute lasting a long time as well, the warm water reduces pain significantly and your teeth wont be sensitive to it unlike using cold water.

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