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vodka works great take some swish it in your mouth and boom pain gone you have to keep doing it so i recommend not swallowing it


Alright so i have a cavity in one of my teeth and after a while of terrible pain i started getting creative and remembered an old remedy i had over heard my grandma talking about, its very simple and will help, alright so its best to have a little plastic cup like you'd be given from a school nurse but a regular cup is fine, just put about 2 finger pinches of salt into it but not a lot of water and get a good mouth full and rinse it on the tooth that hurts, repeat this 2 - 3 times or as many as needed, not the most reliable but hope ot helps! *Also any type of pain relievers can help


Was in pain for hours tooth pain is the worst ever. So I was reading on this page and tried the garlic and salt. I only had minced garlic and table salt so I added the two to a cup of warm water and held it in my mouth for a min or two and bam gone just like that.


I've avoided going to the dentist for probably 10 years now because I am afraid of what the cost might be to fix my teeth. I've been experiencing terrible toothaches and headaches. I've tried several different methods listed on this site. Some worked ok and temporarily dulled the pain. I just thought that I would share this because I haven't found any other posts saying to try this. The last couple days I've been brushing my teeth with Crest Pro Health toothpaste followed by orajel antiseptic rinse and my mouth feels so much better. I definitely recommend doing this before going to sleep at least.

Ramesh Patel

I had lots of tooth pain before some days.i started chewing garlic. And really it stopped pain forever.its a best home medicine.


The most effective remedy is garlic for teeth or gum pain.

Before you try it, make sure your tummy is full because if you have a fragile stomach, its gonna burn down there. So, make sure you drink some milk at least.

You need, 1 garlic clove, peeled. take a bite of it and mind you, it will burn but don't let that put you off. take small little bites, so the garlic juices is in your pain area. do it gradually. for me, only 1/2 the clove did it. Just distract yourself with something else and you will ignore the pain. when you finish, wait a while before you rinse your mouth, coz the garlic is still doing its job. You will notice that your pain is gone, so brush your teeth and rinse with warm salt water. Your breath will stink obviously but trust me, garlic is the fastest remedy. don't make a paste to apply because the moment it will touch your pain area, it will BURN LIKE HELL! it also reduces any swelling you might have pretty fast.


That milk really works I've at work 8 hour taking every bill it is .I through I was going to over dose I read about the milk drunk a half cup and the pain just stopped thank you


I have had massive pain in my my tooth that the dentist broke I need it cut out but my appointment isn't soon enough ive tried oragel mouthwash salt water extra strength tylenol no help so I got on here to see what I could find afew people commented about a garlic paste I tried it did burn a little but it also took quite a bit of the pain away its not 100% better but I can somewhat function now which I need I have a two year old so mommy cant be outta commission due to a toothache so those of you with the garlic remedy THANK YOU!!!!

Randy.. from the Caribbean island.. dominicA

I had a terrible tooth pain.. I try the crush garlic mixed with salt and inserted it into the teeth.. it burn for a while then the pain eased.. its better now....


So, it's 3:44 AM. And for the past 3 days I have had excruciating pain. Right top wisdom tooth decided to make its grand entrance 2 years ago. Never had any problem with the tooth. It has chipped and pieces have fallen out. 3 days ago my molar right beside the wisdom tooth decides that its going to give me pure hell. I have no idea if my wisdom tooth is pushing on it. or whats actually going on. I am a poor college student.. yes I have dental insurance but there is no way that I have the money for an extraction.

I tried taking 800 mg of ibuprofen every 4 hours. I tried orajel... which does nothing for me. I literally found myself rocking in the bed praying to God. In tears. Came on here and read about minced garlic and warm sea salt. I had no cotton balls so I just filled my mouth with the minced garlic and bit down. Not instant relief... but enough relief for me to notice a difference. the warm salt water didn't ease anything. However thanks to all who post on here!! such lifesavers.

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