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aussie chris

I had a cracked in half rotted molar roots exposed,my best treatment was Baby teething gel,if you don't have that warm salt water mouth washes with antiseptic mouthwash.Warm tea bags helps to cover the hole.Basically cover the exposed root and your half way there the other half involves paracetamol and codeine.


I've been suffering with a severe tooth school for a few days now. Have tried everything over the counter that you can possibly think of. Nothing has worked pain meds haven't touched it at all. So I started looking for home remedies. Sure enough I found a lot. The one that worked for me was salt and garlic powder. Mix equal amounts of both and put onto your tooth. I'm telling you it works within a few moments! I had a pain level of about a 9/10 now It's like a 1/10. This remedy is awesome. I went from rocking in place crying with the whole side of my face hurting to almost no pain within moments. Try it! You'll see what I mean.


Cold weather induced toothache, gum ache. Brush area (this hurts) sugarfree gum chewed & packed in hole where root canal came out. Pressure point on back of hand between thumb & index finger. Medicare does not cover dental, go figure.


Thanks for all those who suggested mouthwash. Worked well with me.


I was having horrendous pain and have tried dozens of things that haven't helped. What worked for me was a warm salt gargle, followed by creating a paste out of a couple drpps of water and equal parts salt, pepper and garlic powder. I coated the tooth with this, waited a couple minutes and then rinsed. After that, I took white bread at room temp and packed it all around the tooth. This keeps the tooth from becoming anymore irritated. Now I feel nothing, knock on wood. Before I did this the only relief I got was from pressing a q-tip into my ear and applying pressure to different parts of my ear canal, this would work as long as I kept holding the pressure. The only other thing that worked was leaning over until my head was completely upside down. This gave me instant relief but only lasted until I stood back up. Still, if you've been having pain for hours, a couple minute break in the pain can me amazing!


Wow I read all of these and have to tell you what i did. I took a 50/50 mix of water and hydrogen peroxide. Swish as long as you can stand it. The longer the better. I did this when ever the pain got to the point that i couldn't take it. About three times a day. Brushed twice a day and took Advil. Three days i forgot about the tooth. Fixed it for a while.

Plantago 6X for pain from abscesses. Easy to use spray top. Plantago is from the plant Plantain, known for its soothing properties. Plantago tincture is great for infections and pain relief.
Emergency remedy for toothache, gumboil, gum abscess prior to being able to get to the dentist. Use at first signs of infection. Use to calm sharp pains between ears and teeth. Plantago may help with problems of slow decay by the gum line.


Hey guys my names Zach, I'm 16 and I have really bad tooth pain! I have good teeth but my dentist filled my cavity wrong because I can't even sleep at night the whole right side of my face just throbs! I've taken so much ibuprofen and that doesn't work for me, but its like 4 in the morning right now and I just tried something and it seemed to help a little bit. I rinsed the right side ofy mouth with Colgate's new alcohol free mouthwash for about 30-45 seconds, And while doing that held a very hot wash cloth to that side of my face. The only problem is that the washcloth doesn't stay hit for very long so if you have a heating pad maybe that might work if you try sleeping on that side that hurts. Well I hope I helped someone out because I really needed it.


OK so I really hope this helps someone. I know toothache pain is the worst. This has always worked for me. Buy a bottle of ever clear (but please don't drink it) take a cotton ball and make smaller balls place in a pill bottle or something similar pour in the ever clear and the place the small soaked cotton ball on tooth. You can also swish with ever clear but this will burn a bit. This works I aware by it. I really hope this helps someone sleep well tonight.


have red dry whole chilly boil it and gaggle with that water your pain will go

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