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Das Herttz

Garlic- this works!! Ive tried it all- this is the best when there is no dentist to go to. fresh garlic clove, peel it, slice off little pieces and pack them around the infected area. Wait a few moments and feel the rainbow!!! Floss and brush your teeth kids, this is no peach having to deal with bad teeth. Good luck!

Janene D.

Take a straight shot of Hot Damn 100 proof. You won't feel any kind of pain.


The only thing i found that helped me was CLOVE OIL. I've been oil swishing for a few weeks now and add that to the oil and swish with it. It at least helps you take a break from the pain, there is nothing worse then constant tooth aches :(((


Pure clove oil is the best numbing agent there is. It burns like fire, but it numbs. Another trick is to get water at room temperature and hold it in your mouth until it gets hot, for some reason this helps me. Cold and hot compresses help, too. Accupressure helps as well as putting pressure on the gum around the tooth and rubbing it. If all of this fails get yourself to an ER and get a shot to block the pain.


I had a throbbing tooth ache and applied coconut oil and in minutes it went away

ray ray rose after walking in circles, trying everything I've read on here...and figuring out what i didn't have in the house...and crying for what seemed to be eons....i just said forget it and tired do something new with what i had....crush some Tylenol....get some cotton balls...soak the cotton balls in vanilla rum then dip the soaked cotton balls into the crushed Tylenol put a cotton ball on both sides of your will have instant may sting your gums a bit...but its sooooo worth it


Put a teaspoon of crushed garlic and a little salt into a glass and mix well, then add some boiling water to it (not much) to melt it a little until it sort of looks like lemon juice, then wait for it to cool. When Luke warm rinse the side of your mouth where the pain is for one minute. Don't swallow it. Finally, rinse down with a sugarless cup of tea. Works for a while. And take one or two ibroprofin before hand. :)


i tried all redemies on this site and nothing worked. i sprayd Chloraseptic, a sore throat pain reliever on my tooth and it worked in a few seconds. so glad


What help me is most importantly after you eat something especially if it's sweet...rinse your mouth out immediately.then brush your not allow food or sugar sit in the tooth....if so there will be pain.....bread is a big no no seeing that it is high in sugar though you may not taste it...... sure warm helps with rinsing your mouth out to remove the sugar but only before the pain start.....if you choose to do this during the's to if you want to sleep and become pain free's so simple......Boil some water or if you have access to hot scolding water, fill a 16 oz water bottle or soda bottle up. Wrap the bottle with a cloth or paper towel just enough so you won't burn yourself.....hold the bottle in place directly wherever you pain location is...soon the nerve will still pulsating and the pain will decrease not sure why something so simple helps but try you will not be disappointed....the hot temp of the water numb the pain works for me every time...hope I helped feel better and remember brush your teeth right after eating it will help out more than you think and prevent a toothache beforehand....


I have severe bad teeth first crushed cloves or clove oil 2 .Garlic crushed 3.peppermint oil5.oregano oil gets rid of infection burns dilute it prayer tooth pain is horrendus try natures remedysfirst

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