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I had an exposed nerve on my tooth AND there was inflammation in the gums. I thought back pain was bad but this was worse because it wouldn't go away. What worked for me until I could go to the dentist was to constantly have cold water with baking soda in my mouth. I would of course spit it out and just refill. You don't have to use too much baking soda, maybe about 1/2 teaspoon in a large glass of water. Take sips and swirl it around your mouth. As long as the solution was in there, the pain was less. And BTW, I tried garlic, bread, alcohol, putting aspirin directly on it and nothing worked. And now, here's the REALLY good long term thing about this: after I got my root canal and the pain and inflammation under control with antibiotics, I started flossing regularly (yes, I wasn't before and that probably contributed to my problem). Absolutely NO BLEEDING in my gums. I think that the constant swishing around of baking soda in my mouth must have gotten rid of any plaque or infection in my mouth. My routine now is to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth dipped in baking soda, then floss, then do Parodontax mouthwash. I do have a flare-up of bleeding in a tooth every now and then but it seems to go away quickly with this routine. I hope this helps someone. Tooth pain is the WORST pain ever! Good luck everyone!


I have been having toothaches for months. But it has never messed with my sleeping until now. i was given tylenol 3s with codeine at first. It helps a little. But the quickest way for me is a qtip dipped in water and rolled in crushed up ibproufen. Apply between your gums and cheeks. It works!


Wax! I didn't think it would work until I actually tried it. i have one of those scented wax warmer things, but you could just met any kind of candle...
Stick a Q-tip in the wax and but it over your tooth (works best if there's a hole/cavity to fill...creates a barrier between the nerves and the outside world.
should stay in place if done right


After reading all the home remedies and taking Aleve without helping the pain. I really had tried EVERYTHING but I didn't have any whiskey.I used a cotton swab after two swishes of Everclear (200 proof grain alcohol) and it worked instantly!! Two swishes and then hold the cotton swab on the opened area until pain is gone!


I was having this pain that started in my tooth to my the neck and shoulder. I thought I would massage my shoulder and neck to relax the nerves there. So I took some menthol gel and massaged my shoulder and neck. Surprisingly even my jaw stopped paining almost instantly. I had the pain when I woke up and now its night and I'm still having no pains. The trick is to massage your shoulder and neck whenever you feel a small pain itself. I hope this helps you out. I had pains for 2weeks and tried pepper which worked for a short time. Vanilla extract gives some nice relief. Salt and warm water is good too. Try doing the salt and water mouth rinse everyday, it is helpful.


I have discovered relief for severe toothache to be kurol cough lollies they contain clove oil, eucalypt, pepermint and menthol. They around two dollars in the cough lollie section of the supermarket. Taste is evil I've been swirling luke warm water whilst sucking on kurol am getting temporary relief. Give it a go.


Whoever suggested vanilla extract, bless you. I've been in raging pain all day and hit this site out of desperation. Pure vanilla extract on a small piece of sponge held between my teeth for 10 minutes and the pain has been gone for 2 hours so far.


I have suffered from massive teeth pain for a great deal of my life. Upon coming across this website and reading every home recipe known to man for teeth pain i decided to make my own. Good news it worked within 30-60 seconds.

5 Crushed 200mg of Ibuprofen/Aspirin
1 Teaspoon of the following;
Ground Cinnamon
Vanilla Extract
Maximum Strenght Orajel
Spray Butter/Cooking Oil

Crush your preferred pain killer into a powder, add the above solids then mix well then start adding the above liquids. Place your dish of the above well mixed ingredients into a boiled pot of water until it becomes a paste and is warm. Mixture should look brown and be thick.

Build up the courage, when ready go to your bathroom be sure the toilet cover is up just in case! Place mud like paste to affected area (Limit the contact of paste to unaffected areas of the mouth!)Let it sit for as long as you can! Hope this helps!

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