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I have tooth pain in my whole left top teeth from one tooth, and i am a all natural fanatic. So I found this website and started reading. I found a women who said use bread and pack it into the targeted area, I had no luck. Then I told my grandmother that I had multiple teeth hurting, she told me to use a warm tea bag, I used it but I gaged so much; that didn't work. I also did the whole alcohol mouth wash, I did it twice and it did not work. The Luke warm water with salt and pepper was a bad idea did absolutely nothing. I try not to take medication unless I have to, I read from a women that took pain killers and IB, it didn't work for her so she tried crushing them into a powder substance and stuck a wet Q-Tip into it then put it between your cheek and the tooth. I did this multiple times, I used two pain killers. THIS WORKED! It was such a good feeling not to feel the pain of my teeth. I was in my kitchen chair all sprawled out in happiness. I recommend this highly :)


I chipped a tooth 11 months ago. I thought i was ok because i didn't feel any pain. Anyways brushing your teeth with a sensitivity toothpaste helps. But after that use a crest prohealth mouth wash. This helps for a while but you should also take some potassium. Eat three
bananas a day or go to the store

and get npotassium vitamins.
Potassium is used for good
nerve and muscle functioning.The potassium will help keep your tooth pain Away buy it will also help fix your nerve. I would suggest covering the cavity or chipped tooth with candle wax so nothing can get in your tooth causing another infection. Let me know if this works for hi:)


Toothaches! Most of us have had them. Most of us have had no idea what to do... I've tried a ton of things. I've got a severe toothache now (that's lasted for 19 hours straight). I've tried everything yet again. Here's what I've discovered. You may have seen it before.

1. Do a salt-water rinse repeatedly for about 10 minutes. If you prefer to do it longer, go ahead.

2. Rinse your mouth out with warm water (not cold... especially if your teeth are sensitive) and then apply Sensodyne tooth paste onto your gums and teeth that hurt (use your finger or a Q-tip to apply) and leave it on for anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Your choice.

3. Rinse mouth out with warm water again and spit everything out. Next, swish with mouthwash. I have very strong mouthwash so its instantly very cold and very numbing. Do it for a few minutes, then spit that out and rinse out your mouth slightly again.

4. Now if your pain is still present, you can always take painkillers like ibuprofen, aleve, motrin or tylenol. If you're lucky enough to get something like codeine or some other prescription, highly-effective painkiller, awesome. I'd suggest trying to lay down and get some rest at this point. You'll need as much rest as you can get, because you never know when you'll wake up in the middle of the night with a toothache that won't go away for, oh I don't know.. 19 hours -.-

Other Options

-Rub alcohol (like whiskey or vodka) on your gums and gently around your tooth where it hurts. Dab a lot cuz a little bit doesn't do much.
-Use clove oil (I've never tried this)
-Use Orajel
-Use Orajel and then hold an ice pack up to your face where the pain is in your teeth
-People don't suggest using heat, but personally, it relaxes me and stops the pain enough to sleep for 15-30 minutes.
-Peppermint extract! It numbs your gums almost instantly. Pretty much anything with mint helps.
-Instead of a plain ol' salt water rinse, go ahead and minse some garlic and throw that in the glass, too. Mix it up well, then take a big swig and swish around, hold it on the area of where your pain is, and repeat. This could also work for getting rid of abscesses, if done repeatedly for a few days. Take anti-biotics, too.

And last but not least... Please, try to get to a dentist asap. I have a huuuge fear of dentists, yet I'm still going on Monday, most likely.

Good luck. <3


For tooth ache white rice in a sock heat for a min in microwave


I have had a toothache from lost fillings for three days .I so appreciate all the postings for home remedies on this site ,as I too had a bad experience with a dentist when I was 12 .novacane needle stuck in the roof of my mouth for 20 minutes he couldn't get it out .lifetime horrific memories .I found that soaking a piece of bread in the garlic powder salt and warm water mixture was not only relieving but kind of tasty one around me so I can live with the garlic mouth ,but the pain was gone within five minutes !!!I figured that the bread had worked for so many people ,that I would combine two remedies and it works fabulous !two fillings missing on the upper molars ,so if this works for me hope it works for someone else good luck .


I had the worst toothaches ever, i tried crest pro health mouth wash and it works like magic. If you try this it will work trust me.

Up Too Late

As many others I was up late one night having horrible tooth pain due to a half missing molar. I googled and came to this site. After reading to page 13 I came to the conclusion that Garlic was where Id start. Well I didnt have to go very far because It worked like a charm. I gargled salt water afterwards to get the taste of garlic out of my mouth and Its been about an hour and I can officially say Dont waste your time Try it, You might be just as surprised as I was!

Joe from Ridley

After heat, cold, Motrin, tea bags, hot salt water, and mouthwash I tried the bread stuffed in the hole in my tooth. Viola!!! Pain was deadened. I can't believe it. Try it, you will be surprised!!!


I tried just about everything but found instant relief when I purchased Advil Migraine gelcaps, take 2 and within 15 mins I had instant relief! Love love love! It works great!


Currently on many antibiotics for an infection in a molar, therefore I get waves of blinding pain that make me want to cry. I have just been putting pressure on my cheek with a hot water bottle, after a while the pain definitely subsides. Go see a dentist (!)

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