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I tried everything to get rid of my cavity toothache , i tried , bread , garlic , ice cubes , tea bbags , toothpaste ( which relieved it for a cpuple of seconds ) , i was willing to try anything , the pain was intense , i was climbing the walls , and by this time had been awake for a solid 24 hours , all i wanted to do was sleep , it was lucky i was off college on my spring half term break , my mum and dad were trying everything to help me , bless my poor mum she had been awake with me for 24 hours , too , we were snapping at each other out of pure exhaustion , in the end my mum said try some tcp , which worked wonders , it fights the infection , and numbs the mouth too , i hope this helps , coz i hate the thought of anybody going through this horrible pain , best of any body who trys my method , and please , remember not to swalliw the tcp , just gargle it :) , best of luck.


I read these remedies and tried a combination of what I had around the House. I had been to dentist earlier in the week and was given a prescription for Penicillin and Vicodin and was told to call in a week if this doesn't help.. Five days now and still hurting 80% of the day.. Had to call in to work this weekend.. The pain was brain numbing.. Took my meds, Rinsed with mouthwash( 5 mins), rinsed with salt water(10 mins) and then toothpaste on the tooth.. Rinsed with peroxide(10 minutes).. Crushed some pain killers and disolved in a little warm water and held by the affected tooth for another 10 minutes.. and at the end Sprayed Chloraseptic in the area and held for 5 minutes.. Pain is down at least 80%.. Enough for me to finally get some sleep..


Just tried vanilla essence and has taken the pain away after an excruciating 3 days where nothing has been permanent. Hoping this lasts as I really need a good nights sleep.


I had chronic toothache for about a week and nothing i did would stop it, I have an exposed nerve so obviously it was easily irritated. Finally ager trying everything I'd had enough so just made up ideas. I read on the back of an ibupofen packet that it eased nerve pain, it was the liquid capsules so i made a hole in the capsule and squeezed the liquid on a cotton bud and rubbed it around the nerve. It hurt for a second but then I had instant relief! I highly reccomend this to anyone


2 broken, cracked upper teeth. Pain was unbearable, ear pain,jaw pain,headache. No dental insurance, no money so didnt know what to do. Found this site and this easy remedy did it for me. Oragel and crushed aleve rolled onto one of those dental cleaner things (the wire thing to get between teeth, between teeth on gums and made sure is was packed in good. Pain gone soon after. I did this fri night and it is now tues. still no pain just an ache. May do that tonight. I cant believe this worked. Try it.


Jus learned by experience that sensodyne my toothpaste and tylenol takes away pain if applied in pea sized amount to the tooth or teeth. Ive used sensodyne for this with a hole in one of my teeth jus apply it if pain comes back. Its like orajel but bigger tube and not nescessarily numbing but relieving of pain.


On a scale of 1-10 my pain is usually around 17-18. Curled up on the floor in the fetal position kinda pain.

I tried everything...Clove oil, I throw up, Tea bag's in mouth (after 5 minutes I throw up), Bread stuffed in tooth hole, Pure peroxide swish, saline swish. It has always come down to a trip to the hospital. Except this time...I tried something new, something I should have thought of a long time ago. Alcohol...the hard stuff, with no additives. Just straight...Rum for me. I now know why pirates love rum and had such bad teeth. They never felt the pain (because they were just to drunk).

I am not a Drinker (watching my parents go down dark roads with alcohol, it turned me off of it). And I still not going to be a drinker, but when a toothache comes Inner pirate will let loose!

I hope this helps any of you are 1)able to drink alcohol, 2) are 21 years or older (in the United States), and 3) have had no luck with anything else.


Bread! I'm pregnant and I have a horrible tooth ache and my dentist won't touch it! And Tylenol isn't helping the pain at all! I chewed up some bread and left it on the tooth that hurt and it was instant relief!


dont know if anyone else has tried this but take a cuetip and apply some cooking oil to your teeth that are hurting. i have had extremely bad pain in my teeth all day and i tried the cooking oil and my pain is almost completely gone.


For the past week I have been in severe pain from a broken molar. I have no dental coverage and I can not see a dentist for 3 days to I have been searching for a remedy for the pain that has made a 23 year old man cry like a newborn. I have tried pain killers until they stopped working. I have gargled salt water until it stopped working. I even got wasted until the pain broke through. I was reading on here and saw something that I would have never thought of. Midol. It's for women's cramps or something but I read it would work for a toothache so I tried it. It took 30 mins to kick in but it has lasted for hours. I strongly suggest using it because it has worked very well for me. Also reading everyone else's stories took my mind off if the pain until I found a solution.

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