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Trey Bailey

drink some ice cold milk at sore spot. it may be sour at first but it will feel better soon after 1 mintue swollow. do not suck the excess off the tooth it acts as a cover to it


the best home remedy out of all these talked about in my oppinion from experience is no doubt the clove a person who has toothache pain severe it's like liquid gold.and here's a lit bit of friendly advice for the suffering ;I was at a buddy's w/a toothache one day he had only whole cloves,put a couple in mouth and got relief almost as good as the oil.


I am unable to go to the dentist, no dental insurance and no money to pay a dentist. Even when I had dental insurance, it was still very expensive. Of all days I had a toothache from hell on the 4th of July. I've given birth multiple times, at least with childbirth you can get pain meds that really do work. This s*&^ is for the birds. It is 5:12 am I have been unable to sleep for hours. My face is swollen, I tried peroxide, warm salt water, orajel, some over the counter dental filling kit, I brushed my teeth, nothing worked. I got desperate as the pain was getting worse. I had a prescription for some pain pills that make me sick to my stomach Hydrocodon. I poured a little less than a cap full of Nyquil, put the pill in there, mashed it up and made a paste, I dipped a q-tip in the paste and put it on the sore area. I then tore a piece of napkin, folded it like a gauze, wet it with Nyquil, poured the paste on one side of the napkin, stuck it in my mouth on the sore area. And I'm using an icepak for my face. The paste and nyquil has worked, I can still feel throbbing, but for now 95% of the pain is gone. I cried earlier because the pain was so intense, but right now I think I can finally lay down and go to sleep - 5:22 am


I've been suffering with a toothache for the past 2 hours now just got some salt. Nd tumeric powder in a glass of warm water. Swoooshed it around my mouth espeCially the affected area. PAIN GONE!! Hope to get some rest now.


I had a severe tooth ache a few years ago, and I tried everything to get rid of the pain, and nothing I did worked. When I was finally able to get to a dentist, ( I didn't have the money to pay for a dentist but thank to resources I found a community clinic for free dental work) and a dentist is the only way you can fix a tooth..... The dentist I got told me ' the next time you have tooth pain, rinse with peroxide twice a day for a week even if it stops the pain.' he told me that it's a lil secret most dentists won't tell you because it would make them loose money on visits.... So, what you do is take an Aleve, you can take 2 the first time and one ever time after that, when the pain is dull and/or stops, brush your teeth, rinse with peroxide keeping it on the infected area focus on the area for a minute FYI it tastes kind of grose but worth it, spit the peroxide out DO NOT SWALLOW IT..... Then rinse with mouth wash preferably listerine but if you don't have any then water is fine. Repeat twice a day for a week and I still rinse once a day. I have bad teeth because I'm anemic and I smoke..... It works! Try it! I don't have tooth aches anymore! And brush often, floss often, and keep food particles out of broken areas. :)


Benadryl crushed and a tiny bit of water to make a pink liquid. Dip q-tip in liquid and apply to hurt tooth for about 2 minutes then brush with sensitive toothpaste the mouthwash
Works wonders
Hope this helps someone
Had tooth pain 2 days prior

Tooth Ache Remedy

Well I've Been Having This TERRIBLE Tooth Ache ! & Well I Have A Root Canal Scheduled For This Coming Tuesday , But Until then I've Been Using The Tea Bag Method , Garlic Method (Garlic Powder & Water) & Ricola Dual Action Cough Drops ! Cough Drops Surprisingly Helped A lot ! I Hope This Helps , For I Know This Hurts Like a B*tch !


Applying warm turmeric mixed with ghee will give immense relief. If it is severe, this mixture can be applied 2-3 times a day on the affected tooth / teeth.This can also be used for pain caused after having a root canal treatment.


So for the past week I have been having tooth pain!! To me a toothache is the worst pain in the world besides child birth! Lol. Anyway I was taking ibuprofen 800mg and it worked pretty good. Tonight I was out of them!! So I got desperate and looked online for some remedies, the only thing that's really helped me has been the vanilla extract! Take a qtip n soak it in it then place on your took for about 5 min! The pain has went from a 10 to a 3 :) hope this helps!!!


Last night my tooth was hurting so freaking bad..I mean I couldn't even talk. I tried salt.. garlic.. milk...refused to do peanut butter. some worked ..a little...but I found one to be the best. I swashed crown royal around in my mouth for like a minute and spit it out...tooth ache gone!!! 100% it will work. ... um so relaxed now...

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