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Ok I have been on this site many many times and tried everything that was listed , but as humans you know when one thing starts to work the body comes use to it then it stop working .... For example the vanilla extracts was my best friend until my teeth got use to it so just like that I had to move on . So after nights and nights of pain and fear of the dentist I finally got up enough strength just to have it removed !!! Problem solved !!! I pray for EVERYONE that visit this site cause believe me I know your pain !!!


I have been on this website for the past couple months trying everything! I have very bad teeth i finally went to the store and bought clove oil. The pain went down from a 8 to a 1. I still have my doubts about it i feel its only a number not really taking the pain away so it will return but i hope at least i can get some sleep in the mean time

bobbiejo seybert

This may seem weird but I had a tooth ache so bad that I had kept taking ibuprofen and it just would not work so I tried captain Morgan spiced rum I took like a cap full and held it on the side of the tooth that was hurting and it worked like a miracle yea I no it's hard to beleave but it really did work I hope this helps for ppl bcI no how it feels to have a horrible tooth ache so :-/




Teeth Pain/Exposed Nerve/Abscess Tooth...etc.

A dentist once recommended a combination of Ibuprofen and Tylenol...think a 3:1 ratio. This is pretty effective in takimg the pain down to a tolerable level within maybe 20 minutes...wears off long before it's safe to redose. While this works, if the pain flares up and you find yourself taking this combination frequently...a side effect I noticed, liver toxicity...seen in swelling up around my eyes, face, etc...not a good 'remedy' to use too often.

Hulda Clark recommended a combination of oregano oil, followed by colloidal silver (both swabbed on). Oregano oil is incredibly strong, stings, burns...will hurt for a moment and numb out. The added benefit is its antibacterial/antiviral/antifungal properties. Colloidal Silver soothes it and shares some of the same properties. Supposedly, this combination applied several times a day can halt the decay and I've seen this happen over the years.

My concern would be that it doesn't reverse decay, so this ritual might need to be repeated indefinitely. I question whether supplementing with liquid calcium/magnesium, garlic and some other things to strengthen the teeth and reverse some of the damage could have more desirable results combined with the oregano oil/colloidal silver swabbing.

Clove oil, peppermint oil...wonder if cinnamon oil could help, because it also burns initially and probably numbs the pain afterward.

I'd always get ear infections brought on by abscess teeth/exposed nerves and end up incredibly sick. For the ear infections, I use a combination of hydrogen peroxide, followed by a scant amount of rubbing alcohol to dry out the ear canal and kill off bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide can balance the ph and inhibit bacterial growth...alcohol is a little more hardcore and finishes it off. I do this 3x a day when I can during a flare up. It was recommended by an ear, nose and throat specialist. Because these 3 areas are so closely connected and easily effect eachother, it's almost like attacking the infection from another end.

The garlic oil remedies for ear infections have never work for me or my kids...I would think it could be helpful after a couple days of doing the hydrogen peroxide/rubbing alcohol ear washes.

Internally, I will take a couple different concoctions. If the cause is bacterial...I mix up a spicy vegetable juice (in a small glass) with a squirt of liquid garlic, colloidal silver and maybe half a dropperful of oregano oil...then, slam it down.

My daughter had a filling fall out, the tooth became infected and her jaw literally blew up. The dentist prescribed a C-pack (Z-pack...whatever, heavy duty antibiotic). I went with the above drink 3x a day for 3 days instead and the swelling was done by Day 2...continued it for 2 more days and it disappeared, never to return.

I find that mixing powder vitamin C in water or juice, along with half a dropperful of Lomatium and Colloidal Silver...2-3x a day also helps, in conjunction with the spicy drink. I'll switch them off and on throughout the day. Within a couple days, I feel significantly better and my body starts feeling healthier and nourished.

I couple the above with a liquid probiotic daily to help rebuild my immune system, add a little flax seed oil in with the veggie drink to also nourish and getting things flowing. Cayenne pepper is another thing I add to the drink sometimes. Generally, it kills off nasty things and gets your blood circulating to help get whatever it is...out.

My personal situation was such that I needed extensive dental work, had the money set aside...scheduled the appointments...then, looked in my bank account to realize my husband literally transferred the thousands I had set aside into his personal savings account. I couldn't get it back, because the judge didn't want to touch what took place during our marriage. Then, he dropped me from our insurance. I was broke and couldn't afford to have any work done...payment plans, etc. weren't an option.

The damage and decay quickly escalated until I was very sick for maybe a week...felt better for a couple days...sick again, over and over for years. The pain was unbearable...shooting through my entire face, head, neck and body...then, parts of my face blowing up, so I didn't want to go out in public and I was running such a high temperature that I could barely function. I've definitely experienced the worst of it...with 4-6 teeth freaking out at once being more common than not.

Some of the best/worst advice...'If you can stand the pain, just let the root die off', told to me by my former dentist. It can and will eventually. The bad aspects, highly dangerous bacteria running amok, something dead in your body that's a part of you...expanses of 'dead' bone in your jaw...for starters...heart damage, infection setting into the bone, etc...none of which is good. Quite frankly, it can be deadly left untreated.

I got through it using what I've mentioned above, along with pressure point therapy (on myself) and oddly enough binaural audio...not the Brain Sync ambient variety, rather iDoser where tracks like Gamma act more like a low drill driving out some of the pain.


i have very bad wisdom teeth and broken teeth pain and it didn't go even after taking ibuprofen 400mg. so, I've started applying clove oil on the broken teeth and i used vicks vapoRub on the cheek n it's a wonder i am feeling much better now..


Tried everything to relieve my toothache from hell. Nothing really worked for very long until my mother in law bought me red cross toothache medicine. I put it on the tiny cotton ball and l let it sit in my tooth for a minute then took out and rinsed with water...don't swallow the medicine. I layer down with my head elevated and put a heating pad on the side of my face it hurt on. I fell asleep and woke up completely pain free!!! That stuff is a miracle worker! Try really works. Walgreens and CVS has it.

Judy Brown

I don't have any Oragel but I had some vanilla extract, I was skeptical but I dipped a Q-tip in the vanilla and coated the tooth and could immediately tell a difference, so. This time I soaked a gauze square so that it would cover the whole tooth. It has worked wonderfully for me.


I see alot of people on here recommend clove oil and that does work but i found sumthing with cloves that works better i have all four wisdom teeth coming in and they shifted n cracked alot of my teeth and molars which causes constant horrible pain but this is what i do three times a day and if i forget to do it i feel horrible so i kno it works. Q. Rinse your mouth several time over 10work mins with peroxide it will remove and bubble out any debris that could be cause pain and pressure. 2. Take garlic powder and ground cloves about a tablespoon of each and mix them together then slowly ad a bit of water to the mixture until it makes a paste and pack it around the tooth. 3. Make a second batch of the mixture and put it in the corner of a paper towel or napkin and make a lil bundle (dont make bundle too big) now either stick the bundle between the infected area and ur cheeck or u can bite down on it if bottom of tooth hurt... if u do these steps 3 times a day especially after u eat u will be relatively pain free


Put an aspirin right on the tooth to dissolve.

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