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After looking through many remedies for an excruciating toothache on here I kinda came up with my own. Take some Vicks Vapor Rub and put a little on the end of a QTip rub it on the affected/aching tooth my pain went from a 10/10 to a 3/10. Also add some Vicks on the side of your face the tooth is on. Hope it works for you like it worked for me.

donna c.

If you have a broken tooth that is causing you a lot of pain, of course the obvious thing is numbing medicine and ibuprofen. If possible pack the hole with cotton. If pain continues, place a heating pad on that side of your face, or use a blow dryer and blow the hot air on that side of face. A few minutes with heat on my face has given me a couple hours relief.


Put rice in a clean sock, tie end in knot, place in microwave for 1-1.5 minutes wrap with wash rag and place on affected area. The rice holds the heat for awhile and does better than a heating pad. Hope this will help someone


I was having horrible tooth pain, and someone suggested Garlic. I chopped up some garlic and mixed it into some warm water with sea salt. lightly swish it around the painful area, and the pain melts away! It may leave you with horrible garlic breath, but it fixed the pain!


I was plunged into an agonizing pain two days back when my bad tooth started aching me and it was such an unbearable state,so i racked my brain for an immediate solution to ease myself of the misery and suddenly a remedy popped up and i decided to apply a pinch of salt to the toothpaste and i used it to brush the affected part of my badtooth and within some few seconds the pain was should try this and u will be amazed at the fast pace of relieve .


After taking my limit of 3000 mg ibuprophin throughout the day, having swished with warm salt water, and trying vanilla (it was imitation vanilla, but the only vanilla I could find) I turned to the one remedy that always works for me, my dear friend Garlic. It was dried garlic what a person would find for cooking, but garlic none the less. Pain is subsiding quickly. A broken tooth with exposed nerve will very quickly make a person find any available dentist with the best rep. But yes reader, I hope you try this home remedy.


I have had chronic toothache after going to the dentist, this is due to being stabbed with 9 needles, after I went away on holiday and got the toothache, taking painkillers I was fine, but recently the toothache has came back, I got rid of it by doing this: Put the amount of toothpaste that you would normally use on your toothbrush and brush over the tooth with the pain, do this for 2 minutes, when your done use mouth wash and spit,take some painkillers to be on the safe side, my pain has been gone for about 3 hours today and I'm fine!!


If you have a toothache and or your tooth has broken half way off try pouring salt in the bottom of an average size glass until it covers the bottom of the glass. Then pour the glass full with water. Make sure the water is warmer than room temperature but not too hot. Now put a reasonable amount in your mouth and let the salt water soak for as long as u can handle. Then DO NOT SPIT IT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!! I know it sounds nasty but let the salt water run out of your mouth. Complete that process until your glass is empty. Also, if it still hurts try walking around your house for a few minutes(Sometime this helps me). If these tips do not work you may have to go to walgreens and fork over no more than 13 dollars. Two products I myself use is the $5 little bottle of orajel(it's an orange liquid). The Best one is the $10-$13 bottle of Red Cross Toothache(It's a nasty tasting peppermint like liquid). Be sure to read the instructions completely before using. Last but not least DO NOT TOUCH YOUR TOOTH OR WHAT'S LEFT OF IT WITH YOUR TOUNGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Life brand maximum strength works way better than Oragel, it took me days to figure that out. Rinse with warm salt water, then the Life brand maximum. Relief!!


I used the ancient old relief for tooth pain: Oil of Cloves on a piece of gauge, placed on the offending tooth (or even holding whole cloves on the painful tooth). It worked wonders for me and will tie you over until you see your dentist.

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