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Have a cracked tooth with nerve exposed. Tried using synsodine, helped nothing. Finally chewed up some bread into a paste and pushed it in the hole. Hurt like crazy when I first did it but after 10 to 15 min the pain was gone.


After reading the remedies here I went to try some, including the Vanilla which didn't work I guess because it wasn't pure Vanilla.

I then looked through my medicine boxes as I knew I had some Bonjela somewhere, and came across some throat lozenges among which were some Strepsils Cool. I remembered how they had made my mouth a bit numb - even though they are supposed to have only 2 antibiotics as ingredients.

I put one against the my tooth between in and my gum (it is my 2nd molar that is hurting) and left it to dissolve. I also then put a bit of Bonjela on - and then took another Strepsil.

This was 1 hour ago and while the pain is still vaguely there it is way less than before - about a 3 as compared to an 8 before - and I think I will now be able to sleep

The 2 co-codamol I took several hours ago did nothing!


I had and almost gone tooth ache. It's 1-1-14. And yes I have tried swishing salt water,soda,and it does work for about 5-10 sec. Got tired of doing that after 15hrs straight. Yes I know but then texted the wife...I tried wet salted teabag. And dipping it. But that hurt so bad. Then used the junk like oraljel well that also made it hurt bad. Then found vapor rub. So far so good. And don't try a heating pad...waste of time. Hydro. Oxy the pills. Nope no help. Hospital didn't even help. Not even ibprofin . So ill try vanilla extract next .


Wisdom tooth has been coming in for years and now all of a sudden it wants to start back up, so a friend of mine told me to boil whole cloves then stick them in a cotton ball and put on my tooth. It worked!, she also recommended clove oil, but it costs,or try clove herd and make it into a paste with olive oil and apply it to ur tooth!


I had server tooth pain and just didn't sleep for two days. No painkillers where working so I tryed the following.

take some warm salt water and mixed vanilla extract with it and swished it round your mouth then u spit it out do this a few times in a row for about 10-15secs a turn then take a cotton bud and wet a little with the salt water mix in roll in some crushed up aspirin then apply to the affected tooth.

This worked immediately for me and took the pain away so I would suggest to try it couldn't hurt.


Ok at first I thought it was crazy but I tryed it anyway 1.get toothpaste and rub it on the bad tooth leave it there for 1 minute 2.rince it out with salty water 3.drink cold water hope this helps.


Children's liquid Ibuprofen, or Motrin .. 2 caps... helped me almost instantly I had a tooth brake in half so it was my tooth and gums that hurt something terable...


Clove oil!! Use a Q-tip around the affected area. Do not swallow it. It's supposed to kill the nerve. It's worked for me! Good luck, nothing worse than a toothache.


I have had a toothache coming on for two days now ... pain level is at only a one or a two. Read some of these remedies and decided to use the salt water rinse with a chaser of ground clover. so far, (4 hrs.) the pain has all but gone away. I plan to down some serious garlic tonight and throughout the coming week. Right now I'm feeling fine....will see what tomorrow holds


Remedy for tooth pain...put a warm washcloth on the affected area. Works like a charm!!!

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