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So for days I've had the worst toothache ive had in a long time and probably the most annoying pain and usually with any toothache it occurred at night and had No oragel Or anbesol on hand looked at alot of home remedies the best that worked for me was salt water wash with warm water gargle at least 3 times! Then I used garlic paste on the affected area tooth pain was gone immediately! Never would have thought garlic would be a pain reliever! But it worked And I was able to sleep! I definitely recommend it!


Tooth pain is the worst pain but I recommend crushed garlic on a cotton ball sounds weird but it works immediately.

dying of tooth pain

I have been up since 3 in the morning trying every remedy I could find for my severe toothache. I first rinsed my mouth with warm salt water which didnt help with the pain but made the swelling go down.I mixed half warm water and half baking soda and swooshed it around nice and slow for 30 seconds and I instently got relief..


Dental pain...the worst ever. I've tried lots of them: mouthwash made it worse, rinsing with peroxide really made it worse, clove oil is nasty & only helped for a really short time, then felt worse. Aspirin directly on the site helped. In my reading on the internet, I find that if cold water rinse removes the pain, then you have some sort of necrotic dental pulp which causes gases. The pain felt like sinus pain. I alternately treated with sinus meds, brushed with sensodyne, took 1 each motrin & acetaminophen. With thought of the necrotic pulp...I chewed gas-x, it seemed right since what I read said the pain was caused by dental gases. A day later, I felt like my tooth was going to start hurting again, so I chewed another gas-x, it immediately worked. IDK, but what I did worked. If you're reading this I know you're in pain. I feel so bad for you. Dental pain is the worst.


So if you have a cavity and continue to let it get bad, it will decay into the nerve caking pain. you need to have it pulled or have a root canal with a crown after I suppose you can try all thee remedies if you want but the problem is till there.


A remedy that I found works for me several years ago is using Eagle Brand Medicated Oil. Warning, it's not supposed to be taken internally only externally. I still use it and it this way. Now, what I do is take a Q tip and wet it with the oil and liberally rub it into the tooth or molar in question. It should start to work with in 5 minutes. you can find this oil in an Oriental or Mexican store typically or online. It typically works for a day or two or longer depending on how serious the work needing to be done is.


Woke up at 2am with the worst toothache of my life, I was rolling around on my bed sobbing.. Took some Tylenhol, did three home remedies with no relief.. The i tired the simple, but yet effective, salt and warm water.. Is working so far..

antonio howard

I had a serious throbing toothache I'm talking about one that hurts all over on one side of your face. And the best remedy for it for me was simply drink coffee amazing pain relief. It will feel a bit worst at first then amazingly the pain goes away.


Try a sock with rice heated up in the microwave. Make sure the end if the sock is tied and heat about 2 minutes.


Ok i have a feeling my pain is worse than most of these people's but what does work is morphine.. it sounds crazy..

like just within the past hour i've had 6 i think ibuprofin. and they hardly do anything at all

i had two before i went to go to the grocery store to look for some natural stuff and i was in pain at the store.. but this is my down time of the day.. like not when it gets really bad

i've tried those oragel or whatever those things they sel for tooth pain at the drug store and they do nothing. clove oil. nothing

i read these things and they say it's so strong that you can't use too much and all that. nothing.. putting it right on my nerve and nothing

when mine was at it's worst i had to hold my mouth under a tap with cold water all night long and i was still screaming in pain. im nto even being sarcastic. actually shrieks and screams and tears

that was my first night and i had no tolerance to ibuprofin at that time and i took 7 and it gave me 20 minutes of minor relief..

then my dad gave me a morphine 24 hour time release pill. a 2mg pill. one of the least powerful morphines you could possibly get. it was what his doctor gave him so he could wean himself off the strong amounts he was taking before

like the weakest morphine possible and it worked for 18 hours. not just reduced pain. but completely gone didn't even think about it for 18 hours. then i could feel it start to come back and i took anther about an hour or two later when it got really bad bad and it worked again

now i've thrown those out or missplaced them and i'm taking. like last night..

and i didn't get relief. this is what i took without success. probably 20 or so ibuprofin just in the evening hours of the day. like from 10pm to 1pm

20.. and i was in pain the whole time. i would get about 5 good minutes if i took 4 at a time

that's how crappy drug store drugs are compared to the real good stuff if you were wondering.. the weakest of all morphine gives you 20 billion times better relief than bottles of ibuprofin will

and morphine is the weakest of the perscribed pain killers

demerol is stronger.. then you get into the oxy condine and hydro morphate (synthetic heroin) which is basically the strongest one you can get

and you can get that up to like.. 80mg maybe

i know i've seen it in 40mg before

and i'm talkin 2mg of time release morphine. the weakest one possible. got me no pain at all..

and i'm putting clove on right on it.. all over it in between the seconds i can actually remove my mouth from the tap water

and i would keep trying it.. and fighting the pain waiting for it to work but it wouldn't work so i'd go back to the tap to numb my face

it was bad

so yeah it's a complete embarrassment what they're willing to let people buy without a prescription..

they act way too entitled..

imagine being a homeless person with no possible way to get to see a doctor who was in the pain i was in or worse. which is the type of person most likely to have bad teeth right.. no money no checkups etc..

probably no brushing for most of the homeless people too

unless it's provided at a shelter or something

but anyways

yeah i think it's laughable how bad ibuprofin really is. and the generic brand doesn't work as good as the name brand. don't get fooled by that one..

i bought one of both.. both the exact same thing and the generic one doesn't work nearly as well

that sensodine toothpaste does work though. it's a very minor helper.. when you in the most serious part of it it might be ok.. also it's flavored and to a person going through something as excruciating as crazy tooth pain might find that to take thier mind off it for a second which really does mean the world. just one thought that's not on the crazy amounts of pain your feeling helps when it's THAT BAD

not to mention the homeless person wouldn't have access to many formal forms of education or even internet maybe. or maybe they can't even read. so they may just drink booze or who knows what

a lot less devices and such than even someone like me who has barely any money has

and yeah

but most importantly those things they sell do nothing.. those oragel or whatever they're called..

they don't work. i think they actually irritate the gum

when it's really serious

if i was in school and had an exam or something i would go with no sugar..

at all.. not even fruit sugar or like the 12th ingredient on a sauce or a yogurt or something

sugar is the worst thing for tooth pain possible

even like blueberries or something like that can send you into 2 hours of constant pain

or more

even if you brush right after

hot stuff also seems to set it off. i don't know why this is. i thought coffee or green tea would numb the nerve or something. it doesn't. hot is bad for pain sensitive teeth

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