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I have had several tooth aches in the past because I am a moron who doesn't take care of his teeth. By far the best remedy I have experienced is salt and minced garlic in warm water. Instant and lasting relief.

Shaik azad

I had a sevier pain ain my toot at 3 am a woke up and search some pain killer but I didn't get any thing at the time my nano said. Take alum (phitkari) and salt boil it and take a gargle as mout wash ai gave me a great relief from tooth pain ( toot pain is a hell )


Brushing your teeth with baking soda also de-sensitizes your teeth. So, if you have difficulty with hot & cold foods & drinks hurting your teeth or have a broken tooth or cavity, this technique will serve you well.

Start off brushing with baking soda during your normal daily brushings for the first week Then, you can cut back to every other day, reducing down to once a week.

Try to avoid brushing your gums. It will leave them raw and painful.

It is excellent for a toothache.

Miss JD

Clove oil diluted and oragel have worked best for me. Use the clove oil first and it burns the cheek a bit but draws infects out and numbs the pain then after spitting that out put oragel on it to keep it numbed up for a bit and it completely goes away. From 100 to 0 in just a couple mins.


It sounds really simple but it works. GARLIC! Stuff as much ground or sliced fresh garlic all around the tooth as you can stand. Yes, it will burn like hell, but keep it in for as long as u can. Then swallow. The garlic will help to numb the pain, and if there is an infection, the antibiotic properties of the garlic will be a big help too. Also gargling with salt water before using the garlic seems to help also. This is an all natural remedy but even if this works, GO TO THE DENTIST!!!!!


I Had Bad sleep with my teeth suddenly I had pain felt like I'm dying with pain it was severe my grand ma old me to chew some fresh onion and its awesome and my teeth pain vanished slowly slowly haha...


Have been having toothaches for the last few hours, tried painkillers, salt water, and orajel. Nothing was working until I saw a remedy that said try using almond extract, however I didn't have almond extract, but I tried coconut extract. I took just a tiny bit, chewed it with my sore tooth and rubbed it around the tooth and the pain was instantly gone. :) Not sure how long it will last, but it works.


Nyquil! Doesn't matter what kind, just take a little bit and hold it on the tooth that is bothering you for as long as you can and spit it out. I have an exposed nerve that would not stop unless I kept ice water on it, I got awful tired of running to the bathroom every 10 minutes from all the water I was drinking. Give it a shot it is worth it. :)


I put few drops of 'extra-virgin olive oil' on the teeth I had lots of pain from. It really worked and the pain was disappeared.


It works up to week and sleep great
1.I bruce my teeth really good
2.I get a q-tip in put mouthwash on it then put where the pain is at before I go on to the next step
3.put a hydrogen peroxide for about 1min or until it start to turn white
4. 'The old' salt and water for about 7-10 min
5.then back to mouthwash but this time no q-tip leave in for about 3-4 min
Work great
but note: I do this every day'and no you don't have to do it everyday I just Dont like take any chances when it came to pain' around 9p.m or a time that you know u not going to eat anything else for that night so just when I'm about to go to see like 10:30 to give it time to kick in I put 6.Orajel on my gums 'that if ur gums hurt like mines does' then I take 7.a Advil ibuprofen tablets 200 mg in two n packets or any medical that help you with your mouth pain but I try not to take all my strong medical so I when to the store any buy all of diff Taylors n Advil which is on a 1 at dollar tree hopes this help until u see the dentist

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